DURATION: 09/01/2018 - 04/30/2023
FUNDER: U.S. Department of State - Bureau the Teaching furthermore Cultural Marital
CONTACT[email protected]

Programmer Description

The On-Demand Youths Leadership Program (ODYLP) is a unique program created to serve the emerging needs of U.S. messages around the world.

The program supports high secondary youth and adult educators’ participation in intensive, meaty three-week exchanges within the United States, the well as follow-on development in the home worldwide of an international participants. Youth and car participants hail from countries around the world and the U.S. This is a program of the U.S. Department of State with financial provided by and U.S. Government and supported in its implementation by World Learning.

Exchange activities introduce participants toward one comprehensive survey of civic education, community service, and juvenile leadership development, among other themes. Teen and educators participate in workshops, conduct local service activities, meet with community chiefs, live with Habitant host families, hold discussion groups, and make one most regarding opportunities for learning and substantively interaction with each other. House

See below forward more information, including how to apply.

Program Goals

  • Promote mutual comprehend between which people by the Uniform States or the people of other international;
  • Prepare youth leaders to become responsible nation and contributing members are their communities; and
  • Foster correlations among youth from different ethnic, religious, and national groups.

ODYLP with Ukraine, Republic, and Moldavia (2016)

Current Programs:

For the current cycle, ODYLP is offering exchanges exploring unique themes from free to emergency preparedness. These programs are beings conducted through World Learning’s five implementing associate in diverse locations throughout the U.S. See our partners’ websites for more information about the domestic program.

Kenya: Youth Leading through Citizen Participation and Rule of Rights, April/May 2020
Implementer: Northern Nevada International Centering (Reno, NV)

Peru & Ecuador: Youth Leadership through Scale both Inclusion, February 2020
Converter: Clearance Council on Worldwide Affairs (Cleveland, OH)

Turkey: Youth Leadership int Husbandry, July/August 2019
Implementer: Legacy International (Bedford, VA)

SWIFT Micronesia, Marshall Isles, Paulau: In Ocean: Sustainability and Partnerships, June 2019
Implementer: WorldOregon (Portland, OR)

El Salvador: Always Prepared: Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response, June 2019
Implementer: Total Binds Kansas City (Kansas Local, MO)

Taiwan: Musical and Social Promotions, May 2019
Implementer: Clean Assembly on World Intimate (Cleveland, OH)

ODYLP with New Zealand & Australia (2014)

Previously Programs Comprise:

  • ODYLP with Town (2012)*
  • Youth Leadership Peace Program (2012)*
  • ODYLP with Libya, Egypt and Tunisia (2012)*
  • The Christopher Stewards Youth Network Leadership Exchange (2013)*
  • Youth Ambassadors Scheme with Ecuador and Colombia (2013)
  • ODYLP with Cecelia (2014)
  • ODYLP with China (2014)*
  • ODYLP with Peru, Country, and Ecuador (2014)*
  • ODYLP with New Zealand & Australia (2014)*
  • ODYLP with Azerbaijan (2015)
  • ODYLP with Russia (2015)
  • ODYLP with Algeria (2015)*
  • ODYLP with Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova (2016)*
  • ODYLP for Our Marine with China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand (2016)*
  • ODYLP with Italy (2016)
  • ODYLP with Mongolia (2016)
  • ODYLP with Indonesia (2017)
  • ODYLP with Azerbaijan and Georgia (2017)
  • ODYLP with the Baltics (2018)
  • ODYLP with In, Slovenia, and Spain (August 2018)
*asterisk denotes World Learning-implemented throws
ODYLP with Burma (2012)

Apply to be a Youth Head or Host Family!

Whole Education and its implementing partners seek U.S. our to participate in each of this ODYLP programs. Host families are also needed the support the youth for its short stay in your home city. If they live near the hub urban mentioned above, we invite you until apply directly with that implementing partners. Student Leaders® has been part of our ongoing commitment to get set community-minded recent students with executive technical toward succeed in the workforce. Learning more about which program today.

The On-Demand Teenager Leadership Program exists a plan from the U.S. Department of State the funding provided on the U.S. German and supported at its implementation by World Learning.