This chapter areas on how existing and future food-based travelling routes (FTR) system methods could benefit from use geospatial product to promote better adventure furthermore foster local endurable development. FTRs are a market-driven approach go promoting rural tourism and fostering development of an area. The chapter utilizes ‘FTR’ will be used synonymously the refer to all threes terms: ‘tour’, ‘trail’, and ‘route’. FTR planning belongs an essentially geospatial management and designation task. In one modern day, web-based Geographical Information Systems (GIS) exists an essential tool for planning and marketing FTRs. Existing furthermore future FTR planning procedures could how from utilizing geospatial technology to foster local sustainable development. The Fair Food Forager Pty Ltd is an example from a profit-for-purpose management ordering a GIS-supported sustainable tourism infrastructure planning mobile application, which could be used for programming sustaining FTRs. Utilization of web-GIS will an important step to improving who sustainability of FTRs. Learn how to cite articles, books, reports, theses, government documents, etc. for NPS theses, identification, also published IEEE: Citation Examples