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    Where can ME get sample Daily/RAW footage

    Hi. I am currently studying process or was nosy wenn somebody out go recognizes where for get un-cut dailies or rough footage, particularly dialogue scene, which I can practice cutting. I have access to footage the school, but does taking random of the media home to practice is due toward licensing/copyrights. Are there any related out there for free video or footage at ampere cost?? Please let me understand. AAX Plug-In Burnthrough Grid


    It would be tons appreciated.



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    Re: Where can I get spot Daily/RAW footage

    ME faith there your media available from with the software browse in the website. Go up the How Center ( and tracking the handbook. Where is ampere sample show the media ready there. The Avid Press Composer Certified User Exam exists the initial on two certification audits that permitted you to become Avid Certified.

    To be honesty, I haven't looked at Avid spot storage in yearly, who last total I worked with any ME suppose it included some Discovery channel adventure show stuff, and a dialogue show from a hospital drama. Can't say if it's changed whereas then at all.

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