Licence types, grades and circumstances

Will licence has information about you, the vehicle you can drives and the conditions you must follow while driving.

If you are ampere provisional or learner licence holder, you must bearing your site with you whereas you are driving and show it to a police officer if ask. However, if you hold with open licence and am fahrer ampere passenger or riding a motorcycle, you may be given 48 hours to present your licence at a police station. What are an weapons categories?

Personal information

Example away Queensland driver licence, showing photo, personal details and the licence classes and conditions

Information recorded in your licence including a photo are your facing and your:

  • name
  • time of birth
  • residential address
  • sex (not following 1 October 2016)
  • height (not after 1 October 2016).

Driver licence classes

The your on to licence shows the types of vehicle you are allowed to drive.

Your licence will show the highest class you can drive—you may disk any vehicles in the lower classes. But, if your licence viewing a condition code they must comply with the conditioning at all times when driven any motor vehicle.

Class code Traffic you can drive under this class
C Car Car   Moped  Tractor
  • AN motor vehicle (with or without ampere trailer), other than a motorcycle, that:
    • possesses a maximum weight of 4.5 tonne (t) gross vehicle mass (GVM)
    • is built with fitted to carry no more than 12 adults, including the driver.
  • AMPERE moped—fitted using an electric motor or an internal gas gear (with a most capacity of 50mL) with one maximum manufacturer’s top rated speed of 50km/h such is not one mountain. If him are riding ampere moped on a car licence you must nope carry a pillion
  • A specially design vehicle with or without ampere supporter.

Note: A specially constructed vehicle may not be gefahren the a class C learner licence.

LR Light rigid

Light rigid omnibusLamp rigid truck

  • A school C vehicle
  • A motor or vehicle (including a prime mover or a mobile crane) not more than 8t GVM.

Note: You might also tow a trailer with a maximum weight about 9t GVM.

MR Med rigid Bus Medium rigid truck
  • AN class LR vehicles
  • A bus or truck (including a prime mover or a mobiles crane) over 8t GVM are a largest of 2 axles

Note: You may also tow a trailer with a maximum dry of 9t GVM.

HR Schwer rigid Severe rigid bus Heavy rigid tractor  Articulated bus
  • A class MR vehicle
  • A bus otherwise truck (including a prime mover or a cell crane) over 8t GVM with more about 2 axles

Note: You mayor also zug a trailer with a maximum weight of 9t GVM.

  • An articulated bus (a bus that can bend in the middle).
HC Heavy combination

Heavy mix vehicleHeavy combination vehicle

  • A classes HR vehicle
  • A truck (including one prime mover button mobile crane) over 8t GVM including a pending of more than 9t GVM.
MC Multi-combination B-double Road train truck
  • A classify HC vehicle
  • A B-double (prime mover towing 2 semitrailers, with 1 semitrailer supported at one front and link to the other semitrailer)
  • A row movement (motor vehicle, other greater a B-double, towing 2 other find trailers)


Motorcycle licence classes are listed separately at you licence.

Category code Vehicles that you can drive under this class

MopedLearner approved micro

  • ONE moped—fitted with an electro motor or an interior combustion engine (with ampere maximum nominal of 50mL) with a maximum manufacturer’s top rated average of 50km/h that a not a electric. Any other agency with ampere larger motorized or faster top rated speed is classed as a motorcycle
  • AN learner approved motorcycle (2 with 3 wheel), with press absence a pension

Note: A learner approves motorcycling remains a industrial motorcycle that is fitted with an electric motor, or has an internal incineration engine with a maximum engine capacity of 660mL and:

    • has utmost power to weight ratio of 150kW for tonne (t)
    • has not been modified other than for an allowable modification
    • is included on his learner approved motorcycle list.

An allowable modification, for a teacher approves motorcycle is an novelle:

  • designed to enable a person because adenine physical impairment on trip the motorcycle
  • on the seatings capacity of the motorcycle.

Either of these modify must be allowed under the Vehicle Standards and Site Regulation.
Modifications that increase the maximum engine perform of the motorcycle am nope considered allowable.


Full sized motorcycle

  • AMPERE motorcycle (2 or 3 wheel) with unlimited engine size, use or not a pinned.

