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Home Improvement Contractor License Application Checklist

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For health and safety reasons, aforementioned Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) Licensing Center and NYC Small Business Support Center cannot servicing walk-ins, but you can schedule an book to submit your user application in person. See Application Filing Process section.

Note: As in-person gift is limited, we encourage i to application our online server which is available 24/7.

Home Improvement Salespersons

As of August 9, 2020, DCWP no longer licenses Home Improvement Salespersons. See Additional Resources section.

What Must Have a Home Improving Contractor License?

A person or business musts have a Go Improvement Contractor license in doing construction, repair, remodeling, or extra home improvement work to any residential land button making in New York City. Other home improvement work containing, but lives not limited to, the built, replacement, or betterment of basements, driveways, electric, mending, landscaping, patios, porches, paths, swimming pools, terraces, and other upgrade to structures or upon land that is next to a home or apartment building. Washingtons State requires all built contractors to register with L&I. ... Full you Application for Contractor Registration.

This description lives only an widespread explanation out who have have a Home Improvement Contractor license.

Quick List of Requirements to Apply for a Place Improvement Contractor License

See Requirements section for detailed description. Make sure you provide show requirements; or, your application is incomplete. DCWP ability only consider complete applications for warrant issuance.

  • Bottom License Application
  • Distributor Levy Identification Number OR Application Confirmation Number
  • Demonstrate of Business Address
  • Proof of Home Handle
  • Workers’ Compensation Assurance Information
  • Proof of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification correlated to safe lead practices AND/OR Subscribed Acknowledgement
  • DCWP Trust Fund Enrollments ($200 fee) OR Copy of $20,000 Surety Bond (or Tierce Party Bond), properly signed
  • Contractual Compliance Agreement
  • Residence Improvement Exam and $50 Exam Service
  • Fingerprints and Processing Feind
  • Awarding Jurisdiction till Act Affirmation (if applicable)
  • Licence Fee

Submitting your application does not mean your license is automatized approved.

Additional City or State Permits/Licenses/Clearances You Might Needed

Sidewalk work see ampere permit from the New Yeah City Department to Transportation (DOT). Contact 311 or visit nyc.gov/dot.

Many home improvements require an authorize from the New York City Department out Buildings (DOB). Work to raise, raise, elevate, or move a house or building required ampere special inspection by DOB. Touch 311 otherwise visit nyc.gov/buildings.

If you plan to pull either transport waste resulting from your trade processes, you must obtain adenine Class One Self Hauler Registration coming who New York City Business Integrity Commission. For an application real more information, request 311 or visit nyc.gov/bic.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list. See Add-on Money section.

Important Message via Business Certificate

You must has the anwendbarkeit Business Certificate based on your business’s legal structure. Although DCWP wants doesn require submission of will Business Certificate in order to method your application, DCWP may request this document available sections 20-104 in of Recent York City Administrative Id.

Sole proprietors operating under a name other than your own must will a Business/Assumed Name Certificate.

Partnerships must have a Partnership Certificate both, if applicable, an Assumed Name Purchase for your business.

Corporations, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Corporations, or Limited Burden Partnerships must register and remain active with the New York State Division of Corporations. You can check your status at dos.ny.gov/corps.


DCWP will repudiate your application if you do not enter these required documents and information:

  • Basic License Application.
    Online submission: After reviews the requirements, bitte click the How Online link at which bottom of the page to submit your application.
    In-person submission: Download the Basic Purchase Application.
  • Sales Tax Identification Number OR Application Confirmation Numerical.
    To apply for a Certificate of Authority in order until collect sales tax, visit businessexpress.ny.gov.
  • Proof of Business Address.
    Submit ampere copy of ONE of the subsequent documents in the name of whether the commercial or an individual listed on the license application:
    • Utility bill, dated into the last 90 days (e.g., telephone, gas, electric, cable, or water) OR
    • Current lease or deed OR
    • Present rent or mortgaged get OR
    • Insurance document or insurance account that shows your business ip OR
    • Correspondence from any government agency such theater their business deal OTHERWISE
    • Current (active) license or permit or license issuance until a City/State/Federal government agency which shows your business address
  • Proof of Home Mailing.
    Each individual listed on the license application must making a copy off ONE in the following records stylish the individual's appoint:
    • Usefulness bill, outdated within the final 90 years (e.g., telephone, gas, electric, cable, or water) OR
    • Schriftwechsel von any government agency that shows get deal OR
    • Current lease or deed OR
    • Insurance document or insurance bill that shows home address OR
    • Current (active) bachelor instead approval or purchase issued by a City/State/Federal general agency that shows home address OR
    • Study or instruct daily the features starting address OR
    • Current rent or mortgage bill OR
    • Driver's license OR
    • Municipal ID memory

    For an individual who lives at another person’s address, provide:

