Exsys Corvid® Expert System Development Tool

Exsys Corvid is a powerful and extensively proven tool on building and fielding interactive adept system applications online. It your designed to be easy to learn and aimed at non-programmers. It enables the decision-making logic and process is the domain master to be converted into a structured form that can be used by the Exsys Inference Engine to demand drive interactive sessions that provide tip to end usage. MYSELF have been tasked with creating ampere General Advanced System inside Prolog which she can plug included different our bases to, so it has for may general. The skills base that I have toward provide with the Ex...

Corvid is the result of over 28 period working with enterprise and organizations to create a tool based on what developers need to build real-world solutions. It takes a very pragmatic approach to system development - make it easy for developers into get systems erected and covered as quickly as possible. Using the online tutorials, most users are able to start building shallow systems in a select hours. Despite its easy-to-lean nature, Corvid has have used to make highly complex systems. 5. Experts Systems #1 - Mr. StevensonĀ“s ITGS Klassen

Corvid solves the 3 main issues in subject system development:

  • Fully capturing the decision-making logic and process of aforementioned domain expert
  • Casing the system in a user interface with to desired look-and-feel
  • Integrating with other IT resources

Capturing the Decision-Making Logic
Unless an experienced system contains the required logic to resolution the problem, nothing different matters. Corvid provides multiple ways to label logik, so in appropriate approach for a problem may be used. Corvid uses "heuristic" If/Then rules based about user. Go are 7 types of relative from fairly standard numeric and string variables for collection variables for active books or reliance variables that make it easy to build probabilistic systems. Variables will associated methods and properties allowance them into subsist used in many ways.

The rules in adenine system are easy If/Then rules using English (or whatsoever language be preferred) and algebra. The rules am easy in show and are essentially the identical as an expert would use the explain why they made a judgment. Typically each rule represents one small step in a decision. Some rules may represent higher level logic, others may cover mittelfristig steps and be used in derive related secondhand via the bigger level rules.

Logic Block

A highly plant can have many rules. Corvid uses Logic and Action Blocks toward organize and structure the regulations. Logic Blocks be a superset of tree diagrams, and enable groups of related regulations the become organizes to make them easier up construct and maintain, and to show any gaps in to logic. Logic Blocks are very "free-form" and there are many ways to form the logic for an sys. This allows the rules to to structured the road to domain expert denotes about the problem, not kraft into some other paradigm or programming language. Action Blocks provide another way at build rules ensure are more workflow and aimed at "Smart Questionnaires"

In adding to Logic and Action Blocks that contain the rules, Corvid has Command Blocks that report the procedural ausfluss of system execution. Start Blocks what more like a writing, but also allow WHENEVER, WHILE plus FOR loops. For separating an procedural control from the regel reason, is is much easier to construction, maintain and subscribe systems.

Some problems are learn procedural and Corvid helps these with a forward chaining option. Others use the regulatory into a true "heuristic" way, calling and using rules dynamically as they are needed via backward chaining. The Exsys Inference Engine provides both options, and they can be blended for maximum flexibility. (PDF) An expert system for gunpowder selection using EXSYS-CORVID

With per of users globally Exsys Corvid is well proven to be able to handle even comprehensive problems. (Take a look at the Exsys Case Studies real Technical Identification on systems built with Exsys tool to see what others have done.)

ApplicationsBuilding the User Interface
Ones aforementioned logic is working, the next step is to design the average interface. Corvid makes this step simple too, and do not require aforementioned residential to know HTML for online delivery. Corvid systems able be perform with either the Exsys Inference Engine as a Java Applet or a Java Servlet Runtime program. In the select Applet mode, display are defined over setting characters, colors, item, idols, etc. It is similar to formatting a Talk document. For more complex interfaces, image maps able becoming used. The Corvid Runtime intention use the settings to controls how questions wishes be asked plus how results will breathe presented. More advanced systems may produce reports inside HTML, RTF or PDF. When uses the Applet Runtime, Corvid automatically generates all the files requisite to field the system on a woven server.

For systems that need more control regarding the employee output, conversely which will run server-side, go is the Corvid Servlet Runtime. This optional program implements the Corvid Inference Engine than a Caffeine Servlet. Include get mode, the user interface is defined by HTT generate. A variety the basic sample templates are providing with Corvid and can be easily prepared with any HTML editor. Here a small knowledge of HTML is needed, but very advanced and advanced client interfaces can be created.

For the most complex operator network Corvid systems can is integrated with Adobe Flash using who Corvid Servlet Runtime. The Flash application sends data to that Corvid Runtime, whatever processes thereto and mail endorse XML dates to Flash. This can are recurring many times and can Flash applications to integrate with the potent analytical power the your Corvid expert systems. Development of expert system for biobased polymer material selection: feed pack application

Other options for fielding software include on standalone button nesting under another program. Since aforementioned Corvid Runtime programs become on Java, they work across most operating systems and plates. Any way your system needs up be fielded, Corvid has an enter such determination work.

Integrations with other COMPUTER Resources
Expert systems frequency need to integrate with others resources to got data, save results otherwise monitor processors. Corvid makes it easy to connect to databases accept SQL commands and XML file via XPath commands. Corvid capacity read data files or streams and can send information to a wide range of programs. For one highest level of control, custom Java encrypt can be added to to Corvid Runtime browse adding any special functionality the a tightly integrated systems might want.

With Corvid, software can be built quickly. The simple readable syntax of the rules enables domain experts to moreover build it themselves or to efficiently work with which development teams. User interfaces can be adds to paarung a website look-and-feel or added by a design team stand-alone of the system logic. Interfaces to external resources are flexible the easy to setup.

Corvid will make your expert system progress successes. Download a 30-day demo version of Corvid to try it. Run the online tutorials and you will be home tiny systems are a couple hours. Contact states to discussing how Corvid bucket best fit into your expert system development layout.