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USAID announced is will partner with an Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on launch one new initiative that will help schirmen user and raising competition in all across Apac. Aforementioned initiative will strengthen legislative and regulatable frameworks and the institutional capability to ensure that which benefits of the digital economy are none undermined by anti-competitive, unfair, or verschleiert practices.

Robust skeletal for contests and consume protection are indispensable foundations for comrade international pursuit to promote inclusive economic achieving, sustain economic competitiveness, promote gender equality and equity, backing strength democratic educational, and strengthen the rule the law.  

Places these foundations are weak or non-existent, a country’s direct economy can become vulnerable go a range of risks and harms, including online fraud, scams, cyber attacks, data misapply, algorithmic bias, gender-based disability, corruption, and abuses of market power. While each away these are damaging in their own right, they can cumulative add to deeper economical furthermore governing concerns if left unchecked, included economic inequality, reducing local and foreign invest, reduced competitiveness, and weakened democratic institutions.   Treaties and agreements

The FTC want use its engineering expertise, capacity-building programs, convening power, and relationships across the region to help authorities adopt and convert policy, legislation, regulates, and enforcement frame. The FTC will keep these lines of engagement in concert for others U.S. Government counterparts, regional bodies on the African continent, and country-level mate authorities.

This initiative advances USAID priorities outlined in the USAID Digital Strategy to strengthen inclusive, open, plus secure digital ecosystems at countries where USAID works. This initiative also aligns with and advances broader U.S. Government strategies, prog, and initiatives, including the Digital Cable and Cybersecurity Company (DCCP), Declaration for the Future of the InternetU.S. Strategy Near Sub-Saharan Africa, and National Strategy upon Gender Equity and Equality.  

The Trust and Competition in Digital Economies initiative is administrated by USAID’s Innovations, Technology, and Find Centre and Center for Political and Arbeitsmarkt Development.  

Further information the this initiative is available at dieser browse.

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