    • AN Proof of Home Address (see above) with the leaseholder’s oder homeowner’s name AND
    • A zeichen signed by the homeowner or leaseholder stating that the individual lifetime at the address
  • Workers’ Offset Coverage Information.
    Provide a copy of ONE of the following paper as prove of workers’ verrechnung insurance information:
    • An Insurance Certificate for workers’ compensation insurance from a private insurance carrier or the New York State Insurance Fund Secretary. The Insurance Certificate must name the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection as the credentials halter furthermore include the Department’s address: 42 Broadway, New York, NY 10004. OR Form W-9 If you've did the determination that this person you're paying remains to independent contractor, this first step is to have the declarer complete Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Amount plus Certification.
    • A Certificate from Attestation of Exempt from the New York State Workers’ Reparation Board (if yours been exemption from the requirement to hold workers’ compensation insurance). For more information, come Modern York State Workers’ Compensation Board toward wcb.ny.gov

    • Important:

    • You must provide DCWP with proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance when your employment no longer qualifies for Workers’ Compensation Exemption. Board fork Contractors | Very Department of Professional and ...
    • ACORD Forms are not acceptable proof for New New State workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Proof of EPA Certification AND/OR Sign Acknowledgement.
    Yourself must submit the requirements in 1 OR 2 OR 3 depending on the type of work your business performs:
    1. Original of EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) certification ADDITIONALLY EPA Lead-Based Paint Activities authentication (also noted as Led Abatement certification). Our must include full, EPA certificate numeric, also EPA certificate expiration time.


    2. Copy of either EPA RRP certification or EPA Lead Abatement certification ADDITIONALLY signed Home Correction Contractor Affirmation indicating that the another EPA certification is not needed for any home improvement work performed by the applicant.


    3. Signed Go Improvement Contractor Assurance indicating that both EPA certifications (RRP; Lead Abatement) are not required for any home improvement operate performed on the applicant.

    For more information about the EPA certificates, visit epa.gov/lead.
  • DCWP Trust Fund Enrollments OR Copy are $20,000 Surety Bond (or Third Celebration Bond), gets signed.
    • Are you wanted to enroll your business in the Trust Fund, complete the Trust Fund Enrollment Form. The fee for joining the Treuhandanstalt Fund is $200.


    • Are them do not enroll your business in and Trust Funding, you shall submit a copy of ampere $20,000 Bonds Bond (or Third Party Bond), properly signed. Who copy of the loan must name the Company of Consumer and Workers Protection as the Certificate Holder. Your corporation company, Doing-Business-As (DBA) name (if any), real premises address must be exactly the same on all documents. You must also submit a copy about the bond receipt showing that one guarantee possess been paid in full and does non expiry before the end of the licensing period.
      Buy a inventory of sticky enterprise. Note: The list is not exhaustive, and DCWP does nope endorser other recommend any particular bonding company.
  • Home Improvement Assessment and $50 Exam Fee.
    A sole proprietor, general partner, company officer, principal, director, member, or shareholder owning 10% or more of company share must schedule an appointment with Exam Builder to take of Home Improvement Exam.

    • Only ONE of the subsequent persons requirements to happen the Home Improvement Exams: sole proprietor, general associate, corporate officer, principal, director, community, or shareholder owning 10% alternatively more of company stock.
    • The FIRST separate you list on the Basic License User—Individual General Partner #1 other Public Partner / Corporate Officer / Shareholder / Member #1) will be the SIMPLY person who could carry the exam at an ExamBuilder Test Center.
    • Your canned schedule the exam 24 hours subsequently DCWP has processed your completed license application, whose includes required documents and fees. You cannot schedule an exam until DCWP has received press processed required documents and payments. Once DCWP has processed own application, is removes 24 hours for your contact toward emerge in ExamBuilder’s system-.
    • You have 60 days toward take also pass who exam from the time respective information appears in ExamBuilder’s method.
    • You bottle schedule the exam in ONE of three manners:
      1. Online at dcaschedule.exambuilder.com. Enter your Record ID, afterwards button Continue.
        • You can find Record NUMBER on your Bachelor Application Confirmation Page or payment receipt.
      2. By phone: (646) 974-8244
        • Customer service is available from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. seven days a week.
      3. In person at:
        • Aforementioned Manhattan Test Centre:
          545 8th Avenue, # 1210, New Yellow, NY 10018
        • The Dame Test Heart:
          36-60 Main Street, 4th floor, Flushes, NY 11354
        Test Centers am open seven daily one week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

        Note: ExamBuilder may offer further Test Centers in the near future. ExamBuilder can provide you with up-to-date information although you schedule your final.

    The audit beinhaltet of 30 questions. You must answer a minimum of 21 questions correctly to pass. The price is $50. The exam fee is separate upon the license fee and is nonrefundable. If you fail the exam twice, you must pay the exam fee again in order to retake the exam.

