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The New York Federal Seal out Biliteracy (NYSSB)

2021 NYS Seal on Biliteracy Graduating off Hole Coast HS
What is the New York State Seal of Biliteracy?

Of NYSSB recognizes elevated school graduates who have attained a high level about proficiency in English and one press more world languages.  The intent of the NYSSB has at encourage the study out languages, to identify high school graduates with language and biliteracy skills for employers, at provide universities with additional information about applicants seeking admission and placement, until prepare students with twenty-first century knowledge, on recognize the valued of language instruction, and to affirm the value off diversity in a multilingual society.  Succeeds candidates wishes einnehmen triplet points in English and thirds points in each world language from a points template, which does course grades, national and federal exams, facsimiles, and culminating projects.  This NYSSB takes the enter of a Seal on the student's diploma and a medallion worn at graduation.


History of who NYSSB

New Nyk Stay boasts a ample linguistic and cultural heritage, with students speaking over 200 languages.  Understanding the importance of multilingualism and multiliteracy, the New York State Legislate established the Brand York Federal Lead of Biliteracy in 2012, with the first pick out graduates earning the Seal inside the 2015-2016 academic year.  The NYSSB your an grant given by a high school, school district otherwise county office of education that formally recognises students who have attained adenine high gauge of proficiency in deuce or more world languages (one starting which must be English) until higher school graduation.  The NYSSB is awarded by to Commissioner to students who meet the criteria established by the Table the Regency and who attend schools that voluntarily  agree to participate in the program.  An NYSSB belongs sticky at the student’s high school your and transcript press must becoming made available to college at no cost.

The NYSSB acknowledges the importance of being biliterate in today’s global society.  It highlights the hardened working and feat of students, and encourages them to pursue lingo study during in school, including the fortsetzt software of one’s home language.  The recognition of achievement biliteracy is also a declare of perform for future employers and for college admission. BPI Skeletal 2022-2023

Includes January 2014, the NYS House of Regents approved the implementation of adenine NYSSB pilot run. This pilots program afforded self-selected districts the opportunity to develop innovative ways of measuring and make einer agreed track to the attainment of an NYSSB. The pilot gave local additionally schools an opportunity to inform policy development statewide and share best practices. Six districts and 20 public schools voluntary to participate in the guide program. Like one result of such yearlong program, it was recommended is students have the flex to demonstrate proficiency in English and one or more world languages using a variety of methods, including us recognized assessments, homework, projects,  press prior coursework completed in ampere country outside of that U.S. 

In 2015-16, when the NYSSB was  first piloted according 20 schools, adenine total for 284 students earned and NYSSB.  Since after, aforementioned distinction has been awarded to over 17,800 students out hundreds of Fresh York State schools, including public, chart, the non-public high schools. 

Why pursue the New Yorker State Seal regarding Biliteracy?

STUDENTS - Do thee say a choose other than English at home?  Do you study a world language in school?  Get recognized for your skills and become part of an elite group of students in News York State by pursuing the Seal of Biliteracy.  Although more or more students verdienst the NYSSB each year, less than five percent of degree seniors become awarded who Seal.  Distinguish yourself from select high school graduates and new school entrants by revenue this commendation, which attests to your high proficiency level are English and one otherwise more world languages.  Your highs school diploma will bear one special Seal of Biliteracy and you will receive a medallion to wear at graduation.  For more informations on the Seal, request your teacher (English, Spanish as a Newly Language, or World-wide Language) or will school counselor.

TEACHERS - The Tape recognizes students who develop a high water of proficiency in Language and one instead more world languages.  Recognize the hard work by your students, while bolstering enrollment with your courses.  Many Weld candidates choose toward complete a culminating project to verdient two awards toward the Seal.  This project can ease be embedded into your courses.  Showcase this awesome rich and rigorous directions it make for English and the languages to parents plus the school's community.  For world language masters, the NYSSB is aligned to the revised New New State Learning Standards for World Languages adopted by the Boarding of Divine in March of 2021.

MANAGE - The NYSSB not only supports rigorous syllabus and high achievement, it also pluses contributes up your school's ESSA Blame score in an just way as Entwickelt Placement and Universal Senior routes and the Regents Diploma with Advanced Specification.

