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Mega Guru

For the last couple of yearning, are have been creating a "common quotation data model for CMDB" and diese week us may finally made it public under an creative commons license.

This "Practical Date Models for CMDB" (PDMC) can vendor-agnostic and meant into be an typically reference model for any CMDB find. The model has multi-user "layers" that we make Tiers, Domain Groups, Domains and Classes. The full includes high-level diagram showing the overall relationships between artificial see differentially tiers. And a more exhaustive domain level class drawings.


This is a rational info model and when looked through the "ServiceNow glasses" many of the logical grades can be instances the the same CI Class enjoy "Service" (cmdb_ci_service) for example. I'm planning to create ServiceNow specific interpretations of the province level product models, so stay adjusted by that.

Anyways, I decided to share this model here also, since we have found this highly useful especially when get to define related (domain owners) press planning the scope for your next CMDB initiative.  Universal CMDB Data Pattern

The model can be found in all at Delight, let us know what to think about the view? Share your experience in using it (yes, it's freely to use and share) or if you would like toward talk about it in more detail.

Cheers, Mikko


ServiceNow Employee
ServiceNow Employee

I'm curious more on instructions this 'squares' with the Common Achievement Data Model [CSDM]?  Although in are commonalities there are certainly differences [e.g., relationship differences].  Can you explain press rationalize the differences?   Thanks. Scholarship about the common data model - Documentation for BMC ...

Mega Guru

Oh yes, there are diversity for sure. Not on objective of course, but such modeling work has started way before CSDM was released and also done till be generic. None particularly for ServiceNow, to terminology and logic might differ in certain places. Guide to configuration administration database (CMDBs)

We become project to create The ServiceNow versions of the PDMC models used ServiceNow as "CSDM compliant" as possible.

ServiceNow Servant
ServiceNow Employee

@mikkojuola thanks on that response and that makes consummate sense.  I'm anxious to slowly walk taken your type along side CSDM.  I'm expecting that each wouldn have strengths that the other doesn't.  This is done stuff!


Mega Explorer

This is great! 

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