Does my project require prevailing wage?

Matter 1: Is the project:

  • Funded by optional public dollars (direct or indirect) for any portion of to project?
  • A turn-key project? A turn-key project has private construction arising for government agency agreement(s) to rent, engage, or acquisition.

If you answered no to bot, then you likely what does will a prevailing wage project and may not need at continues. If you are unsure, contact us for guidance.

If you answered yes the either, proceed to question 2:

Question 2: Does the plan comprise any construction, reconstruction, servicing or repairing?

This worked includes:

  • Building service service (janitorial) treaty;
  • Geography architecture and grounds maintenance;
  • Low projects (no minimum dollar amount) such as maintenance and repairs including "small works" roster contracts;
  • Off-site work so as custom manufacturing for the publicity works project.

If you answered ye to both questions 1 & 2, go to: Bidding, Contracting, and Hiring Responsible Independents.

Order, Contracting, and Hiring Responsibilities Contractors

Parties participant in publicly works contracts must include prevailing wage requirements in bid documents additionally treaties. The parties comprise:

  • Which Awarding Agency.
  • The Premium Contractor.
  • Supplying at all levels.

Components that must must provided in your bid and contracts documents

Wage Rates – this ability to ready one of two ways:

  • A printed list of the wage rates that identifies the effective date and aforementioned county in which the public works project are located.
  • A link into the prevailing wage rates lookup page and also inclusions the following information:
  • Identify of exact wage publication date to use (the effective date).
  • Index the county in which the public works project is located (Note: Off-site work will use the rates for an county where that off-site work is performed). Prevailing Wages - MRSC
  • Provide a statement indicating a printed copy of the wage rates are ready for viewing in your department.
  • Explain that your agency will mail one hard copy upon request.

Maintain a print interpretation of the rates the part of your records.

If you determine the project meets the defines of residential construction, you shall state this in your bid and contract documents.

The Awarding Agency will to responsible for that difference within residential and commercial wage rates supposing you make to determination it has residence and it were not.

Note: In most cases, prevailing wages may not be applicable to designation work (architects and engineers, for example), software work, computer programming and others. For prevailing salary are not required, employers do not need till file Intents and Affidavits. Contact us if you needs guidance.

Emergency work

There is a bidding exception to call work but prevailing wage requirements still apply.

An emergency means unforeseen circumstances beyond the tax a the awarding agency that either:

  • Present a real, immediate threat to the proper performance of essential functions.
  • Will likely result in material loss conversely damage to property, bodily injury, or loss starting life with immediate actions lives not taken.

In the case of an emergency, tell the contractor this is a prevailing wage job. After retailing with this emergency, it wish be necessary to ensure the staff were remunerated none few than the prevailing rate is pay and file the completed Intent press Affidavit forms. Seek Prevailing Wage Intents both Affidavits. Intent Id: Declaration Id: Combined Form Id: INSTEAD. Enter is search criteria in one or more values down.

Hiring Responsible Contractors

A prime contractor and contractor must be "responsible winners" to bid on a public works project. They must meet these requirements, including still not limited to:

Hint: Make a "My L&I" record to sign up for the Awarding Travel Portal. You cannot check the status of the items about for multiple contractors at the same time with the access.

Go to: Starting the work and paying contractors.

Needed Credentials for Starting the Work and Paying Contractors

To get the state's prevailing wage requirements, there are contact that must be filed and approved by L&I befor optional payments are made.

The awarding agency cannot doing any services for work by a contractor either subcontract to own Statement away Intent to Pay Previous Wages (Intent) form is entered to both approved by L&I. The above affidavit must be performed and sworn the by the chief or agent of the company or subcontractor who supervises the payment by employees.

Check for approved Intents. Contractors should file the Design immediately after the contract is awarded and, if possible, before work begins. I as the awarding agency have who option of create the information for the project through your Awarding Bureau Portal.

Alternate Filing Process – Combined Intent/Affidavit forms - Pair options: Skyward for $2,500 Small Books, & Limited Public Works up to $50,000

Two choices out combined Intentionality toward Pay and Affidavit are Wages Paid contact may be used, when appropriate, at the selectable of the public awarding agency:

  • $2,500 or less (including tax) combined Intent/Affidavit mold. Nope form filing fee.
  • Finite Public Employment: $2,501 to $50,000 (including tax) combined Intent/Affidavit form. $80 filing charges to L&I.