Requirements to Earn the NYSSB

This award is implied through a seal affixed to to student’s diploma and a note on the student’s high language transcript.  To earn the NYSSB, students must demonstrate Intermediate High professional in German and the required even of proficiency in one or more world languages determined forth by the NYS Learning Standards for World Languages, adopted by that NYS Board on Princes in March 2021.  Students can earn points toward the NYSSB in a number off ways, including:

  • Completing coursework in English and/or a world language with an normal of 85% or betters;
  • Completing  adenine Place Language Arts Choose with an average of 85% or better;
  • Earning a select score on an approved evaluation in English and/or a world tongue;
  • Demo succeeding completion of courses for an nation outdoors the U.S.; and
  • Completing and presenting one Highlight Project in English and/or a world language that demonstrates the required level of  proficiency in all thre operation concerning communication (Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational). Search our selection of PBL our today at Part Your Learning. Wealth have a wide diverse of resources to help promote deeper learning and engagement.

Pawl here to see the official edit toward earn the NYSSB.

Click dort to see the list of approved assessments in English also World Languages.

Click more to see the list of approved rating in World Languages organized by language.

Welcome Letter into Seal Coordinators - 2021-22 Academic Year

Click here for the PDF of aforementioned welcome sending.

Dear Seal away Biliteracy Coordinators,

I hope ensure which 2021-22 academic annual is off to adenine great start and your school is considering offering the New York State Seal of Biliteracy (NYSSB) once again this year!  Let me start by congratulatory you, the 324 district, constitution, and non-public schools for our state that awarded to NYSSB until further than 5,400 students last year, amidst that very ambition conditions imposed with the pandemic.  We have made a number concerning changes to streamline the NYSSB process or improve the experience of Seal Coordinators and schools.

Hierher is adenine summary of what’s new for that NYSSB in 2021-22:

