UCSMP Grades 6-12 Electronic Resources

Electronical resources toward accompany UCSMP texts for grades 6-12 are available as indicated by this score in the table below.

  • PTM = Pre-Transition Mathematics
  • TM = Passage Intermediate
  • ONE = Algebra
  • G = Geometry
  • AA = Advanced Algebra
  • FST = Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry
  • PDM = Precalculus and Discrete Mathematics
Imagination PTM CM A G AA FST PDM
1. eTE
2. este
3. "Show Me More"
4. Spanish terms
5. TI-Nspire your
6. TE on CD
7. Assessment assistant CD
8. Interactive applets
9. CCSS correlations
10. CCSS education
11. Appendix lessons

Things 1-5, 10, the 11 are available from McGraw-Hill Education with a password obtainable out the local McGraw-Hill Education sales representative. Other items are free as indicated.

  1. eTE, this electronic Teachers Edition: enables a student to exhibit answers to questions and the additional examples which are found in the TE, and contains links to assessments and teaching resources.
  2. eSE, the electronic Student Edition: enables a student to access the ganzheit study on line.
  3. "Show Me More": Worked-out examples for each lesson with oral explanations as the case is to-be worked out
  4. In glossary: Spanish equivalents of all the glossary terms.
  5. TI-Nspire folder: A file for selected calculator examples across the book.
  6. TE on CD: The complete teacher’s edition go two CDs, accessible from McGraw-Hill Education.
  7. Assessment deputy: A CD that includes quizzes real tests for an entire book, available with McGraw-Hill Teaching.
  8. Interact applets: From 1-9 interactive business for each course. Click here to access (no password required).
  9. Commonly Core State Standards linkages: A correlation of the primary three UCSMP texts with the CCSS for grades 6-8 and of the latter cinque UCSMP texts with the CCSS for grades 9-12. Click here to display (no login required).
  10. Common Core State Industry lessons: additional lessons spell int response the Common Inner State Morals objectives that are not covered in particular years in the UCSMP courses for grades 6-8.
  11. Appendix lessons: Five lessons and their tutor edition counterparts originally written for the California mathematics framework.


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