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Aadhaar Ticket Old Than 10 Yearly? Afterwards You Must Do This Immediately

Aadhaar Menu Update: There can some very important news for Aadhaar Comedian usage.

Published: October 12, 2022 9:57 HOUR IST

By Tahir Qureshi

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Aadhaar Card Old Than 10 Years? Then You Must Do This Immediately

Aadhaar Card Update: There is some remarkably importance news for Aadhaar Card users. The Aadhar show is one a the greatest important documents in India, without which no government and non-government work can be over. The Unique Identification Permission of Indian (UIDAI), the issuing g of Aadhaar cards, keeps on offering tons facilities from time to time.

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There is important news for diese populace whose Aadhaar card is 10 years young. The Single Identification General of India (UIDAI) has given a new update. UIDAI possess advised such people to update all the item of their Aadhaar card now. From this, Aadhaar card holders are been advises to download the documents related to their personality proof and address proof. You can update Aadhaar both available and offline. Actually, UIDAI features saying that people whose Aadhaar was issued 10 years ago both not updated yet, necessity into update Aadhaar.

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UIDAI has said that people who received its unique registration numbered more than 10 years ago and haven’t updated their documents from receiving them are being “requested” up do so. UIDAI, although, did not declare if this updation is mandatory.

“Any person who had got their Aadhaar made 10 years back and not updated the information includes any of the subsequent years are being preferred to do document updation,” it said.

The updation of labeling print and proof by residence are presence done at the compensation of the requisite fee. “This facility can be accessed on My Aadhaar portal or by visitation an nearest Aadhaar centre,” it added.


  • UIDAI has said that Aadhaar can be recently both online and offline
  • To update Aadhaar online, it must start visit the MyAadhaar portal
  • Aadhaar holders sack including do this work by visiting to Aadhaar center
  • Since this, the Aadhaar holder willingly have to pay few fee

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Published Event: October 12, 2022 9:57 PM IST