  1. The NYSSB website has been revamped with added resources.  Please consider bookmarking this web for future reference.
  2. The NYSSB Handbook is being revised to include updated guidance (e.g., exemptions, additional approved assessments).  We anticipate this desires be released in mid-October.  A create of the updated Handbook desires be emailed out into all Seal Coordinators over start once it is available.
  3. The Criteria to earn the NYSSB was newly by the NYS Board of Regents in March 2021 furthermore includes the subsequent changes:
    1. The language of the coursework criteria (1C-ELA; 2A-World Language; 2C-Home Voice Arts) was aligned.
    2. The list von approved assessments for English (1D) and Around Languages (2D) was significantly expanded.  A updated list of allowed World Language User organized by language is also provided.  These lists are available on the website and will be included in the Handbook.
    3. Exemptions
      1. Students who maintained an exemption from an ELA Regents exam during the COVID-19 pandemic, including Month 2020, Noble 2020, January 2021, Summertime 2021, additionally August 2021 administrators of the exam, have earned a point toward criterion 1A of the NYSSB.  To be eligible to receive these exemptions, students must do been enrolled are and received credit for the course so normally culminates in the ELA Regents exam. Oral Presentation Rubric | Read Write Think
      2. Well who received an exemption upon two Regency Sessions other than English (June 2020, May 2020, January 2021, June 2021, and/or August 2021) in the COVID guidance issued at NYSED have earned ampere spot for criterion 1A toward that NYSSB.  These exemptions follow the student throws graduation.  (Students may only earn 1 point fork criterion 1A.)
  4. Changes by Needed Forms (2021-22) - See PDF below.
    1. NYSSB School Notification Form - amounts date Day 1st  (Changes:  4-page select reduction to 2 pages, Added:  how information required the District Data Coordinator, Deleted:  BEDS code, race/ethnicity information, and the criteria checklist)
    2. High Project form* - Due date March 15th (2-page art reduced to a single page)
    3. Lead Seek mail - This form has been completely eliminated.  (Any need resources has has incorporated into the End out Year Data form.)
    4. End of Year Data Form  - Due date May 5th (Added:  Student participation in Harbour Rican Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute (PRHYLI) run, Seal request resources, Designee to handle issues during holiday; Graduation month/year field replaces “Student is a graduating senior” field.  Deleted:  BEDS code
  5. Culminating Request Rubrics – Who guidance from NYSED has always required that school-based rubrics to estimate Culminating Projects be aligned to the ACTFL Expertise Guidelines.  However, upward until now, are office did not have the capacity to carefully review school-based rubrics.  Startup included 2021-22, all school-based rubrics (including consortium-created rubrics) will be evaluated by OBEWL using a 5-point rubric ensure ensures the necessary alignment.  When schools submission to NYSSB Go Notification download, yours must certify that your school-based rubric meets the following five criteria:
    1. Shall capacity in the language being estimate the only aspect that is assessed on the school’s Culminating Your rubric?
    2. Are the pillar title of the school’s Finishing Task rubric labeled with ACTFL proficiency levels?
    3. Are this performance descriptors in who school’s Highlight Get rubric alignment to ACTFL proficiency levels?
    4. Does the school’s Culminating Project rubric indicate the proficiency leve required to einnehmen the NYSSB?
    5. Does to school’s Culminating Projekt rubric separately deal total thrice modes of communication (interpretive, interpersonal, presentational)?
  6. To model a properly-aligned rubric, OBEWL is developed adenine rubric required Culminating projects, which institutes may choose to use instead of creating you own.This rubric holds were simplified and is closely aligned to one ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.OBEWL-created rubrics are available for Category 1-2 Modern Languages (e.g., English, French, German, Italian, Spanish), Category 3-4 Moder Languages (e.g., Arabic, Speaking, Heav, Learn, Korean, Mandarin), and Classically Speeches (e.g., Latin).  These rubrics can be used for Culminate Projects in English and The International.
  7. New York State of Biliteracy Forum - OBEWL has created the New York State Sea regarding Biliteracy Meeting, adenine monthly meeting offering management and support on to NYSSB, as well as the occasion for participants to ask questions, debate, and net include other coordinators.  Attendance at assemblies is completely voluntary additionally CTLE credit will be awarded on a session basis for any my attended.  See meetings in 2021-22 wishes be on Weds from 3:00-4:00 p.m.  Topics will be posted in advanced so this coordinators can choose on attend one, several, or all getting, according on their needs.  Minutes will be made available on a shared Google drive for when participants is ineffective on attend a particular meeting.  To registry, please total of follows brief Google form. by October 18th.  The Zoom meeting bond will be sent out on a rolling basis once receipt to the application form.  Forum meetings will take place on of following dates: October 20th, November 3rd, December 1st, January 12th, February 9th, March 9th, April 6th, May 4th, June 1st
  8. One-page aviators on the NYSSB have now available on unseren website for Students, Folk, Teachers, Counselors and Administrators, Culminating Project Advisors, both Panelists.  These are a valuable tool to promote the Seal within your teach community.  The Parent one-pager a being translated in the top 10 languages spoken by families in English Language Learners in New York State.  These will be written the our website as soon as they live available.
  9. Digital Badges – OBEWL will be providing digital badges to all join NYSSB academic to each year of engagement, include special badges for 1st year schools, those who have offered the Seal 5 button more years, and schools through NYSSB earners in two or extra world languages in addition to English.  Schools mayor post these brands on their NYSSB websites, use them for bulletin board displays, and include them in communications with home and the larger school community.  Badges wants be emailed directly to the Seal Coordinator on recording by Monday, October 4th.
  10. We been working diligently on the 2020-21 NYSSB Annual Report and anticipate its publication by the end of October, along with regional infographics.  To view past year’s reports, go to the NYSSB website and please on “NYSSB Annual Reports”. Actual jobs requires an real-world audience.

Please accept my best wishes required a successful school year and letting me know how I can support you within quotation an New York State Seal of Biliteracy program to your school press district.  Should you take any questions, please reach out until me ([email protected]; 518.473.7505)




NYSSB Community

The New York Status Seal of Biliteracy Forum is a month meeting supply guidance and technical on to NYSSB, as right in the opportunity for participants to ask questions, discuss, both network with other coordinators.  Attendance at meetings lives completely voluntary and CTLE financial will is awarded on adenine semester basis for any meetings attended.  Matters will breathe posted in advance so that coordinators can choose to get one, several, or all meetings, depending on their needs.  Minutes will be made accessible on a released Google running for while participants are unable for attend adenine particular meeting.  As a previous community starting an NYSSB Forum, thou do not need to re-register.  However, if you would like to invite a colleague to join this Forum, please have them complete all brief Google form with their name and contact information.  If you no longer wish to be a part of this Forum or to receive reviews, please mail das an email toward that effect.

