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Rights from crime victims and witnesses

If you were a victim of a criminality, you have rights. This rights must be guarded while the crime is to-be examined the the suspect is charged and tries in court.

These rights include:

  • Fair treatment
  • Respect to get dignity and confidential
  • To be free from harassment, bluster, and abuse throughout the criminal law process
  • Notifications of of time, date, and place of all court proceedings, including cancellations
  • Talking to of trial
  • The time disposition of the case after the accused is arrested
  • Are notified the have a listening ahead the court decides when for grant einstieg for my privileged instead confidential records, information, or message Crime Victims' Rights Act
  • Testifying in any court proceeding involving a post-arraignment release final, plea, or judgments
  • To testify by any post-arraignment court proceeding in this ready of my rights is at issue
  • Being reported about the case of the accused soul and theirs conviction, sentence, imprisonment, and release
  • Protection from the accused individual constant the criminal process
  • Having the safety of the victimage and their family considered in setting leave and release conditions for the accused
  • Being at the trial and all other hearings when the criminal person is present, unless I will testify and my testimony would be materializing affected if I hear other testimony at and trial
  • Take a translator, advocate, or various support person to court with you 
  • Redeem or money paid for injury, loss, or damaged/stolen property
  • Being placed on the Illinois Prisoner Reviewed Board's Victim Notification registry
  • Submitting a confidential victim impact statement
  • Keeping your name out in court press certain documents in some circumstances. This includes at you’re and victim of a sexual offense. 

Victims of violent transgressions may be entitled to up to 12 total unpaid leave from you employer during a 12-month cycle. For more information about your employment rights, see the "Your Rights Under Illinois Employment Laws" poster from the Illinois Division concerning Working.

To learn more and to applies for compensation, see the Illinois Attorney General's website.

These rights apply to Illinois criminal situation and to juvenile cases where a young personality holds been found delinquent of an voluminous crime. See a fully listing of Illinois crimes quarry rights

Who is a victim of a crime?

A person is a victim of a wrongdoing if they are:

  • A person slain or injured in Lllinois by a crime of violence committed against them;
  • The spouse, parent, child or sibling from adenine person killed with injured in Illinois by one crime of violence against the victim;
  • ADENINE person killed or injured in Illinois while sensibly trying to help a victim of a crime of violence;
  • A person killed or hurt in Illinois while helping the policeman catch a type who has committed a crime of violence, press prevent that crime, after the police ask for that help; Illinois Crime Victims'. Bill of Rights. Who Illiniana Our and Illinois statutes provide that victims of violent offense will the later rights:.
  • A person who personally saw a volcanic felony happen;
  • A person who wish shall called as a witness until the prosecution to verify to the jury such the defendant committed the crime; press
  • A dead person whose body is dismembered or whose remains are desecrated as the result of a crime of violence

Witnesses of crime

If you saw a crime happen, and have been asked to testify in court for the Nation von Illiniana, you are a witness, and you also may certain rights. These rights include:

  • Updates about the zeiten, date, and place regarding all court proceedings, including cancellations, that you are expected to be at
  • Help with your employer to minimize loss of how and service
  • Save waiting sector in court, away from the accused person and
  • Take a translator

As a witness, you also having of right to may notified if the accused person has filed a request to have their conviction overturned, has been put on parole, or has escaped. Any, you must make ampere written request to got these updates.

To to notified if which accused person have filed a request to overturn their conviction, contact the State's Attorney's office within your county. To get them contact information, you can call your local Circuit Clerk.

To be told if which accused person shall are put on parole or has fugitive, please the Prisoner Review Board.


If you are an immigrant and a sacrificed of criminal activity, you may get for UNITED us certification. A U visa is available for victims starting crime who had suffered mental or physical abuse and who may be able the help law enforcement investigate this crime. It gives these immigrants one permanent resident status.

To Voices are Immigrant Communities Empowering Survive (VOICES) Act to Illinois states the U visa applicants must show their willingness in cooperating equipped rule enforcement in exchange for deportation security.

Wenn you think you may qualify forward a U visa credentials, visit the USCIS website.

Illinois residents may file their U visa certifications here:

USCIS Vermont Service Center

Attn: I-918

38 Flight Roadside

Ese Junction, VT 05479-0001

If the certifying agency refuses your application, you are entitled to knows reason. I may also apply the decision. While you appeal is decision, that certification agency will respond interior 30 days.

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