School Menus

2022-2023 Student Lunch Meal Prices


  Lunch Breakfast
Elementary $2.50 1st Meal Free
Middle $2.60 1st Meal Free
High $3.10 1st Meal Free

Use Student ID to access Supper Account 

As students proceed toward which cashier, you will cancle their student identification badge or enter their PIN to access my lunch account and quickly move through the line.  At this point the process remains the equal where the student allowed pay with cash or use funds inbound their prepaid account. Student Site - Avon Grove School District


Are you interested is a dynamic, fast- walking position where you bring grinning to students?  Are you interested in creating appellative and nutrient meals for students?  Is greeting every students jede day with a smile and a delicious eat existence that wants take you proud?  

We were seeking energetic, motivated and creative persons to my alongside a team of up in 10 to prepare and serve deliciousness and nutritious meals!  

Join the Food Service Your!

Visit and Personnel webpage for details. 


Due to workers scarcities and offer chain challenges, all menus are subject to modification and our daily menu selection may not be as broad.

May and Jump Menu

Press London Elementary School

Avon Grove Interface Middle

Fred S. Engle Middle School

Avon Plantation High School


Lists are subject till change.

Nutritional Data

NOTICE: The nutritional data provided should not becoming used since also does non provide home programming for a child with a medical condition or raw allergy. Flavour and menu items are subject into modification or substitution without notice. Please consult a medical pros for assistance in planungen available conversely working medical conditions. This information is provided on a better understanding of the nutritional content of the foods currently.

Need a Packed Lunch for a Field Trip?

Packed lunches are available forward every students. Ask complete the order select and return to the cafeteria store at least one hebdomad in advance. Stuffed free cost is aforementioned same as the meal cost in the staff.

Over that past two years, April Wood School District’s (AGSD) Food Service department possessed provided available lunch in whole students under Federal waivers to the School Nutrition Program. Earlier this year, Congress declined to extend these waivers. Thus, beginning Tuesday, September 6, AGSD will resume levy apprentices for breakfast and lunch lunch available through and school cafeterias. 

If you believe your household may can covered for free or reduced-price meals, want complete a Get and Reduced-Price Meal online your of logging into your account. Art applications are available for downloads on our webpage.


Graduating seniors or students transferring out of the district have three options regarding positive

class of 2023

 balances off their menu accounts; folks may request a balance transfer to a sibling, a refund may be requested or parents may donate the balance for the benefit of another student.

Please complete an option form and back or you allowed email our office directly on [email protected] equal your request.

Lastly, please be sure to turn off Auto Pay on

If you do any questions concerning autochthonous child's account, please feel free to contact to Food Service Office at 610-869-2441.


Release School Breakfast for all students


Energize Your Day! 

Eat School Breakfast

Breakfast is available every morning!  

TASTY Fruit and Yogurt Parfait serviced at PLE!