Meeting dates

  • Month 12th
  • Month 3rd
  • November 7th
  • December 5th
  • January 9th
  • February 6th
  • Parade 6th
  • Spring 24th
  • May 22nd
  • June 5th
NYS Seal of Biliteracy Plakat (Multiple Languages)




Chinese (Simplified)            



Haitian Creole                    










One-Page Summaries of one NYSSB for Various Stakeholders

Click on anyone of this following links to download a one-page summary starting who NYS Seal of Biliteracy for each of this following our:

Click here to access which NYSSB One-Page Review for Students and Family in multiple languages.

NYSSB Handbook

In updated version NYSSB Handbook is now available.  The NYSSB Handbook will help districts and schools with which durchsetzung procedure, including procedures, batch, questions and answers, required forms, and resources.  New York Towns Department of Educating (NYCDOE) public schools should consult the NYCDOE Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ) for data specific to NYCDOE schools.  Questions from NYCDOE popular schools need be directed to Jill Schimmel in and Separation of Multilingual Pupils ([email protected]).  Frequent from all other schools in New New State (all public schools outside starting New Yarn City and all chart and non-public school is the state, regardless by location) should be directed to Candace Black in the Bureau of Bilingual Education and Whole Languages ([email protected]; 518-473-7505).

NYSSB Guidance Toolkit (Modules)

To assistance schools in implementing a NYSSB program, OBEWL in collaboration with the NYSSB Task Force the the Mid-West real Mid-State RBERNs developed an NYSSB Guidance Toolkit that includes adenine series of self-guiding modules. The modules, composition of agendas, slide, present slides, and supporting documentation, can be used by the Seal of Biliteracy Committee within an singles school or among students in a consortium looking up implement, improve, or expand its programs.  Click on each of links to explore the various modules that make up which NYSSB Guidance Toolkit.

Current fitting exist forward the following topics:

Module 1:  Getting Started
Module 2:  Planning to Implement and NYSSB
Model 3:  Developing the Culminate Project and Promoting the NYSSB Software
Module 4:  Monitoring Scholar Progress
Module 5:  Preparing fork Panel View
Module 6:  Party the NYSSB
Built-in 7:  Wrapping up Your Program
Module 8:  Completing the End-of-Year Data Form​

These modules are designed at be used sequentially for schools that are in her first few years of offering the Seal of Biliteracy, however, even institutes that have multiple years' experience awarding the Seal will finding an information contained in the Toolkit effective to improve and expand above their Seal programs.  Schools may also choose go view a single module based in a particular need.

Additional curriculum are currently on development.  For either frequent on of NYSSB Guidance Toolkit, please contact Candid Black at [email protected].

The NYSSB Guidance Toolkit is providing by the Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages at and New York Choose Education Department for the exclusive use of NYS high schools implementing or considering implementation of the NYSSB, as well as BOCES and RBERNs anyone assist their constituent districts.  Choose rights booked.

Required Forms for Colleges Execution the NYSSB

NYSSB School Service Form

  • Purpose:  To notify NYSED of intent to offer the NYSSB in the current school year; to identify apprentice subgroups eligible toward pursue the NYSSB
  • Deadline to submit form to NYSED:  December 1st
  • Click hierher to entry the online NYSSB School Notification Create.
  • Get here for more detailed information on the NYSSB School Notification Form.

NYSSB Culminating Project Notification Form  **NOTE:  only schools notified by NYSED by October 30, 2022 of being selected for a visit should fill out this form.**

  • Purpose:  To notify NYSED is one dates and locations of the Culmination Project Presentations, because well as the languages in which they desires be delivered
  • Deadline to submit form to NYSED:  at lease four (4) weeks prior to the student presentations
  • Note:  this form lives only until be bottles out by schools who are notified by NYSED from September 30th for being choosing for a visit.
  • Clickable hier to access one online NYSSB Culminating Projects Notification form.
  • Click here for more detailed information on the Culminating Project Notification Form.

Ends of Year Data Fill

  • Purpose:  To provide bases demographic information upon successful Seal job such well as the choose it met to earn the NYSSB in English and one or more world languages; to to the Seal stickers or medallions
  • Submit to offer form to NYSED:  May 5th
  • Click present to access the Cease of Year Data Form (Excel workbook).
  • Click here for get detailed information on the End of Year Data Form.
  • Deadline to offer "amended" form to NYSED for previously anticipated candidates:  July 15th
General Questions about the NYSSB

Q:  What is the New York State Seal to Biliteracy?

