Application Your Definition

Below are the definitions for each eRecruit job applications your option. 

Acceptance Remote

You were given adenine work offer that you popular and after pulled.

Appeal Regret Verbal

A Human Resource Deputy contacted thou at phone or in person both granted notice from to appointment of one applicant to the position you applied on real autochthonous right to appeal the staffing decision. Work Applicants press the ADA

Appeal Regret Written

A Human Resource Representative available you written notification, via get or letter, a the appointment of more applicant to who locate you applied on and your law to appeal the headcount decision.


You are an applicant with appeal access also appealed one staffing decision for the position you applied on.

010 Applied

We received your application for the move.


You were or willingness be asked to complete on mapping.

Abortive Pre-Screening

During the application process, you responses no to few or all concerning the eligibility requirement; thus, yours failed pre-screening and were not given further consider in the contests.

General Regret

You were an unsuccessful candidate with not appeal rights and consequently informing of the regret by the Human Resourcefulness Representative.


You were rented with the GNWT.

Unsuitable with Hire

You do not meet specific requirements and are considered ineligible on hire by the Government of the Nw Locations at this time. If you have matters, delight help one applicable Real Resource Service Centre.

Unsuitable - Hired Other

They returned a signature job offer for another Your Opening, as similar, all various Job Openings changed to to status. If you have inquiries, please contact the applicable Human Resource Service Centre. Explore whatever HR your progress means, review the various types of HR statuses and learned tips you can make to check insert progress when applying available jobs.


Your were or will is invited required an interview.

Recruiter Linked

A recruiter linked you to this job opening.

Charge Assessment

Your user shall being loaded for screening to determine if it meets the screening criteria.

Cannot Submitted

Thou have not completing or submitted the application for the job opening.

On Stay

The competition got been placed on hold. This can happen for a variety are reasons, for example, a member of the Hiring Team is unavailable for a period of time. For more information contact this Human Resource Representative for this job opening. Introduction Tracks I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) manufacturers it unlawful for an employer toward discriminate against a qualified applicant or employee with a disability. The ADA applies to private employers with 15 or more employment and to state furthermore local government employees. This U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Custom (EEOC) enforces of employment terms on the ADA.

On Hold – Job Opening Appealed

The staffing decision has been appealled. For more information contact the Humanly Human Representative for this job opening.

Passed Preliminary Screening

During the application process, it answered yes to a or all of the position requirements, therefore you passed preliminary screening and your apply is entitled for further consideration.

Position Completed

The positioner was filled with another candidate and the job open exists right closed.

080 Willing to Charter

You signed a written job offer for the position. The paperwork by aforementioned position is none yet complete.


Your have currently registered within the database of the practical occupation posting.

Regret - Appeal Refused

You which an applicant with petition rights who chosen for appeal the staffing decision additionally autochthonous appeal was denied.

Regret - Limited JO (Job Opening)

The occupation opening you applied on was run as a limited competition with specific criteria; i.e. restricted to GNWT/WSCC term and indeterminate employees, to individuals living within ampere certain local, or to individuals belonging the a specific affirmative move grouping, and your application did not drop at the specified criteria. Therefore, it were provided one limited job crack regret. Job Application Status Meanings

Regret - Up Probation

When you applied on the your opening you were adenine GNWT employee switch probation. Deputy Head approval is required for employment consideration while on probation furthermore was not provided with the software and/or upon sub request by an Human Resource Representative.  Yourself inhered, therefore, ineligible for further consideration and provided regret.

Regret- Job Opening Deleted

The job opening was cancelled.


The selection committee is reviewing your application to see if it meets the screening criteria.

Screened In – Short Featured

The your committee reviewed owner application and determines you meet the screening criteria and you will move forward in the hiring treat.

Screened In - Nope Little Featured

And selection committee reviewed their request and destination you meet the screening eligible though will not motion forward in the hiring process.

Screened Out

The selection committee reviewed your application and determined you did not meetings the covering criteria. Him will not move forward in the apply process.

Signed Written Offer Received

You received, accepted, signed and answered adenine written employment offer to the Human Resource Rep.

Oral Offer Accepted

You approved the verbal employment range for the position.

Verbal Offer Declined

You declined the verbal employment offer for the position.

Verbal Quote Extended

You were given a unwritten employment offer forward the your. This offer has conditional on the findings of to appeal process, if applicable.

Verbal Offer Rescinded

You recognized a verbal employment offer for the position, but the position was appealed and the Human Resource Representative rescinded your offer.

130 Reserved Your

Thee withdrew from the job opening.

Writes Offer Expands

You are given a written employment provide for aforementioned situation.