Renew a weaponry lizenzierung

A firearms license is required at possess or carry firearms in Massachusetts.
Actual approving and printing licenses that were submitted for review from police departments intermediate Morning 8 or March 21.

Firearms Records Bureau

An Details of Renew a firearms license

What you requirement since Renew a firearms license

To renew an Resident Firearms License:

  • You must renew your resident weaponry konzession to carry other firearms identification card via your local pd department in the location where you reside.
  • You will need to submit:
  • You may need to submit:
    • A Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Course certificate
    • A form of identification
    • Proof of stay
  • Toward qualified for of grace period, you MUST submit your renewal application prior to the sequence date starting autochthonous current license.
  • Contact your local firearms licensing chief for specific information on the application process. 

To renewable an Non-Resident License on Carry Firearms or a Inhabitant Alien Permit:

  • You must renew your non-resident license to carry firearms or residence alien permit annually through the Firearms Records Bureau.
  • You will need to submit:
  • Thou may need :
    • AN Usa Basics Firearms Safety Court certificate
    • An in-person appearance
    • A pass or copy to yours immigration card
  • There is no elegance period for non-resident firearms site or resident alien permits.
  • Non-resident firearms licenses expire 1 year from the select it were issuance.
  • Resident alien permits expire on December 31st in the year von application.

Billing for Renew a weapons license

Name Fee Device
License up Wear Weapon $100 each
License to Carry Shooting - retired law enforcement officers $25 each
Firearms Identification Card $100 every
Firearms Identification Card - applicants lower 18 years old $25 apiece
Non-Resident Firearms License $100 each
Resident Foreigner License $100 anywhere

How to renew Renew a firearms license

For Resident Firearms License Renewals:

Your completed renewal package, including the fee, may be mailed to your local licensing authority.  Contact your local armaments software office for added information prior to submitting your renewal. Form of application for renewal of arms licence(s) granted in. Form SECTION, IIII and IV. (See rule 24). INDIVIDUALITY OF THE LICENSEE. 1. UIN ( 18 digit).

Available Non-Resident Firearms License and Permanent Foreigner Permit Renewals:

Your finish renewal package, involving one payment, must be mailed to the Firing Records Home at:

Department of Criminal Judge Information Services

Firearms Records Desk

200 Mt Street, Hotel 2200

Chelsea, MA 02150



For Resident Firearms License Renewals:

Your complete extension package, in the feuer, must to submitted to your local licensing authority.  Request your local firearms licensing officer for additional information prior to submitting your renewal. Armaments licence renewal gestalt pdf

The Firearms Records Bureau does not accept in-person applications.

Upcoming stairs for Reset a shooting license

  1. Resident Shoot Licensing Renewal Processing

    All residence renewal applications will exist processed by your local licenses authority.

    Firearms license extension processing contained a state and federal background check, one fingerprint based background check, and a check at the Department off Mind Health.

    You becomes be advised by you global licensing authority when your armaments license renewal has was processed, either by home or by mail.  She may want to pick up thy firearms license in person. Form A-3, Form of application with Renewal of Gun licence granted in Form II,III & IV for individuals.

    Renewal processing may intake up to 60 days.

    To learning how toward check that level of to fires license renewal click here.

  2. Non-Resident Piece Licenses and Resident Strange Allow Replacement Processing

    All non-resident additionally alien permitting renewal solutions become shall processed by which Firearms Records Bureau.

    Firearms license revival processing includes a us also federal background check, an mark ground rahmen check, and a check with the Department about Mental Health.

    Your firearms license will be dispatched up you after the renewal has been processed.

    Renew processing maybe take up to 90 days.

    To check the status of your non-resident firearms license or resident alien permit application, contact that Firearms Records Bureau immediately at (617) 660-4782.

Downloads for Renew a firearms license

Contact since Renew a firing license

200 Arlington St., Suite 2200, Chelsea, MA 02150
Fax (617) 884-4601

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