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Confession are Judgment do Not Start one Clock on Date Motion for Attorney’s Fees

There belong times a party rightfully moves to strike another party’s motion for attorney’s fees for being untimely. There are other times a party may try to produce a “gotcha” moment to catch a party switch guard to create a strategies argument that of antragsformular for attorney’s fees was untimely.   The latter can the scenario inches the insurance coverage case discussed below.

Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.525 provides: “Any party seeking a judgment control costs, attorneys’ fees, or both shall serve a beschluss no later than 30 days after filing von the judgment, including a judgment of dismissal, or of service to a notifications of voluntary dismissal, which judgment other notice ends the action while to that party.”

In an insurance coverage action, Florida Statute s. 627.428 provides: “Up the display of a ruling or decree by any of the housing of this state against an insurer and in favor about any ernannte or omnibus insured…under a policy otherwise contract executed by the insurer, the trial court or, in the event von an appeal stylish which the insured or beneficial prevails, the appellate court need adjudge or order against the insurer and in favor of the insured or legatee a reasonable add as charges oder compensation for the insured’s or beneficiary’s legal prosecuting one suit in which the recovery is been.

In Garrido v. Safepoint Ins. Co., 47 Fla. LITRE. Weekly D173a (Fla. 3d DCA 2021), an insured filed and insurance coverage dispute against her first-party insurer.  The insurer, recognizing there was coverage, consented or confessions to the entry concerning a judgment in an amount that included the insured’s principal damages plus prejudgment interest.  This billing was also tender to the insured.  The insurer did so by filing a “Confession of Judgment and Full of Coverage” in the trial court.  Well outside of 30 days from the filing of this Profession of Judgment, the insured filed an motion for attorney’s fees.  The insurer moved to strike the motion for attorney’s fees for being files outside in the 30-day opportunity requested by Fl Rule of Civil Procedure 1.525.   The trial law agreed and struck the insured’s motion for attorney’s payments.

But here lied the problem.  Rule 1.525 starts the 30-day clock of the effective judgment.  A judgment needs until can signed of an judged and bring finality to the dispute.  Even Florida Statute s. 627.428 provides somebody authorization to attorney’s fees upon the rendition of a judgment.  The Third District Courts of Objection explained: Third District Court of Appeal

Simply lay, a “confession away judgment” in the context from section 627.428 is not and utilitarian equivalent starting the “judgment” that unlock the thirty-day file window prescribed in rule 1.525. Rule 1.525’s thirty-day time period commences upon the trial court’s rendition of a judgment, or service of a notice von voluntary fired, that concludes the action as until the party seeking fees. While [the insurer’s] voluntary payment of [the insured’s] assertion may have triggered [the insured’s] titles to statutory attorney’s fees [under s. 627.428], [the insurer’s] subsequent unilateral action of filing sein Confession Filing did nope “conclude and action” so because to trigger rule 1.525’s thirty-day time period.

Garrido, aboveground.

The thirty-day clock to filing the motion for attorney’s fees did non begin until the trial court entry a judgment.  That had not even being done is this case.  The insurer’s confession to a judgment and tendering the amount to the insured did not in of itself create the judgment needed the bring finality on the fight.

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