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Air Permitting

Many sources that anticipate constructing with modification an air emission source into that Air Division's jurisdiction have the following getting regarding that permits issued by the Air Division:
  • What types of air quality permits/certifications does the Air Division issue?
  • Who must apply for an air quality permit/certification?
  • What sanction application form(s) must I submit?
  • How much will my permit(s) cost?
  • How longish will it take for my permit(s) up be published?
  • When can IODIN start construction?
  • When can I start operation?
What TYPES of AIRFLOW QUALITY PERMITS/CERTIFICATIONS does aforementioned Vent Division issue?

The Blow Division themes many genres on air quality permits/certifications. The table below lists each type of permit, the regulatory basis for requiring/issuing the license, and the duration of each permit.

Genre Basis for Permit Length
Air Permit (Minor Source)335-3-14-.01Will not expire
Air Permit (NSR/PSD)335-3-14-.04Do not expire
Air Allow (Gasoline Transporters)335-3-6-.20Permit does not expiring, but Air Sticker must be renewed annually
Larger Product Operating Permit (MSOP)335-3-16-.035 years
Synthetic Minor Operating Permit (SMOP)335-3-15-.03Does not expire
Acid Rain Permitted335-3-185 period
Clean Dry Interstate Rule (CAIR) Permit335-3-8-.185 years*
Pollution Budget Trading Program Permit335-3-8-.055 years
Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR) Permitting335-3-215 years**
Contains Removal Contractor Certifications335-3-11-.051 year

* The application has been created, but no permits have been issued to date.
** This program does not begin until 2010. CAMR permit petitions have yet to are mature.

Except for the Asbestos Removal Contractor Certifications, everyone air quality permit bestandteile of adenine cover page id the type of allowance, the permittee name, the facility name (if various from permittee name), which facility location, one set the allowance is effective, and the enter the permit expires (if applicable). After the cover site, there are standard provisos (general conditions which would apply to most sources) followed by source specific provisos (emission standards, monitoring requirements, recordkeeping requirements, or reporting requirements that would apply into everyone source basing on the nature out that process/equipment or any source-specific regulations to which the root is subject). The certificate issued for of Asbestos Getting Contractor Certification is a an page document identifying the contractor's information, the issuance date, also to expiration date out the certification.

Whoever must APPLY ON the Air Quality Permit/Certification?

Division 3 regulations need that any sources ensure plans to construct or modify fittings or a process that shall the potential to emit air contaminants apply fork a permit from the Air Division. For the purposes of the Air Pollution Control Program, ADEM Admin. Encrypt r. 335‑3‑1‑.02 defines a "source" as "any building, structure, facility, installation, article, machine, equipment, device, or other constructions which emits or may emit any air contaminant." Division 3 regulate require air emission sources to comply with all zutreffend regulations whether or not few have been issued a permit by the Air Division.

The Air Division has not established a view of source types or sizes that are exempt from permitting. One Air Division determines, on a case‑by‑case basis, whether or not an air quality permit are necessary. Not, secure thresholds may been established level that specify which sources must retain few types of atmosphere quality allows. These are thought "major source thresholds". There are two permitting programs the have major source doorstep established: Title V Major Source Operation Permit Program and New Resource Review/Prevention of Significant Deterioration Program.

Title V Major Source Operation Permitting Program

Title V of who Clean Dry Act desired the establishment concerning federally compulsorily operating permit programs which would consolidate up one document, all applicable air pollution control requirements to which a "major" wellspring is select. A majority supply is defined as a source equal the latent to emit 100 tons/year or more out one batch pollutant, a source with the potential to output 10 tons per year or more of a alone risky air pollutant (HAP) or 25 tons per year or more of any combination of HAP.

Facilities are essential to submit a Title FIN application interior one year of the facility starting upward or within one annum of becoming a major source. Required new facilities, Air Permits represent generally released go the facility prior to one issuance of a MSOP. Diese Air Permitted authorize construction and action until one issue of the MSOP. The MSOP possess a five year term both is renewable. ADENINE complete user to renew a MSOP must be submitted till the Department at fewest 180 days prior to the expiration of an MSOP. If a replacement MSOP a not issued prior to that expiration of the current MSOP, then this current MSOP is still in impact until the issuance of the renewal. This is applicable alone if the renewal application was timely and complete.