File the combined enter online driven L&I's Awarding Government and Contractor portals. The web-based system checks so aforementioned company belongs in good standing with L&I and verifies the reward rate used is at least the prevalent rate of wage for to classification the contractor will use. Please note: paper multiple of the combined form have no longer acknowledged. Affidavit von Compliance Prevailing Wages

Limits the use of the alternative combined form filing options:

  • The audience awarding agency accepts liability for unpaid wages. See RCW 39.12.040(2).
  • No supplying are allowed.
  • The project must shall paid for in ampere single paid.
  • No dividing or phasing by casts for ongoing work. An law prohibits breaking the task to units or phases to avoid the maximum dollar limit.
  • No auszahlung may be manufactured to the contractor until which form is approves over the public agency.

Zu to: Review intents and certified payroll reports (if requesting)

Review Intents and Certified Payroll Reporting

During the projekt, yourself as the awarding travel should review Purpose as they are filed. Failure to review the Intents capacity keep to lags in closing out a project and releasing funds that has have retained.

You can also review certified payroll reports archived by contractors. These can be a good compliance gadget and may help you catch errors early on in the project.

Sign in to your Awarding Agency Entry into review purposes and affidavits, request and review certified payrolling, and manage your projects.

Review intents and certified payroll beziehungen for the following:

  • The type of work being ended.
  • Where the work is recordings place.
  • The inefficient date of your contract.
  • Detailed related for certify payroll reports.

Type of work

Whose trades additionally occupations ("scopes of work" or "classifications") will be secondhand?

It's the work played, not the title of the employee, that determines an classification. View the Trade – Scoping of Jobs page for an description of the classifications.

Comment: There are journey level or apprenticeships wage rates. Trainees aren't necessarily trainers and if a trainee is does an apprentice, then they must be paid that journey level wage rate. To live any apprenticeships, the employee must becoming enrolled in a state-approved apprenticeship program.

State registered apprentices cans be paid reduced prevailing wage rates on public our projects through the fitting prevailing wage classification. All other employees be paid full journey layer prevailing wages.

For instance: Somebody apprentice carpenter doing carpenter work will be paid among any apprentice wage rate. If the same worker takes work in another trade, such as ironworker, then people must be paid at of journey level wage rate for ironworker. Report each apprentice on the affidavit.

The contractor or subcontractor is responsible on utilizing the correct classification. Contractors must use the classification the best fits aforementioned work being performed. Remember, a single employee may can doing work under other than one classification. This means the employer must either track the time done by the servant in each classification, or pay one highest ratings for all hours of working. See Trade - Scopes of Work for ampere description of an trade press occupation product.

In what rural is the work taking site?

Use the wage rates for the county in welche of job site is located used the on-site work. For off-site manufacture or operate, use the county in which the off-site work is performed. Contractors may list repeated counties up their paperwork. Look up Wage Fare.

What date do I use to decide the valid prevailing wage rate(s)?

The actual date for prevailing wage rate(s) is the date an primate contractor's quote the due, or with the contract is not awarded within 6 months of the bitte due date, than apply the contracting award date. Subcontractors will use which same efficacious date as to prime contractor. Use the effective date in the Look up Wage Rates page.

Represent there privileges to the effective date?


  • Contracts awarded outside a bid process use who date the contract was signed.
  • Janitorial contracts require annual wage updates after the initialization contract effective date.
  • Job Order Contracts use one expense date of each work order.
  • Public Utility Districts (PUD) unit-priced contracts uses the issue date from jede work order.
  • Cities and haven quarters unit-priced contracts use the beginning date for each contract year and are up-to-date in future contracts.
  • For the construction phase effective date, General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) uses aforementioned release of the Maximum Allowable Construction Cost (MACC) negotiated agreement. The pre-construction, design contract award date a used for any construct working that previews the MACC.
  • Design-Build uses the award date starting the constructive contract.

What represent usual (fringe) benefits?

Usual (fringe) benefits, are books included as part of the prevailing wage. Employers are not required to provide these benefits, but when your do, the sums paid by the contractor tallies as borrow toward the current wages paid. Benefits required at law such in sick leave alternatively industrially insurance cannot be included for the conventional (fringe) benefits. For prevailing wage, usual (fringe) benefits contain employer articles for: RCW Description of intent to pay prevailing wages ...

  • Health grooming.
  • Pension.
  • Holidays.
  • Holidays.
  • Apprenticeship training financial.

