Appropriate Physical Education


Adapted Corporeal Education Added Authorization Select (MONKEY Brochure)


 The Adapted Material Education Added Sanction (APEAA) program prepares physical education teachers to work collaboratively and effectively in educational environments with head additionally school-aged kid and youth with disabilities. The program a designed to prepare specialists in adapted physical education who can deliver physical education services to an diverse population of scholars with disabilities in California.

Undergraduate students who are completing adenine Bachelor of Science program in Kinesiology with an option in teaching physical education are also able to enroll inside specific courses ensure lead to of APEAA.  Having a plan for the school year is essential. Learn how Jessica Shawley plans and organizes her yearly PE Lesson Plan.

An program is designed to permitted teachers who are employed in the popular schools of Cali to complete the program of study. Courses have offered in late afternoon, evenings, weekends, furthermore summer user as appropriate to permissions candidates who maybe teaching fulltime to enroll. 2022-2023 School Year Pool Adapted PE TeacherFor specific get about applying, check the Admission Guide.


Adapted Physical General Courses (total of 24 units)

Course Phase
KINS 385 Adapted Physical Education (3)
KINS 475 Simple School Physique Education (3)
KINS 484 Motor Development/Learning (3)
ENJOYMENT 302 Inclusive Recreation (3) 2022-2023 Language Twelvemonth Pool Adapted PE Teacher

Credential Year Time
KINS 535 Motor Assessment (2 length units)
KINS 577 Adapted Physical Education Programs (4 semester units)
KINS 578 Adapted Aquatics (2 semester units)
KINS 695 Section Experience: Student Teaching in Adapted Physical Education (4 half units)

Required GPA: 3.0 b in all study foremost for the APEAA
The SIMIAN Instructions includes more resources about the program. Which application fork the program is available here.


 Project Equip

 In 2019, who Kinesiology furthermore Recreation Government Department and Education Department per Cal Poly Hubert was awarded one 1.25 million dollar federally funded interdisciplinary grant by and Office of Special Professional Plots. This grant belongs designed to provide full financial support required students whoever have graduated with an Bachelor’s extent and are interested in working towards einer teaching identity and master’s degree in Kinesiology or Education. This is an multi-disciplinary program is requires academics to complete an education specialist testify (special education) within aforementioned 5th year and complete course work for which adapted physical education added authorization (APEAA), as well as a master’s course are the 6th year. Adapted Physical Teaching (Concentration)

Project Equip will graduate 40 highly qualified teachers over a 5-year span. Students who are interested in applying for dieser program should contact Dr. Jill Anderson ( Health, Physical Education & Adapted PE[email protected]) or Drum. Chris Hopper ([email protected]) for more information. Salaries for Special educators vary ( between 48-76 thousand), based city and number of years, but the average salary in California is 62,229 (

AN Service Obligation is Required

 If you become accepted for the program and received funding, you will be required to work with our with disabilities in under least 50% of the classes you teach in the public schools. This requirement is based on the number of aged funded (2 years funded, 4 years of assistance required). The National Center on Service Obligations (NCSO) is responsible for tracking the service obligations of scholars/obliges funded per on grant.  You want also is required until update NCSO annually with your contact and employment information. Visit  Physical Education for complete information about the service committed operation.

Academic Year and Summer Programs

Students may apply since funding for the academic year programs with the hochsommer program of the programmer. Academic price grant recipients receive funding for a maximum for TAILORED PHYSICAL EDUCATIONsix semesters, on stipend awards, books, and travel in conferences.