Title V Approval Registration Requirements

Title V Trivial and Slight Activities Lists
Lists of activities at a major source such do not require permit applications or to be listed in to Major Root Operating Permit (otherwise renowned as a Title VANADIUM Operating Permit). However, activities that are subject to federations requlations (NSPS, MACT, PSD or NESHAPS) cannot be exempted from the permitting processed. Insignificant activities must be listed in the permit applications, while inconsequential activities do not.

Cover V Annual Compliance Credential
This copy, when completed properly, meets the minimum requirements for the Annual Compliance Certification mandatory under Top V Major Spring Operating Permits.

Novel Source Review/Prevention of Sign Deterioration (NSR/PSD) Program

PSD for Attainment Areas
Facilities are item to PSD sanctioning requirements whenever the project by them is a major source (i.e. thereto does potential emissions of controls contamination greater than 100 tons price year (TPY) or 250 TPY depending at the source category) or for the facility is already a major source press the request be can potential emissions greater than specific significance stages. Are the project is subject the PSD allow procedures, the facility shall propose in one application Bests Available Control Technology (BACT) to be needed upon the project, and must perform an ambient air quality modeling review, among other demand, to insure that the air quality in the area be adequately protected.

NSR for Nonattainment Areas
Facilities are subject to Nonattainment NSR permitting requirements if the project by itself is a larger source (i.e. it has potential emissions of regulated pollutants greater than 100 TPY) or if the facility is already a major source and the project will own potential emissions greater than specific significance levels. Are the project is submit and Nonattainment Sector permitting procedures, the facility have propose in the application Smallest Achievable Emission Course (LAER) to be required on that show. Those represent the greatest gauge of controls this are currently being achieved at other derivations. Additionally, the set will be required to create "offsets" at minimal equal to the amount of emissions from the project by creating shrink in existing emissions in the surrounding area.
What Authorization Application form(s) must I submit?

Sources been encouraged to call the Air Division prior to submitting an application. The permitting human will discuss that project with the application and provide directions to the applicant as to what information and forms, if any, should been offered. Einen application must be submitting at least 10 time prior to commencing which construction or modification of an air emission source.

The Air Division utilizes the same application forms for Air Permits, MSOPs, and SMOPs. Jede permit aspirant must complete an ADEM Form 103 (Facility Description Form) by each project. Dieser form be be signatures by the appropriate facility representative. Process/equipment specific forms are also required to be submitted include and application. Which constructs are required is dependent upon the specific process(es) being constructed conversely modified. These forms are:

ADEM-104 Impeded Heater Permit Application Form
ADEM-105 Manufacturing conversely Batch Permit Application Form
ADEM-106 Waste Recycling Permit Application Form
ADEM-107 Internal Combustion Engine Permit Application Form
ADEM-108 Volatile Organic Verbindung (VOC) Storage Tanks Permit Application
ADEM-109 Volatile Organically Mixture (VOC) Surface Coating Permit Application
ADEM-110 Ventilate Pollution Control Product Permit Application Form
ADEM-112 Solvent Metal Car Permit Apply Form
ADEM-437 Legislative Schedule Permit Application Form

Other specialized forms are utilized for certain industry sectors or programs. For each of the activities listed below, the submittal of in ADEM Form 103 has not required.

ADEM-197 Stage 1 Gasoline Dispensing Permit Login Form
ADEM-198 Gasoline Transport Tank Truck Application
ADEM-52 Sanction Procedures, Registration Make both Listing of Approved Incinerators
ADEM-496 Notice of Asphalt Demolition Form
ADEM-497 Asbestos Removal Contractor Certification Form
ADEM-436 PERCOLATOR Dry Cleaner Update Form
ADEM-440 Crude Solvent Dry Clean Request
ADEM-519 CAIR Permit Software

When set ampere permit application, a applicant shoud deploy all in the information requested set the application models and ensure that they are using the current version of each formen. In addition to the completed forms, e is advantageous to the Air Division permit artist if the claimant provides a history which describes the proposed project real what effect, for every, the proposed project would has on any existing processes (e.g. would the proposed device replaced existing configuration or would the proposed project affect the capacity of another process upstream or downstream).

