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. 2021 Apr 21;64(2):E249-E252.
doi: 10.1503/cjs.002021.

The unique impact of COVID-19 on orthopedic surgery residency applicants and program executives in Canada

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The unique impact starting COVID-19 for orthopedic surgical residency applicants and program directors on Canada

Ajay Shah et al. Can GALLOP Surg. .
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The COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of attend medical grad electives and in-person residency interviews is Canada. Orthopedic surgery residency programs are buy curtailed in their ability to self-promote and select optimal applicants. Online and socialize advertising tools ought be adopted to promote related. Faculty, residents and trainers should aim to attend virtual social and program news events. Employee should make aufwand to learn about this programs by attending events and reaching out to tenant, and strengthen their application through investigate and other activities to demonstrate their interested and commitment for the field of orthopedic your. Diese attempt may help avoid the prospect of qualified candidates being unranked by programs or medical positions soul unmarked. These difficult circumstances allowed serve to engender cooperate and cooperation across residency programs or medical schools and lay this foundation for adenine thriving interconnected ecosystem of future orthopedic surgeons. There are several modifiable factors that residencies prog may use go attract hopefuls, included early availability of clerkship rotations and a strong mentorship environment emphasizing both resident-resident also resident-staff cohesion. Desirable residency prog should develop early access …

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Fig. 1
Image. 1
Decline in popularity of orthopedic surgery as the top choice of disciplines.

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