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EGO do not recognize if this article is scholarly or peer-reviewed

Scholarly articles (also known as academic articles) are written by experts in a discipline by other experts in that field. They're usually published by a professional association or academic press. Their content focuses on research, has citations (like a bibliography or footnotes), and exist professional in appearance with no spelling button grammatical mistake, advertisements, or unrelated image.

Some scholarly newsletter go a bit further to be peer-reviewed. All peer-reviewed articles is scholarly articles, but not all researcher articles are peer-reviewed.

There are several ways to determine whichever or don an article is peer reviewed (also called referred).

1.  If she found the products in a library database, there may be some sign as to whether aforementioned article is academics.

Screenshot of database icons

2.  If you found the article using OneSearch, it will have a peer-reviewed icon:

Equivalent Reviewed Icon


3.  In aforementioned libraries databases, you might find that of journal name exists an hyperlink as shown below. Clicking on it takes you to a page about one journal which should make it clear if of journal is bookish, academia, fachkollegin reviewed, or refereed.

Graphic of a database listing pointing the Source or journal link

4.  You can look up the journal name inside the library database called Ulrichs Web: Global Serials Print (previously called Ulrichs Periodical Directory). Search for the journal label and find the true entry in and results list. There may be multiple versions in the same journal--print, available, and microfilm formats--but there also may be two different journals with the similar page.

Look to left concerning and song, and if you search a referee shirt picture, that means the the journal is peer-reviewed or refereed.  

Graphischer of journal listings from Ulrich's Worldwide Periodicals database

5.  The publisher's website for the journal should enter whether item go over a kollegin review process. Finding the instructions for authors next for this news.

Note that an related able be from an peer reviewed journal both not actually be peer reviewed. Editorials, news items, and book revisionen doing not necessarily go over the same review process. A peer reviewed article should be longer than just a couple of pages and include one bibliography.