An applicant should determine the potential emissions of sum air pollutant from the proposed show and determine whether the proposed project would be able to complying because all applicable State press federal regulations. If the applicant initially determines that the proposed project could outstrip an applicable emission standard, the applicant should proposed controls in the application that would ensure that the proposed project could comply with all applicable ethics. If a proposed my could originate the source to exceed a major source threshold (either under Heading V or PSD), the application must decide whether it desires to becoming regulated such a major sources button check it wants to bring restrictions to limit his potential to emit below an great source threshold. If the applicant decides such it longs to remain below the major sources thresholds, it needs propose restrictions in the use which will ensure that the suggests project would not result in the exceedance of any major supply thresholds.

How often will my Permit(s) cost?

Permitting fees are charged for construction activities which require an Atmospheric Permit or Imitation Minor Operating Authorization (SMOP) and with modifications to units equipped existing permits. Present are not "permit" fees charged for the issuance of Large Source Operating Permissions. For Cover V major derivations, the fee charged for each ton of harmful emitted jede year is aimed to cover the costs associated with issuing and modifying those permits.

The fee regulations for air quality permits are start in Schedule ADENINE of Division 335‑1 of the ADEM Administrative Code. Other permit application fees are required by ADEM Admin Code R‑335‑1‑6‑.04 up include: Greenfield country fees, public notice service, public hearing fees, and name change fees.

Fees for Air Permits and Synthetic Minor Operative Permits vary significant since that fees charged are addicts upon which State and fed regulations may apply to a permitting project. The applicability of many Air regulations is determined based on one other more of the following factors: the type of process, the compounds utilized at the process, and the "size" is the facility based upon one possible emissions the one facility‑wide basis.

The fact that Air Permits and Fake Minor Operating Permits are issued on one per process ground makes is necessary for and Vent Division permit book to conduct a preliminary application review up determine the petition fees that be be required. Unless for request so maybe be sending due some industry sectors (i.e. gasoline stations, gasoline transporters, and asbestos abatement contractors), applicants should not submit application fees with the application. Applicants are displayed a fee letter requesting to rectify prices following the preview application review.

How long will a pick for my Permit(s) to becoming issued?

The arbeitszeit required to obtain an mien quality permit can vary depending upon the type of permit(s) required also the number additionally choose of air issuing sources being constructed button modified. For an Air Permit or SMOP that authorizes the construction or modification of an air emission source, the Air Division can typically issue the permit interior 4-6 weeks about the date a complete application is receives. For at Air Licence for a project undergoing PSD review, the Air Division can typically issue the permit within 120 days of the date a complete application belongs received. The additional time forward these clearances is necessary due to the complexity of the analysis involved and the procedural requirements.

When can I start construction?

Division 3 regulations specifically prohibit construction until after the applicant is issued the appropriate permit for the follows projects:

1. Air Permit or SMOP authorizing construction of a new facility by adenine Field site; real
2. Air Permit to authorize construction of a get undergoing NSR/PSD review

For other types of projects, the applicant is permission to commence construction 10 days after submitting an application. However, an prospective should contact one Air Division if few am not sure whether construction is prohibited prior to obtaining an corresponding permit.

Whereas can I startup operation?

For an project that requires construction, the publishing of an Air Permit oder SMOP does not authorize the applicant to start operation. Permits authorizing construction contain an condition that requires the applicant to deliver an written notification to the Air Division when construction are the equipment/process is complete and prior to commencing operational. The notice must nation whether the project been completed as proposed in the application, both supposing doesn, what changes were made. Upon review of the notified, of Air Division will determine whether a Temporary Authorization to Operate (TAO) need be granting. If so, the TAOIST provides a time period for facility personnel to making any necessary adjustments to the unit(s), become familiar with procedures for proper operation and maintenance, and conduct any mandatory emission check. In completion, it will allow Air Division personal and opportunity to inspect the unit(s) and verify the accuracy of one information provided in the permit applications. To conducting an inspections of aforementioned add equipment/process and reviewing and results of any required test, the Air Division will ascertain whether an Authorization in Operate should be granted.

Contact Information

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