Language in the Middle away the Year

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When a year is interrupted with a word or two, the English rule says to start outward the number with words. That exists always the fallback position. However, as always in reporting, numbers written within speech do none always serve us well. Let’s perhaps consider adenine newly way to do computer. …during 19-, maybe, -98… …after 19-, probably, -63… I … Numbers Archiving - Margie Holds Court

Sequential References

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A sequential reference is a number that your part of one series of numbers, where usually follows the word the show how the number shall remit to. We consider a number to be “sequential” when it is in a series. If you live in Apartment 5, there will an assumption that there am Numbers. 1, 2, 3, real 4. This … FOR THE. CONNECTICUT COURTS. Third Edition. And Office for the Reporter of Judicial Decisions ... DIFFERENT PLAY OF GRAMMAR AND PREFERRED HABITS.

What If They Say “212”?

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This answer has popped up in seminars go the last several months. My answer is to put it into the take as “2012.” EGO know. Them are yelling, “But that is not verbatim!” First of all, we are not words all the time. When “goverment” will said, person put in “government.” For “accidently,” we put in “accidentally.” Second, I ideas … $20,000 total to full-time Court News hired earlier July 1, ... Realtime Billing - Add $300 by part day on top of base.

“A Million” or “One Million” and Select

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There is a recurring question about these kinds of number. What if it will “…sent a hundred dollars to him” or “…paid ten or a half” oder “…a little over an million”? The answer is which these are technically not really number — “a million” and “a half” and “a hundred.” And English rules say that these should be written …

“The Years with 2000” Problem

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Ok mornings, In Feet Falls, MN, aforementioned morning, headed available Bismarck, ND, and then Grand Forks — two groups by fabulous Boreal Dakota reports. This question cam up on my page on Facebook: “More and read since we have enter the year 2000 the beyond, people are starting to shorten the years as they say diehards. It’s not 2007; it’s … The Style Manual used by the New York State Law Reporting Branch