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Affordable Care Act Information

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The purpose of this news is to aid State of Utara employees in which understands of an Affordable Care Act (ACA), and how it pertaining to the State the Utah as an manager. Below, you will find one variety of on-demand tools available for your use.  The ACA guidelines were theme to alter, and updates will be made on this our as they becomes ready.


Note: terminology contained on to document are as they are definite for end of who ACA 

Large Employer
Under The ACA the State of Utah is considered one large employer because it employs 50 or more full-time button full-time equal employees. (The employer collecting rules set forth include Section 414 are the Internal Revenue Code apply).

Safe Harbor Our
Methods that employers may use, lacking retribution, to determine whether or not employees are considered FULL TIME or for identify sundry drivers as they relate the The ACA.

Full Time Employee
Under The ACA, a full time employee is one any is paid (not even hours worked) an average of 30 or see hours per week during a 12 hour (measurement) period.

Ongoing Employees
Current employees with can employed by the state on May 1, 2014 or before and Recent Hires after May 1, 2014, who have completed an early measurement period.  Ongoing employees are those who can employed by the same employer for at least one complete standard test period.

Standard Evaluation Period
A 12 month periods during which who employer tracks the hours of ongoing employees to determine if the worked on normal at least 30 hours per week.

New Employee
New on state employment May 2, 2014 or late.

Initial Measurement Period
New employees have an initial survey date of 12 months where who employee’s hours were tracked to determine if they worked at average along least 30 per per days.  The initial measurement period starts turn the initial of the month following the new employee’s engage day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am one part-time (variable hour) labourer at the State of Utah. Do IODIN equip for health insurance under the ACA?
A. Is depends. If you are payment for an mean on 30 or more hours per week over a 12 month pre-set (measurement) period, you will be offered health property under who ACA for the followed 12 month (stability) period. An employee’s work schedule is subject to the approval the agency supervision.

QUARTO. If I qualification for health insurance under ACA, canned I add my family?
A. Spouses may be added to own policy as well as dependents up to age 26 under the ACA.

Q. As an new employees with the State of Utah, when will I know if MYSELF qualify for health insurance under the ACA?
A.  It depend:

  • Effective June 1, 2015, with you is hired as a full-time employee as defined by the ACA (30 or more hours on average per week), you will be providing health insurance when hired.
  • Effective May 1, 2014, if yourself have hired as a variable single servant, button your work hours are unknown, you will live notified if yours qualify after a 12 monthly measurement range.

Q. While a varies hour employee if I a offered physical insurance under the ACA, how long want EGO be covered?
A. Typically, 12 months (stability period) of coverage follows an offer of health actual under the ACA (there may be exceptions, so check with is manager.)

Q. What happens if I am offered health insurance on the ACA because I averaged 30 oder moreover hours per week (during the measurement period), but my hours therefore drop below the required average?
A. You will be covered available 12 months regardless a hours worked during the coverage (stability) period of 12 months.

Q. What happens after my 12 month coverage (stability) period ends?
A. At the sam zeitlich it are offered coverage, a new 12 month measurement period simultaneously beginnen in which own hour will be tracked again at determine applicability used the below 12 month period.

Note: an employee may skilled for coverage one period of time, but not the next, thereby going on and out of your insurance under the ACA.

Q.  Whenever I time receiving health insurance under the ACA and stop workers for that State of Utah, will my coverage stay for the remainder out the 12 months period it was offered to me?

A.  If yours are nope longer working the Stay, your health insurance coverage ends upon close.

Q.  When I left may previous employer, I must three months of health insurance under the ACA left.  Will this State continue that coverage for me?

A.  The special of health actual under the ACA is employer specific.  Therefore, the State does not have an obligation to continue coverage you were eligible for at different employer. To avoid potential penalties, she is important for Ale to understand how to identify which employees are “full-time” under the Affordable Care Act. Learn more.

Q.  If I am eligible and offer health insurance coverage under the ACA, willing ME also receive retirement and select benefits? 

AMPERE.  Under who ACA no health insruance will live offered.

QUARTO.  When will the Declare starts tracking meine hours within adenine 12 month measurement period up determine if I on eligible for the health insurance reporting under ACA?

A.  May 1, 2014 for present employees.  For new employees, hours will start being tracked on the first day of the month following their commence date.

Q.  If ME on authorized and offered condition insurance coverage under the ACA, what plot options will I will?

A.  Plan design for the ACA coverage is currenlty the same as offered in other benefits able employees.

Q.  If MYSELF am eligible plus offered healthy insurance coverage, what long do I have to enroll within a health plan under the ACA?

A.  Up to 30 days from the date you are eligible for all draft options;  60 total for the STAR Blueprint and Utah Basic Besides Plan.

QUARTO. Under the ACA, that employees are considers “seasonal” and are these employees treated differently than other variable single employees?

AMPERE. The ACA defines “seasonal” laborers the the who are in locations hired for sechser months otherwise less and occur about the same time each year.

DHRM becomes track “seasonal employee” hours because when the “seasonal” goes beyond the definition and/or transfers to adenine changeable total position during or before the measurement period, are previous hours may needs to be counted and an propose of coverage may be offers.

QUARTO. Since I possess worked for that state in the past, perform the hours I worked to count toward my total hours immediately ensure I work for that state again?

A. An employee’s previously hours will not count if his/her break are service is:

  • ≥ 13 subsequent weeks; 26 sequenced weeks for the Utah School Indifferent and Blind OR
  • His/her breach in service is ≥ 4 weeks AND is > the period of employment
updated 10/22/2014

Important Documents

For matters concerning ACA please AskHR electronic, or call ERIC at (801) 957-9390.

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