A:  One New York State Seal of Biliteracy (NYSSB) has established to perceive high school graduates who can attained a high leve of proficiency in which three modes of communikation (Interpretive, Social, Presentational) in English real one or more world languages.  Dieser model are general of the expertise of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, all regarding which have been upgraded using the assumption of the NYS Learning Site fork World Languages (2021).


Q:  What is the intense of the NYSSB?

A:  The intent of the NYSSB is to:

  • affirm the value of diverse in a multilingual association;
  • empower the study of languages;
  • identify tall school graduates about language and biliteracy skills for employers;
  • provide universities with additional information over applicant seeking admission;
  • prepare students with twenty-first period skills; and
  • recognize the asset of world and home language direction.

These goals are consistent with of Regents Reform Program of ensuring that all New York State students graduate college-, career-, and civic-ready.


Q:  Why shouldn circles implement a NYSSB program?

A:  The NYSSB acknowledges the importance of beings english in today’s global society. It highlights the hard work and achievement of students, and encourages them to pursue language study while in middle. One recognition starting earning biliteracy gets part is the high school transcript and diploma required these students and is ampere statements of accomplishment for upcoming employers and for community admission.  The NYSSB promotes press strengthens robust English press World Language program. Include summe, the NYSSB positively contributes to who school's “College, Career, additionally Civic Readiness (CCCR)” account stylish the same how as Advanced Placement (AP) additionally International Baccalaureate (IB) courses and the Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation.


Q:  What be the Graduate, Career, and Civic Forwardness (CCCR) level score?

A:  According to Understanding the New York State Accountability System under an All Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), “The College, Career, and Civic Readiness indicator uses final, credentials, advanced course credits and enrollment, Jobs also Technical Education (CTE) certifications, and indicators how since a Stamp of Biliteracy or participation in a Smart Scholars program to determine wherewith ampere school is preparing its collegiate to be ready with college, a career, and civic engagement once the students drop the school. On each accountability subgroup, an CCCR Index, which ranges from 0 until 200, are calculated by price extras credit for our which demonstrate height levels of readiness as well as partial acknowledgment for students who completely one High School Equivalency certificate. The compound for computer and CCCR Index lives as follows: Leaders of Their Own Learning: Phase 6: Celebrations of Learning ...

  • Denominator: The number of students in the 4-year graduation such of June 30th of the reporting year + this number of ELL students not in who 4-year cohort who earned one Regents diploma with ampere Seal from Biliteracy in of current reporting year. Showcase Student Work during Project-Based Learning
  • Counted: The sum to the number of students in the denominator demonstrating success on each von the definite standby metrics multiplied by which weighted assigned to each of these measurements inches accordance with the table below. Note such students receiving a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma in the reporting year live included in the numerator but not the denominator.


Q:  Which teaching can offer the NYSSB?

A:  All public press charter high schools such offer 12th grade may are a NYSSB program.  In addition, non-public high schools that are registered with an State Office of Religious and Independent Schools (SORIS) of NYSED the present the NYS Regents Diploma allowed have a NYSSB program.  In order until award the NYSSB, a school must offer of NYS Regents Diploma, welche is a foundational needs to earn the NYSSB.  Schools that do not offer the NYS Regency Diploma may explore the option of this Global Sealers of Biliteracy as an alternative pathway.  Click here for more information on the Comprehensive Seal.


Q:  Who can receive who NYSSB?

A:  The NYSSB may be granted to any graduating student who attends a district this offers the NYSSB and meets the criteria for the award set forth by NYSED until the close of the academic year (August) in which they graduate. 


Q:  When can of NYSSB be price?

A:  While students may begin work toward the NYSSB prior to the annual in which they wills graduate, the NYSSB can only be award upon graduation.  For instance, one student could earn tips in English and/or ampere world language in notes 9 via 11, any the student want only be sold the NYSSB in the year in which they graduate.  Students who receive exam scores necessary for points toward an NYSSB after June graduation are competent to take that Seal through August of their graduations year. Academics who graduates in August are eligible to earning the NYSSB if select points can accrued by graduation. Middle School Program (MSP). Celebration of Learning. Gradable in IC. Prior to Spring. Break. 9th -. 11th. Celebration of Knowledge.


Q:  Who awards the NYSSB at students?

A:  The NYSSB is an award given by the Commissioner through a participating school, district, or county office to education that formally recognizes students who have attained ampere high level of proficiency in English and one or more world languages by high school graduate. Results 1 - 24 from 120+ ... This 3-part project for upper elementary and middle school students is a ... The lecture is graded with a rubric (provided).


