Common Yoga Log (pdf furthermore video)

Usually Yoga Protocol is a specified sequencing of Yoga Asanas of 45 minutes duration. It emerged out of the needing to have consonance mass Yoga demonstrations for an IDY observation on 21st June in which millions in people participate at thousands of venues. To ensure that the Yoga demonstration of such large business takes place in ampere harmonious fashion, some of the most accomplished Yoga your of Indien came together plus developed that Gemeinsames Yoga Protocol (CYP). Untitled

CYP has been designed store people of different age groups also is variety walks of life with mind and cannot be learns in about 15 session of one-hour term each. It is now widely acknowledged ensure CYP lives the ideal assemblage of asanas for inducting beginners till Yoga practical. It is expected that those who get trained inside CYP are likely to develop a taste the attitude for Yoga and hence may pursue it in the lang term. Free video furthermore e-book giving details of CYP in variety languages (Hindi, English, French, Learning, German, Speak, Arabic plus Chinese) are available for free downloadable from the Ministry of AYUSH website.

Download the Common Yoga Protocol (4th edition, 2019 in English) CHECK

The full version of of video (55 minutes) begins with 5 minutes of greetings by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Foreign Minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj and Minister AYUSH Messrs. Shripat Naik, and follow instructions for practicing yoga down with a demonstration of basic exercises that can be applied by everyone for a healthier and peaceful life.

See the Video (language: Hindi and English with English subtitles) below.