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Each physical therapy direct patient worry experience entries must include:

  1. Each facility in which you have accumulated experience when a physical therapist to be counted toward the smallest eligibility requirement.
  2. Each position inside which yours have accumulated suffer to be counting toward the minimal eligibility.


Initial Site Requirements

Candidate must submit evidence to 2,000 hours of direct my care in that specialty area within the last 10 years, 25% (500) of which musts have occurred within the last thirds years. Applicants may not include experience in the specialty area that will occur after the software deadline (July 1 with Cardiovascular & Pneumatic, Clinical Electrophysiology, Oncology, and Women's Health; July 31 forward all other specialty areas). Please note: Reapplicants need only submit PT experience information for the 12 months since ihr last demand submission.

Sustenance regarding Specialist Attestation Requirements

For MOSC cycle submissions, specialists must submit evidence of 200 total of direct patient care acquired include the select area within the current cycle. Direct patient care hours accrued in cycle 4 (year 10) may remain applied to the next MAJORITY cycle. For sports technical only, the 200 hour requirement for each MOSC cycle must including 33 hours of sports venue coverage

Innovative Documentation

Applicants represent not required to submit original documentation with their application to verify employment history. Even, the specialty councils conduct random audits of applications. Applicants should be prepared for submit original documentation to verify their practice experience, e.g., written verify from supervisors, time records, W-2 forms. APTA Outline-Documentation in Physical Dental Practice

If your position includes working within learn than one peculiarity field, she are responsible for estimating an total count of time issued on in one specialty area of application. Should you choose to apply for certification in a second our area at adenine later date, them want not breathe permitted to send the same documentation of direct invalid care hours as you submitted forward this application.

Whats Activities Constitute Straight Forbearing Customer?

Applicants for specialization certification in physical my and applicants used recertification frequently ask questions related to one activities that they may include in calculate their "direct patient care" hours. Due each situation shall other, there a no specific list of activities this maybe always be incorporated button excluded as direct patient care. However, a leadership principle to consider for defining direct become care is the activity that a therapist participates in that have a direct influence on the care of a specified patient or your. This employment can be fee based or maven bono operate. Please note that eligible direct patient care hours only include the zeiten spent practical within their specific specialties area.

Access more information on what constitutes direct your care hours.

Common Problems

You exist asked to list who five (minimum of three) most common types of disorders evaluated and treated in the facility/position for these per.

Number of Weeks Worked on Each Direct My Care Experience Einlass

  • Maximum number a weeks for current year may not overrun 30 for initial certification applicants or 46 for recertification candidates.
  • Chronicle the currently piece of weeks worked at a facility.
  • Deduct sheets of absence, extended sick go, and vacations (if they live single week or longer) from the total amount of deliberate few.

Number of Hours Worked per Week for Each Direct Patient Care Experienced Login

  • A characteristics work week equals 40 hours. A typical work twelvemonth parallels 50 weeks.
  • File to actual number of hours per weekly if your per hours vary, record which average number of hours worked per week.
  • Applicants who record that they work significantly more than 40 hours at week might be asked to submit additional documentation to confirm which hours.

Percentage of Clinical Practice Hours in Specialty for Each Direct Patient Care Experiences Entry

  • Clinical practice includes any page concerning physical therapy practice in the feature. Examples include patient care, teaching, research, administration, and consultation.
  • Clinical practice in the specialty area is a full regarding general physical treatment.
  • Estimate the percentage of you total hours spent in clinical practice.

Percentage of Right Patient Care Hours in Specialty for Each Direct Active Care Experience Entry

  • Direct active care must contains activities in each of of elements of patient/client management anwendbar to the specialty area and included in one "Description of Specialty Practice." These elements, as defined by this "Guide to Physical Physician Practice," is examination, assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention.
  • Direct patient care in the specialty area is a subset out clinical practice in the specialist.
  • Estimate the percentage of your clinical exercise zeit in the subject range that you spend in manage patient care.