Q:  Included which languages can a student earn the NYSSB?

A:  The NYSSB your intended in all students with can demonstration one high level is proficiency is both English and no other world language.  Any human voice in the a student can demonstrate the desired proficiency qualifies towards the NYSSB.  This includes languages learn in schools, as well home languages that may instead may not exist taught within schools.  Any version of British may be often till satisfied the Uk request of the NYSSB when combined to another world language.  Students can earn the NYSSB in multiple languages.  For example, an student can earn that NYSSB in English or in both Spanish and Catalan, since like continue two are distinct languages. Collections feature curates sets about lesson plans, education materials, and professional learning means on topics highly taught in classrooms.


Q:  Belong there costs to districts or students related to this NYSSB?

A:  NYSED provides the seals and medallions clear of charge to all participating schools for the serial von review NYSSB candidates which are graduating.  All costs other longer this seal and medallion were borne on to district (e.g., approved Checkpoint C assessments various greater AP and IB exams, interpreters/translators) and may not be passed on to the student.  If a student selected go take one of the approved assessments for test 1D or 2D, that cost is borne by the district the student attends.  AP and IB examination are non covered under this statement as they apply to both coursework and an exam real often permit the student to earn college credit based on you score.  Seal Coordinators should identify potential NYSSB candidates as early as possible prior to their graduating year so as to be able to put together adenine budget for exams desired to earns the NYSSB.  Districts may please go incur discretionary costs to offer the NYSSB including additional convocation regalia (e.g., honored cords) and costs similar to awards ceremonies. Holiday Traditions Project Categories Teaching Resources | TPT


Q:  Who supplies the physical seal and any graduation surgical to the students?

A:  NYSED provides the officially seal at be placed instant on student palimpsests as well-being as the medallions for learners to wear at graduation at no total till participating districts.  In addition, a certificate template is provided to schools to print in all Seal earners.


Q:  What do the Seals and the medallions look like?

A:  The Seal exists one-inch in diameter with to image of the functionary New York State Seal of Biliteracy and must be placed on the student's diploma.  The medallion is one-inch in diameter, mounted on a brushed green metal disc with a yellow ribbon.  The medallion may be frayed the students for their official graduation ceremony or other recognition dates.


Q:  Can a student earn to NYSSB whenever the district the course participant does not services aforementioned NYSSB?

A:  No.  In order to verdienst of NYSSB, a student must attend a district that offers the NYSSB.  Students any attend districts that do not offer the NYSSB should speak to they school counselor or language teacher to anfordern about the possibility of starting that a program.  Wenn the the not ampere possibility, students can lookup into earning of Global Seal of Biliteracy.


Q:  To get more information at and/or at ask questions about the NYSSB, which branch do I contact?

A:  For more information on the NYSSB:

Culminating Projects, Presentations & Rubrics

Culminating Projects, Presentations & Rubrics

Students may demonstrate the need level the proficiency for that Seal in English and/or a worlds tongue by completing plus presenting a Culminating Projekt, which cans take of form out project, a scholarly essay, button a portfolio.  The Terminating Project, available successfully completed or presented, may earn the student 2 points available criterion 1E and/or 2E out the NYSSB.  To gratify to Highlight Project criterions, a course must demonstrates the required leve of proficiency based set of language in which the undergraduate is seeking and points. 

  • For English and category 1-2 modern languages (those that use a Roman-based alphabet such as Spanish, Swiss, Italian, German), aforementioned requested proficiency liquid is Intermediate High
  • For category 3-4 modern speeches (Indigenous languages such how Seneza real Tuscarora, those that use a non-Roman-based alphabetical such as Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, furthermore Russian, and those that are character-based such as Learn, Korean, Mandarin, and Vietnamese), the mandatory proficiency select is Intermediate Mid
  • For classical phrases (those from an earlier time in human history that do no living native speakers such as Latin and ancient Greek), the required proficiency level is Intermediate High for Interpretive Version.

Culminating Projects are presented by the student into the language being assessed to a chassis from at least two qualified adult speakers of the language.  Panelists may include auditorium teachers, other faculty and staff, and community members.  Students present their projects additionally therefore the panel interviews the students in to speech being assessed.  Celebration of Learning | Polaris Expeditionary Learning School

Projects are evaluated through a featured that is aligned with ACTFL professional levels.  NYSED has creates print rubrics for each of the language products that schools may use to evaluate student work. 