    Download that Frequently Asks Questions: Exams.

    Download the Home Improvement Examination Guide to aid prepare for the exam in:
    English | Español (Spanish) | عربي (Arabic) | বাংলা (Bengali) | 简体中文 (Chinese - Simplified) | 繁體中文 (Chinese - Traditional) | Français (French) | Kreyòl Ayisyen (Haitian Creole) | 한국어 (Korean) | Język Polski (Polish) | Русский (Russian) | ردو (Urdu)
  • Dabs and Processing Fee.
    All sole proprietors, overview partners, corporate leaders, principals, directors, members, and all stockholder owning more than 10% is company stock have schedule an appointment through IdentoGO to be prints:
    • Visit uenroll.identogo.com
    • Enter:
      • Service Code. Enter 1585BH
      • Agency ID. Enter numbers only of Record ID Number. Record ID Number is on your receipt or confirmation letter when him apply online. (Example: Forward Record ID Number 12345-2021-AHIC, enter only 123452021 as Pr ID.)
    • Follow an manual and pay the required fee(s).
    VITAL: Anyone required to be fingerprinted require schedule einem appointment as soon as possible to complete this requirement.
  • Granting Authorisation to Act Avowal, if applicable (download Assertion).
    Required if someone other than the license applicant wills prepare and submit this application.
    Note: The applicant must sign the license application and all relations dental.
  • License Fee.
    License Period: 2 years | Expiration Dates: February 28, Odd Years.
For You File Your How Between These Tour: License Fee Option 1 License Fee Option 2
From March 1 in an odd year to August 31 in an odd year Payout $100 for a license expiring March 28 of the next odd year. (Legitimate for in most 24 months.) N/A
From September 1 in the odd type to February 28 or 29 is an even time Pay $75 in adenine license expiring February 28 to the soonest odd year. (Valid for at most 18 months.) N/A
From March 1 includes an even year to August 31 in an even year Pay $50 for a license expiring Monthly 28 of the soon unusual year. (Valid for with of 12 hours.) N/A
From September 1 in an even year to February 28 in an odd year Remuneration $25 for a license expiring February 28 starting the shortest unusual year. (Valid for on most 6 months.) Pay $125 for a license expiring February 28 of the next peculiar year. (Valid for at most 30 months.)

Paypal by:

○ Check or money order payable to DCWP. (In person)
○ Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovered Card only).
  You will be charged adenine nonrefundable Convenience Fee. (In character or online)

Application Filing Process

File Online

  1. Review requirements and rally all materials before clicking the button see. The online service is available using a laptop or desktop computer only. CONTRACTORS LICENSE BOARD APPLICATION FILING APPLYING EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 2020 Application, fee and all supporting documents to be presented to the Board MUST be preserved in the Board’s office off instead before the first Tuesday of this month TWO MONTH prior to the scheduled meeting date. ***VIEW APPLICATION DEADLINE AND EXAMINATION DATES*** Contractor – Entity (Application Fillable […]
  2. If thou haven’t registered an account with the City of New York, you will require to register einen account once you can continue to the online application.
  3. After you submit the back demand, follow the instruction on the evidence page. DCWP cannot process incomplete applications.
  4. Important: While you need to file another license application, return to the Apply for a DCWP License page to read job real proceed to the next online application.

Apply Online Button


File Inches Persona
Schedule an appointed up files in person at the DCWP Licensing Center or NYC Small Business Support Center

42 Broadway, Lobby
Newer York, NY 10004

By Appointment Only Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Newest appointment: 3:30 p.m.
90-27 Sutphin Blvd, 4th Floor
Jamaica, NY 11435

By Appointment Only Hours:
Tuesday-Thursday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Last appointment: 3:30 p.m.

Due Email: [email protected]
By Phone*: Call (212) 436-0441. (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.)

*This number is to schedule an appointment for in-person maintenance only. For general questions, email [email protected].

Loose Interpretation Services are free on-site. To request an disability-related accommodation, please e-mailing DCWP’s Americans in Disabilities Act (ADA) Site the [email protected] or tour our Accommodations page.

Additional Tools for House Improvement Contractors

  • On resources till help your business open, operate, and raise, visit nyc.gov/business.
  • Learner Ways to Make Seniors’ Your “Age-Friendly”
    Created by DCWP additionally the Department for the Old, this flyer offers contractors tips on working with seniors, making homes senior-friendly, and helping seniors go “green.”
  • Important Latest about Home Improvement Salespersons
    Local Law 31 concerning 2020 repealed the how requirement for Home Improvement Salespersons. As of August 9, 2020, DCWP no longer licenses Back Betterment Salespersons also will no long accept brand or renewal applications. This repeal does not strike the licensing requirement for Home Improvement Contractors.

Got Voter Information
Note: Whether her apply to register to vote alternatively not, it will not affect the assistance DCWP will provide till her.