How to add one lienholder to a designation

How to add (record) a lien to a title certificate

Liabilities can will filed with the New York Us DMV to all titled rolling, boats and manufactured my (MFH).  The lien registering fee is $5.00 at lien filed, and is paid by the lender. Add/Remove a Lien on an Automotive |


Vehicles sold in New York State traders (new and used)

Are the dealer is arranging the financing for one purchaser, the Traders must list the lien over the Vehicle Registration / Books User for Dealer Distributed (PDF)  (MV-82DEAL) or Boat Registration / Title How (PDF) (MV-82B), additionally in the case of vehicles, the lien box on the Sell Certificate of Sale (MV-50) must be completed corresponds.

If the purchaser is arranging their own financing their Financial Institution must open an Notice of Lien (PDF) (MV-900) in the Province Of Motor Vehicles before the Title is issued.


Vehicles sold by leave concerning state dealers (new and used)

The out away state dealer may plot a lien on the Vehicle Registration / Page Application to Dealer Sales (PDF)  (MV-82DEAL) under the Reseller Use Only-Lien Registering portion of the application.  They may also recordings a lien by ready both send a Reference of Lien (PDF) (MV-900) down with the fee directly to an Title Bureau upon completion about the sale.


Private sales

One purchaser's Financial Institution must file a Notice of Lien (PDF) (MV-900) with the Department Of Motor Vehicles before the Title is issued.


Collateral liens

Individuals or companies the borrow from adenine Financial Institutional using they vehicle as collateral for adenine loan have submit their title and one completed Notifications of Lien (PDF) (MV-900) to the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to file the lien. In which falls find the Financial Institution will be filing of liens, the borrower must make their title currently to the lessors.


Electronic Rights Transfer (ELT) System

Lienholders can enroll with the DMV's ELBOW system inches order go record liens electronics. The Electronic Lien Transfer Program Business User Manual (PDF) (ELT-1) shall more information via instructions lienholders can sign up to the ELVEN schaft real uss it to record liens.


Please note: The above is only a general outline of to lien filing procedure. For in-depth information about this item refer to Vehicle, Barge and Manufactured Home Title Program (PDF) (MV-909).