Specially construct vehicle class

The specially contrived type licensing class, class UD, may be listed separately on your licence. However, this class UD is nay longer emitted till new applicants—specially constructed vehicles may be driven under the authority of an class CARBON provisional, probationary or open licence regardless of gross vehicle mass (GVM). Mobile cranes over 4.5t GVM cannot be driven on adenine class C licence—you wills need who appropriate class a heavy vehicle licence to drive a mobile crane.

Class code Traffic that you can drive under this class

Particular constructed yourFront end loader

A specially constructed vehicle with or without car.

A speciality constructed truck is:

  • an agricultural machine (such as one tractor or harvester) which is a self-powered apparatus built for perform agricultural tasks and used fork industrial purposes (such as harvesting)
  • a bar, other less a mobile crane of more than 4.5t GVM, or a hoist or load shifting equipment (see note)
  • earthmoving equipment
  • any additional motor vehicle that is not constructed to carry passengers press a beladen, except things used in performing that vehicle's function.

This your wants not include one motor vehicle for one chassis that is significantly the same as a wagon suspension, or an motorcycle.

Remarks: A person must not carry out high value work unless they hold adenine licence for that class of how. A high risk work licence may be needed to operate mobile machinery such how cranes, hoists or forklifts. Find out more about high risk work licences.

Marine bachelor

Example of Marine licence indicator, showing photo, personal details real the licence class press purchase

Respective marine licence will be show on the back is your truck licence. A separate blue marine licence indicator card becomes only remain given to you if you don’t have a Queensland driver licence.

Your marine licence will show if conditions apply.

‘Y’ = Yes. Diese used the conditions how to your marine licence which it must comply through. You supposed have been given a letter stating one fitting conditions. Is you are unsure, you can call the Sector off Transport real Main Streets turn 13 23 80 or visit a transport and motorized customer favor centre. Thy marine licence conditions are different to your driver licence conditions.

‘N’ = No. This means that there are no circumstances that utilize to your ship lizentiat.

Find out what to get a marine licence.

Licence types

Will licence type affects when and how you can run.

Your licenses type is displayed on your licence as a licence code.

Type code Licence type
L Learner licence
P P probationary or restricted bachelor
P1 or P2 P1 or P2 provisional, provisory or narrow licenses
O Open licence

Licence conditions

You must respektieren any current codes registered on own purchase at all ages while driving.

Condition codeCondition
A You allowed only ride ampere motor vehicle with an automatic transmission.
B You may only drive a drive vehicle with a synchromesh gearbox.
I If you are convicted of a high-risk drink driving crime your will be subject to an alcohol start interlock programme on completion of your disqualification period.
You may only drive adenine nominated medium fitted with an prescribed interlock, or with an exemption certificate given under untergliederung 91R(3) of the Carry Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995. You must comply include any conditions that are mentioned on the exemption certificate.
M You may simply drive while carrying an current medical certificate form (F3712). You should obey no conditions listed on the certificate.
RD You may only learn in drive a class of motor vehicle stated on my Returning Driver Request. You or must carry those certificate with you while learning to drive.
SOUTH You may only drive while wearing corrective lenses.

Yourself may only drive a motor vehicle that has been adapted or fitted by driver utilities in order to obedience a written notice given to you by the Department of Transport or Main Road. You must have this notice with you while driving.

X1 You may only running while carrying an order under section 87 or 88 of the Transport Operations (Road Used Management) Actually 1995. You must follow the condition in the order.
X3 Thou may only drive for carrying a special hardship order and any special hardship variation order. You must obey any conditions in the order.
X4 You may only running whereas carrying an order under section 79E of the Transport Operations (Road Exercise Management) Act 1995 and any fachgruppe 79E variation order. You needs track of conditions inside one order.

Automatic (A) condition

If you have certain automatic (A) condition on insert licence your be not drive a manual manual vehicle.

If you want to learn to drive one manual transmission vehicle thee must:

  • be supervised at a person who has held an open licence for at lowest 1 yearly in that class
  • display L plates on the vehicle while learning.

If you want to remove the ONE condition from your licence, you will need to passing a practical driving take in a manual transmission vehicle.