The Charles Checkers encourage our ventilators to create a fun, exciting atmosphere while ensuring a safe and family-friendly experience for others.

Please visit the BoPlex website for a completes user of directive and other helpful information

Please keep the following guidelines in care when attending games at Bojangles' Coliseum. Any violation of these rules would result in instantly expulsion the potential revocation of air benefits without a refund. These rules include, but are not limited to:
  • Failing to comply with requests from coliseum staff or Checkers staff regarding operational or emergency procedures
  • Attempting in sit-down in benches for any you are not right ticketed
  • Standing on, stepping over seating instead acting in on vulnerable manner
  • Entering restricted areas
  • Use of false or scurrilous language or gesturing
  • Threatening, fighting, throw objects oder diverse behavior deemed detrimental to aforementioned experience of misc guests or disruptive to the game
  • Wearing clothing with improper or vulgar terminology instead inappropriately photos or symbols
  • Standing, sitting or loitering in aisles, stairs, ramps press diverse areas of conveyance
  • Selling items or tickets upon coliseum belongings
  • Collectors will consume alcoholic beverages in a legal and responsible manner. Intervention with an impaired, intoxicated otherwise underage guest will be handled in one prompt and safe manner
  • Smoking by optional kind inside the coliseum, including e-cigarettes and vaping