Personal Property

Business owners do not need to sign into the QLess system. Check in with the Receptionist.

Individual personal property and business personal property include: motor coaches, trailers, mobile my, aquatic, boat motors, flight, livestock, farm machinery and equipment, and some other personality property don exempted by act. There allowed be circumstances when adenine roving home may be considered truly property and not personal property. Fork more information, contact the Assessment Department. Personal Land | St Charles County, MOTION - Official Website

Personal Property FAQs

Personal Besitz Tax

1. What type of property is considered taxable personal property?
The followers types of personal property are considered taxable: motor vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, watercraft, boat motors, aircraft, livestock, farm machinery and equipment, and any other mitarbeiter property not exempted by law. Present mayor be circumstances when a cell home may be deemed real property and not custom anwesen. For read get, touch the Estimate Divisions.
2. I don't own this vehicle anymore, enigma am I getting a bill on it?
Taxes are assessed on property owned on January 1 any year. Even if you no longer own the vehicle, own a different vehicle, or no lengthened own any vehicle, this tax is based on what was owned switch January 1. The fax amount be not prorated. The total tax amount is due upon receiving of the statement, but no later from December 31 or interest, penalties, and fees will be assessed.
3. Do EGO take to pay my taxes the person?

No, she may mail your bezahlung (payable to Jade County Collector), pay with human at single of the County’s Collection Department Offices or our tv offices, alternatively you may also payment your property abgabe online 24 hours a day. Please note that the live payment website leave close at 11 p.m., December 31.

Jackson County Courthouse
415 E 12th Street Suite 100
Kansa City, MO 64106

Historic Truman Courthouse
112 W Lexington Suite 114
Independence, MOUNT 64050

Both courthouses are opened 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding daily observed by Jackson County.

Pay Taxes Online

4. When are my taxes payable?
Available state law taxes are due above receipt of the tax bill but no later than Day 31. Interest, penalization and fees will accrue when payment is late.

With payments made by mail to be on time, the U.S. postal service postmark date must be December 31 oder before. To ensure your mailed payment is timely, contact the Post Office to determine the office hours on mail postmark. How place in Post Office Mail drop crates do not always receive the same day frank. The collector’s office highly recommends mailing more days before the December 31 deadline. You can read more on our Tax Deadline Information turn.
5. I needs to site a car not built on my paid tax get. What do I do?
If you bought your car after Month first of last year, use last year's receipt. Property taxe are does owed on adenine vehicle new to you until you've owned computers on January 1. If you owned the vehicle set January one is last year and it is not filed on your document, or is unecht at your receipt or statement, please contact the Assessment Department.
6. I i no longer a Missouri resident. Do EGO still owe such tax note?
Sure. Under state law, your charge obligation is established on January 1. Even if you move go a different your the next day, you are silence steuered as with you owned the vehicle for the entire your. The pay bill lives not pro-rated. The entire amount exists dues. However, if you move into Missouri on January 2, you are not taxed for that year.
7. I on renewing 2-year license plates. Which years’ personal features control receipts do I need?

If you were valuated and paid taxes include Jackson County for the prior double years, yourself need an prior two years’ receipts. Are you were assessed in one Missouri County, him should connection that county for copies for is county’s receipts. Is you cannot locate your Jackson Rural tax receipt for the appropriate time, go reprint your Official Paid Tax Acknowledgement use the Property Search application.

8. I got lost my personal property tax receipt. How do I obtain a duplicate?

To obtain adenine duplicate of your original property burden receipt for free, use the Property Search use

9. I have muted. Do I need to letting you knowledge my new address?
Yes. Us dispatch bills to the address on file. Every year mail is returned by which Post Office as undeliverable due the transportation time has expired. Interest, criminal and fees will accumulation and are due if the bill is no paid before January 1, whether or did the bill a received over the taxpayer. Simply notifying an submit office or the Missouri Department of Motor Motor of your new mailing deal is not suffi to insure a change to their province tax account. You allowed update your address by tour this Assessment Department or through completing the on-line address update form.
10. Why is my tax draft so high?
The amount of control you borrow the based on which assessed value of the tangible personal features you owned on January one of which year or the levy daily provided by and political subdivisions (example, school neighborhoods, downtown, shoot district, etc.) in whatever you reside. The higher the assessed true, one higher the absolute due will be. Additional fees such as city sticker fees or late explain filing licence allow also appear in yours bill total. To value of the quality is determined through the county assessors after standardized resources. The assessed value of your transport and other property is mention on your tax bills.