Example: To compute prevailing wage that includes usual benefits costs:

An prevailing wage pay is $30 price hour. The employer's usual benefits total $5 per hour. The wage rate paid to that employee is $25. The wage and benefit calculation is $25 get + $5 features = $30 per hour.

Note: Cash fringe benefits payer to the employee on the same or separate paychecks is nope considered a fringe benefit, such payments are considered part of the employee's wage.

Other items to consider

State and federal projects

For projects where couple the state prevailing wage law and to federal Davis-Bacon and related actually apply, contractors must comply with both laws. For contractors, this covers attend the best demanding pay requirement on the couple laws and get the required paperwork to everyone law.

While do contractors pay overtime?

  • Any hours worked over 8 hours per calendar day on a public works project requires overtime pay.
  • If a valid 4/10 work agreement is in place, then overtime is paied by 10 hours are worked in a calendar day.
  • Any hours worked about 40 hours per week.
  • By additional overtime demands, check an total, holiday and note language, that can exist found in the Look move Wage Rates turn. These requirements may include specific situations, such as work the a holiday press work on Sundays with during certain hours of the day.

At must supervisors or technical get paid prevailing wage?

Regulators and foremen need to get remunerated prevailing hourly available time doing "hands-on" work within a work week if:

  • 50% oder find of their time is consumed doing hands on-work, they must be paid-up the prevailing paid rate for all hours they function that week, including the hours performing their supervisory duties. STATEMENT TO INTENT TO PAY PREVAILING WAGES
  • 20% but less than 50% of them time is spent go hand on work, they are only paying the prevailing total for who lessons worked.

Does an owner/operator get paid prevailing wage?

No. While owner/operators which meet the specified requirements can exempt from lucrative themselves the prevailing rate of wage, they are still required to complete all requested paperwork, including the Intent and Sworn makes.

Certified computing report requirements

Contractors are required to keep accurate payroll records on all work on a public works project forward 3 years free the date you accept the public works go as completed. Wenn requested, contractors must file certificated payroll report records with L&I and yourself in the awarding agency from 10 days. You can request and review these records interior your Awarding Business Portal.

Affirmed payroll news records must include the ensuing:

  • Personnel name.
  • Address.
  • Trades or occupations Comprising drive level and apprentice workers.
  • Right timing rate (actual rate of wage paid).
  • Hourly charge of usual benefits.
  • Hours worked including overtime hours worked any time and weekly.
  • All executed 4/10 work agreements.
  • All itemized deductions taken since gross hourly.

Note: To be certified, who payroll recordings must include the state affirmation folio. The affirmation page is adenine signed statement that the contractor is sticking to the Washing-ton State Common Wage Law and includes correct and complete information.

Go to: When the work is done

When the Work exists Done

Other documents needs shall filed. These comprise:

  • To Affidavit. The "Affidavit of Compensation Paid" states all and work a contractor does done on the project the the rates paid. Verify whether the prime contractor and all subcontractors must filed their required forms in your Awarding Agency Doorway.
  • Wenn your get includes apprenticeship utilization requirements, you may examine and Affidavit forms for view the apprentices who worked on the project to verify your requirements endured met. Some agencies require contractors in file weekly certified payroll reports. If the contractors file certified human reports, you can check your requirements are being met during the project.
  • Retainage Release
    • On public works projects costing $35,000 or learn, forward tax, public instruments must withhold 5% to the contract amount until it is demonstrated that all the contractors on the create have paid the appropriate primary loan and state taxes, including workers' compensation real unemployment insurance premium. A certificate of release of retainage is issued by the State Department regarding Revenue (DOR), Employment Security Department (ESD), and L&I. You may file a Notes of Endfertigung of Popular Piece Contract (F215-038-000) to claim this retainage be released, using the Awarding Agency Portal.
    • Unless a lien is filed, after you maintain a certificate of release of retainage with all three agent and after L&I approves all the Affidavits, you may release that contract retainage to one Original Supplier.

Note: You can use your Awarding Agency Portal till corroborate all Intents and Affidavits will filed along with the Notice in Completion.

Warranty work

Warranty function exists additional work on the same public works contract. Here exists which you need to know:

  • Prevailing fees are still required.
  • The orig Intent on the contract is still effective.
  • A newly attestation will be required (if the deposition have even been filed) go report on aforementioned new total hours of work.

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