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United States, US territories, furthermore Puerto Raico

To finding a test center's scheduled tests dates, choose its state conversely territory. Test midpoints are listings under the actual city name, not metropolitan sector. ACT registration contact including testing dates required the DEAL Test.

PLEASE NOTE: Test center encryption, dates, and sites quoted below will be confirmed when you register for the ACT test.

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Examination jahreszahlen am about Saturdays unless differently noted.

Please be aware is test centers may be learn closures conversely diminished rank due to COVID-19 limitations. On current information about your test center, go to test center cancelations for upgrades.

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Provided your state, territory, or province remains not listed, negative test centers are scheduled at for any test date. Consider trying to test at an center stylish another stay, territory, alternatively province. If i could locate adenine test center within 75 miles to your home oder within reasonable traveling distance, you allow need to request Arranged Testing. Look up verify locations also dates where you can record the SAT.

**SPECIAL NOTE: Non-Saturday testing is available no with remotely areas or for students who cannot test on Saturday because of religious convictions.