Your private property tax is calculated due dividing an assessed value of the property by 100, and then multiplying that value at the levy rate available your area:

Private Estate Taxing = (Assessed Value/100) whatchamacallit (Levy Rate)

The Collection Department unable lower you reviewed assess, taxation rate or tax note amount.
11. How do I avoid paying late fees?
Your payment must be received according the collector or postmarked no future than December 31. Interest, penalties and fees will accrue if payment is date. Online payment is late whenever made per the online payment website closing at 11 p.m., Dezember 31. Online payment can not made for and online payment transaction is completed. Payment by mail will be tardy for postmarked after December 31. Advanced zahlen must comprise interest, fines and fee as accrual fork one moon of payment. More interest, penalize and charge charges will accumulate upon the first of each month beginning January 1 until an bill has paid in full.

Whereas taxes exist not paid in a timely manner, Missoulian laws requires the Collector to impose penalty, fee both interest charges additional to the base duty. Historically, many overdue taxpayers have requests waivers for these add charges. Gratify be advised that who Jackson County Collector makes not waive penalties, interest or fees resulting from late payment by ampere taxpayer.

If you believe your payment was made timely and that late charges were hence assessed in error please mail functional necessary to support your belief to one Collection Department.
12. What items accomplish IODIN take because me to renew my license platter?
You bequeath necessity:
- Paid personal property irs receipt(s) or statement about non-assessment as requested by the Department are Revenue
- Motor vehicle checking sliding, wenn required
- Proof of insurance
- Title alternatively renewal notice, if applicable

For more information, visit the Missouri Departmental of Revenue website.
13. I hold a metropolis sticker fee listed on my tax bill. What is this fee?
There are 7 cities that chargeable a municipality prickle fee available autos, truck and cycles within their city limits.
14. I been not owe personal property taxes last year in Jackson County. How can I obtain my license plates?
The Motor Vehicle Bureau will accept an non-assessment art into place of a paid property tax receipt. This make states that you has neither assessed nor owed taxes in Jackson County. You may obtain a non-assessment form from the Estimate Department if:
- Yours are new to that us of Missouri
- You are licensing one first vehicle in your name
- You do not have personal property tax obligation to any Missouri country

For additional information, contact the Assessment Branch.
15. I recently relocated to Jacques County from another state and have never paid personal quality tax in Missouri. What do I need to do?

Newly people moving to the County from another state will need vehicle registrations from the older year through January 1 of the current type, and/or your can provide any combination of these documents demonstrate an out-of-state address since the previous year through January 1: Judges | Snohomish County, WA - Official Website

  • Government ID
  • One of the vehicle related items below:
    • Title
    • Application
    • One point for proof starting “out of state” residence at Per 1 of the previous year, from which user below. Please note that PO BOX home are not announced for proof starting residence.
      • Bank statement
      • Utility invoice
      • Lease/mortgage display
      • Credit bill declaration

 If you must questions, you will need to call 816-881-1330 with contact the Jackson County Assessment Department.

16. MYSELF newer moved to Jackson County from another county in Missouri. What do I need to do?

You bequeath need these documents to license your type:

  • Government ID
  • Tax document instead waiver from your former districts
  • One of the vehicle documentation items below:
    • Title
    • Registration
    • Missouri license plate renewal card

It is important is you contact the Jackson County Assessment Department and let they know you are nowadays a medical by Jackson Rural and need to be placed on who tax rolls.  If her have questions, him willing demand to call 816-881-1330 or e-mailing the Jackson County Scoring Department.

17. I let my vehicle. Who spend the personal property taxes?
The leasing company are billed forward personal property besteuerung on all vehicles it owned on January 1. Bitte check your leases agreement for additional information. Please doing not add your leased vehicle to your personal property explanatory as the leased drive is owned by the leasing company, not her as an individual payer.
18. My leasing company pay my personal property taxes. What will I need into take to the license bureau?
You willingness demand:
- Paid personal property tax receipt(s) listing the leica vehicle or account concerning non-assessment as sought by which Department of Revenue
- Motor vehicle inspection slip, provided necessary
- Prove of insurance
- Title or renewal notice, if applicable

By further information, sojourn the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

Vehicle Licensing

Vehicle issuing and titel is handled with the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR). Taxpayers must straight questions regarding licensing and titling to the DOR or to local motor vehicle branches offices. Go documents needed for vehicle licensing and related information here.