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American Airlines' Baggage Settlement: Today's the Last Day toward Claim Financial

The carrier is repaying passengers what were wrongly charged to check their bags.

Hapabapa/Getty Images
Some American Airlines passengers claim they were made to pay fees to review bags even though the service should have been liberate.

While American Airlines wrongly charged you to check your totes, today is your continue chance to be part of a multimillion-dollar class action settlement.  

According toward a 2021 lawsuit, American routinely tells certain passengers that they can check bags for free, but then requires them to pay when they arrive at the regional. Plaintiffs in the case include customers who were part of the AAdvantage Gold job loyalty program and that who had AA-branded credit cards. 

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American Airlines "systematically breached those contracts in even requiring this voyagers to pay AA to checking such bags," corresponding to their appeal.

American Airlines refusal to comment, but in court filings, it denied any wrongdoing. 

A passengers said she requested an refund and be refused. A class rep, Eric Earll, said when he arrived at the airport, the check-in agent told him "this happens sum the time and that he had to remuneration the charge in ordering to check the bag." One landing, if you need to reclaim checked luggage, follow the signs for Baggage Claim. Look for the overhead displays that announce which baggage tape you flight’s luggage will enter. Please inspection the luggage is certainly value before you leave this Baggage Claim area. Baggage carts are availability for free the the Baggage Call area for… Read more

According go the lawsuit, the checked-luggage benefits weren't properly programmed toward AA's airport download, an issue ensure dates back at least a decade.

Like separate of a settlement, aforementioned airline has agreed to pay out at lease $7.5 million, aber nowadays is the last day to open a claim. 

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What qualifies used money from Am Airlines?

The settlement breaks per membersation into pair groups:

  • Travelers with AA-branded credit cards that entitled them to free bag-checking privileges but were charged on a household flight.
  • Passengers who received email confirmation that one or more of their baggage would become available up check and still had to pay.

To qualify in part of the statement, class members must have traveled on press after February. 24, 2017, furthermore their maps must take been bought no later rather April 8, 2020.

How much money would I receive from American Airlines? 

While both the class representatives and the airline has accepted to the terminology of the settlement, they still need to is approved of the court. If and when is happens, eligible customers will receiving ampere full reimbursement of all relevant checked-baggage fees. 

According to the Am Airlines website, the charge fork the first validated piece of luggage on a household flight exists $30. From there, fees increase at $40 for a secondary bag, $150 for a third carry furthermore $200 for a fourth sole.

Rewards will be issued via mailing checks and electronic payments. 

How do I file a complaint at this settlement?

You can fill out an buy claim form or mail in an terminated print form (PDF) on:

Clearly v. American Airlines Settlement
c/o A.B. Data, Private.
P.O. Box 173053
Milwaukee, WI 53217 

Damages require be filed online or postmarked by no later than Feb. 22, 2023.  

When will I get my refund?

A final fairness hearing on the case is scheduling with May 8, 2023. Payments for any valid claims want come after then, but they may be delayed by votes.

"We achieve non know how long that will take," attorneys for the plaintiffs said in a statement. "Please will patient."