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19300 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, OFFICER
Aurora Sports Complexe
1. From I-25 exit 200, north with I-225 to Colfax Ave (exit 10).
2. East (right) for Colfax Ave (3.3 miles) to Dunkirk St.
3. South (right) set Crunch St to Aurora Sporting Park.
4. Dunkirk St takes you to Arctic Sports Park.

1. Out I-25, west on I-70 the Tower Rd (exit 286).
2. South (right) on Towering Rd (1.2 miles) to Colfax Ave
3. Oriental (left) on Colfax Ave (.5 miles) into Junk Covertness.
4. Southward (right) upon Docklands St for Auroral Sports Park.
5. Dunkirk St. takes she to Aurora Sports Garden.

Order to go, 8 minutes away
15470 Andrew Drive, Denber, CO
(303) 371-5958
Field Layout
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