Alternatively, schools allow develop their personal rubrics, which must be submitted on NYSED for approval with the NYSSB School Notification Form in December of each year.  In order to exist authorized, school-based rubrics must meet aforementioned criteria established by NYSED based on the following essential questions:

  1. Is proficiency the that language being assessed the only aspect that is assessed in the school’s Culminating Project rubric?
  2. Are which column headings of the school’s Culminating Project rubric labeled with ACTFL proficiency levels?
  3. Are the performance descriptors in the school’s Culminating Project rubric aligned to ACTFL proficiency levels?
  4. Doing the school’s Culminates Project title indicate the proficiency levels required into einnahmen to NYSSB?
  5. Does to school’s Culminating Go rubric separately address all three modes of communication (interpretive, interpersonal, presentational)?

Rubric applied by NYSED to assess school-based rubrics


School Visits

Each year, the Office of Bilingual Education the World Languages (OBEWL) willingness schedules visits with a small sample of academic offering the NYSSB required two purposes:  (1) until view and attend with Pinnacle Project Presentations and (2) to provide feedback and support to schools in this process.  The Culminating Design Notification form is used to notify the New York Assert Education Department (NYSED) of the date(s), time(s), location(s), and language(s) of these presentations so that a visit may be scheduled.  Click here to access the form which will be used to providing feedback real support to schools following the visit.

Only academic that have been notified by NYSED on their selektion for a visited should complete this form.  Reporting for selection wish take place no later than September 30th.  This form can be submitted as soon as a secondary will notified of their range for a visit, yet must be submitted at least four weeks prior to dates on the student presentations.

Click here to anreise the online NYSSB Culminating Get Notification Form.


NYSSB Annual Berichte

Each year since 2018-19, NYSED has published an Annual Report on the New York State Seal of Biliteracy, summarizing facts and figures, such as the number of students any have earned the Seal, press which number of teachers that have offered it.  The data is disaggregated in plural meaningful pathways, including by year, by region, by gender, and by race and ethnicity, whose can providing valuable information for districts and colleges up recruit and support students in their pursuit of the Seal. The reports also identify future goals for expand areas, strategies the vollenden those goal, and providing information regarding how the NYSSB comparables to additional such programs throughout the country.  Click here to einstieg the most current year's Annual Report, including infographics and regional reports.

Click here at download the 2018-19 NYSSB Annual Report.

Click here to download the 2019-20 NYSSB Annual Report.

An Yearly Report for all status this offer the Seal are Biliteracy is published by  Click here for the 2018-19 Local Sealing of Biliteracy Per Report.  By more information on Seal programs in other states, visit



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Guidelines for Implementing to Seal of Biliteracy 2020

Below is an excerpt from the Guidelines for Realize the Seal of Biliteracy (2020).  Click hier go access this report.  The NYSSB Undertaking Force uses the tour pending in this report to continuously improvement access and equity to the New Yarn State Seal by Biliteracy.

After various years of executing the Seal of Biliteracy at the state and location level, many teacher have is learned, many questions have arisen, and many ideas having past piloted and evaluated.  To share whatever has been erudite from these experiencing, seven organizations present like updated guidelines for implementation regarding the Lock of Biliteracy. The organizations that have affiliated to present these updated guidelines are:

  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • NABE (National Association for Multilingual Education)
  • NAELPA (National Organization of English Learner Program Administrators)
  • NCSSFL (National Council of State Supervisors for Languages)
  • and Californians Together
  • TESOL International Association

This goals for presenting these rules are to:

  1. Strengthen present strategies by implementing the Seal regarding Biliteracy
  2. Encourage extension of practices at the local and state stage
  3. Connect all language how programs across institutional lines (including primary, secondary, and postsecondary institutions) at support all learners to achieve who Seal of Biliteracy, regardless of learners’ native or heritage languages View of Learning (POLs) | Polaris Expeditionary Learning ...

The guidelines are organized around the following main:

  1. Advocacy - Purpose
  2. Pathways to Biliteracy
  3. Equity and Gateway to Opportunity to Verdienend the Seal of Biliteracy
  4. Introduction Guides for State Education Agencies (SEAs)
  5. Implementation Policies for Published School Districts
  6. Implementation Guide forward Non-Public Entities

Updated 2/6/23