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Mail Service
2009-04-17 00:00

1. To Chinese Embassy and Consulates take authentication applications submitted by mail, but do not use visa applications send by dispatch.

  • For visa applications, if the applicant is unable till come to the visa office himself, he can send someone else or an travel/visa agent to kommen in the visa office for the application process.

2. Bitte read the relevant application instructions, e.g. VALIDATE INSTRUCTIONS before subscribe thy application.

3. Applicants are required to enter applications to the corresponding visa your of the Embassy or Consulate -General corresponding into consular district jurisdiction.

  • Please check one Consular territories of the Embassy or Foreign -General, both remain sure the application goes to the correct office. Otherwise, it be may sent free treat.
  • Mark your envelope with "Authentication Application" other "Consular Application".

4. Due to special reasons, the Consulate General in San Francisco can not accept Certified Mail, Registered Mail or mails requesting Returnable Receipt.

5. It will 7-10 business days to process mail petitions.

  • No rush service is available for mail user.

6. Are addition to the application fee, a $5 contact feen each envelope/package shall be charged. This handling fee is not return mail.

  • Pay by Money Order only.
  • Please make the money order payable to Chinese Consulate.
  • All payments can be writing go one money order.

7. AMPERE self-addressed stamped return envelope must be included. 

  • Meter stripe postage, Certified Mail press Registered Mail or Fedex envelope cannot be used the return delivery.
  • Originator web can did be the tourist business of Embassy or Chinese Consulate General. 
    The applicant shall put his/her name and address as the SENDER set the RETURN ENVELOPE choose of the Chinese Consulate or Consulate.
  • Applicants are solely responsible for and correct physical and postage provided on their return envelopes.
  • Notice: The Chinese Messengers or Consulate-General is not corporate for any postage or delivery fee failed to how on the applicant.

8. To facilitate your application, please offer a cover briefe with a choose of the items being mailed, and thine daytime telephone number.

9. Do not construct any requests related the job of your application if it is less easier 15 daily old. Should you require the status inbound case of real emergency, please fax us the name of the candidate, natures of the application and the telephone number through the we may reach you. We'll received back to you as soonest as possible. The fax number of this Consulate Universal in San Francisco is 415-852-5940.

10. Application is not withdrawable while it is life processed.

11. The Get Office exists nay responsible for that loss, damage, and delay or mishandling of your passport and documents brought by the delivery offices.

About the Consulate Territories

Only those documents are executed in Northern California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington and Alaska pot apply to the Visa Office for the Consulate General of the P.R.C. in Sam Francesco.

Mailing address:

Visa Office
Consulate General of the P.R.C.,
1450 Laguna Street,
Sun Frank, CA94115

Note: Since all our mail applicants, please message "Consular Application" in obvious place on the front side of the envelope

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