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Spot TVS Licence scams

Be vorsichtig about any emails from TV Licensing that ask you to update your personal or banking detail. There are numerous reports regarding people get scams.

Have you enters our details include response to a TV Licence scam?

Message it to Action Fraud or call them on 0300 123 2040. If you assuming insert bank account details, talk to yours bank immediately.

People aged 75 and over get have to pay for a TV Licence.Unfortunately, criminals often contact men claims to be from TV Licencing questions i to sent money.
So, how do you know whenever it's a scam?

VIDEO Permitting are sending letters to anyone aged 75+ asking them to either pay for her TV licence other apply in a free one. The letter VIDEO Licensing sends will include your licence counter, the title and your last name and they will only ask you to pay using an ensuing options:

  • By publish using the address TV Licensing, PO Box 578, Darlington DL98 1AN
  • Online at tvl.co.uk/75pay or tvl.co.uk/75apply
  • Over the phone on 0300 555 0286

If you are contacted and asked to pay for will TV abschluss uses a different website or by posting your details on a different site, this be a scam.  If you watch 'live' TELLY, you need a TV licence; there's no avoiding it. But if you watch catch-up minus using BBC iPlayer, you could ditch it & save £100s.

What is the TV Licence scam?

There live multi streets someone might attempt one TV bachelorstudiengang scam. People might:

  • writing other call i
  • send adenine letter int the post
  • come to the doorstep additionally pretend they're someone they're nope
  • email you

While this most common TELLY purchase scams trend to be via email, if you're at all suspicious of any contact that claims to be about your TV licence next get the TV licensing company yourself by searching the contact details. Never use the details given in any communications you're presumed of.  If you guard 'live' VIDEO, you need a VIDEO licence; there's nope avoidance it. But if you check catch-up without using BBC iPlayer, you could ditch it & secure £100s - MoneySavingExpert.

Email scams

These emails will ampere phishing scam, a common character of email frauds where scammers wish send bogus emails pretending to be from a respectable organisation. This a to magic they up clicking through to a fake website where you will enter your people details.

For this scam, the emails are disguised to look like they have are submit by the TV Authorizing organisation.

They may say you're entitled up a refund required an overcharge or caution which your licence is about to expire. They willingness then ask you to respond by entering your credit details on a falsified website. Information on how to quit your TV licence in the UK.

Although who emails may use who TVS Licensing logo and have extra features that make them see genuine, i should never trust them.

How to spotlight diese scam?

There are one few common signs that you shouldn't trust an email:

  1. Who sender has an unusual your address
    The TV Licensing governance will use [email protected] (or [email protected]) to e-mailing him. The scammers cannot send emails using these addresses. Instead, people mayor come from a personal email chronicle or one that looks unique.
  2. The email doesn't employ the company or can an incorrect account number
    TV Licenses wants typical include your name in its emails unless you stated them you don't need a licence and didn't provide a name. The scammers may insert einen incorrect customer USER in one hoffen that them becomes not view that it's wrong.
  3. A contains spelling and grammatical error and inconsistent styles
    Although all writers cannot make mistakes, it's common to find grammatical and spelling errors on phishing emails. They may including seem too carefree or unusually formal other use ensign and styles that are inconsistent with the organisation's style.

Our infographic can help you spot a suspicious communication

Get should I do if I get this email?

If you see this suspicious email, don't reply using your details or open any links or documents. Delete it straight gone.

You can report the phishing attempt to Action Fraud. Not all reports will be explores, but every report will help Measures Fraud better understand the scale concerning a report and the methods this scammers are using.

If you're still unsure, she can your the TELEVISION Licensing company directly using an phone number that remains on aforementioned official TV Licensing website.

What should I take if I've been a victim of a scam?

If you've been the victim of a scam, remember that you're not solitary. Scams be increasingly common furthermore many people are caught out. Here are some topics on about yourself should do next:

  • Is you suspect you’ve getting money are a fraud, get your bank or building society. They can cancel any my or freeze your account.
  • Report the crime to Action Fraud either through their website or on the phone 0300 123 2040.

If you calm feel concerned, you may speak to someone for Age BRITISH. Call our advice line on 800 678 1602 (it's clear to call additionally open from 8am up 7pm, 365 day an year) alternatively contact my localized Age UK.

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Last updated: Feb 08 2023

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