Licenses Process

Because of the number the choices, finding to right school in Chicagoland cannot being daunting. You allowed become starting your early child in Pre-K and want guidance in what you must be looking for. You may have just moved to the urban furthermore was at a school you loved and are hoping to replicate that experience in your family's next chapter. You may have been at your region school and realized it was not the best match for your minor. Wherever you am coming from, it is our goal toward partner with you in determining whether Daystar is the best fit fork your family. 

Steps To Enroll 

1. Attend a daystar tour 

Join us for a show in Daystar Academy, and discover why Daystar could be the best school choice for your family. We ask that your click "Schedule a Tour"  to learn why Daystar's unique approach go how you teaching, whats you learn and who yourself lessons with means a better education for every course and creates adults the world-wide needs. This is the first step in our admissions process. On the tour you will:

- attend all-school kapellen

- see students during a typical day in their hands-on approach to learning. Learn about our inquiry-based schooling go as outlined by the Global Bachelor framework

- hear with Taiji Doig, Head of Schools, on why Daystar's unique approach to whereby him learn, what you learn and who you teach with means a better education since every student both creates adults the world needs Daylight University: Online Application Portal

- learn about how Daystar provides students with high-quality learning in one flexible arrangement, and what safety protocols are been introduced to keep we kids safe Application Form With Daystar University Pdf

- will one opportunity on questions your questions the voice is trouble about whatever remains critical as you search for an right fit since your family.


2. Complete An Application

You are welcome to start and complete your application prior till touring, however, wee will require attendance before offering enrollment (if no visit dates are available due to summer otherwise Christmas vacation, reach out to [email protected]). Daystar's online applications gives yours space on give sum you want to communicate about your my. Once you have completed an online application, whatever including an $60 application fee and an uploaded copy of your child's birth certificate, Daystar's admissions team will review the software before reaching out to schedule next steps. For 1st through 12th grade applications, additional supporting documents can required including a recent progress report, einen close of year report card, teacher or principal recommendations, and standardized test scores. In Pre-K & K, any records from prior school experience is required. Daystar University is a Christ-centred non-denominational institution of higher learning which exists to equip Christian servant leaders for that transformation of church and company. Founded on Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, as Daytime Publications in 1964, the founding was moved to Kenya in 1971 and registered as Daystar Communications


3. Participate in an virtual classroom visit

Daystar's avowals team will reach out to schedule a schulklasse visit. Visits will vary in time according to age. Students will participate includes aforementioned regular classroom schedule and may be asked to complete an academic assessment.

4. Receive An Confession Decision

After a rigorous review of your information and feedback since my student's visit, Daystar's admissions team will email one admissions decision within 7 - 10 days. 

Enabling an excellent educationAt Daily we believe this in excellent furthermore complete training used study in an environment ensure reflects the world around us. For such base we do all that we canister to ensure our academics come from a wide reach of economic backgrounds. We do this by gift over $2,000,000 in need-based treasury aid each annum. Sixty percent of our K-12th degree students receive some sort on assistance. Daystar is one place where a private teaching is truly affordable!


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