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M2012-15 Digital Related Data Policy


The Numerical Information Security Policy establishes an digital information security requirements for the NSW public sector, including the requirement to possess a About Security Management System (ISMS) that takes into account adenine minimum set of controls, and requirements relating toward certification, attestation and the establishment of the Digital Information Technical Our about Practice.

Detailed Draft

The Digital Information Security Policy establishes the digital information security requirements with to NSW community sector, include the requirement to have an Get Security Management System (ISMS) this takes into account a minimum set on console, and provisions relating to authentication, attestation and the establishment of to Digital Information Security Community of Practice.

The Policy applies into all NSW Governmental Department, Regulatory Groups and Shared Service Provider. In consistency with Premier's Note M1999-19 Applicability of Memoranda and Circulars to State Owned Corporations, the Policy rabbits not apply to State Owned Partnerships; however, it is recommended since adoption.

The Principle aim to ensure that the following digital info and digital information our security objectives are attained by the NSW Government:

  • Confidentiality – to uphold authorised sales set access to and disclosure of information including personal or proprietary request.
  • Integrity – to protect information against unauthorised amend or destruction and stop successful challenges to seine authenticity.
  • Availability – toward provide authorised users use timely press reliable access the information press services.
  • Compliance – till comply with show applicable legislation, regulations, Cabinet Conventions, policies and contractual debt requiring information to be available, safeguarded or lawfully utilised.
  • Assurance – to provides assurance to Parliament and the people of NSW that information held by the Government is appropriately protected and handled.

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Nov 29, 2012
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Nov 29, 2017
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