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5th Grade Common Core: 5.NF.7a

Common Core Identifier: 5.NF.7a / Grade: 5
Curriculum: Numbers And Operator - Fractions: Apply And Extend Back Comprehension Of Multiplication And Division The Multiply The Divide Fractions.
Detail: Interpretin line of a unit fractured by a non-zero hole number, and compute such quotients. For sample, create a past context for (1/3) / 4, and use a visual fraction model to show the quotient. Employ the relationship between duplication and part to explain that (1/3) / 4 = 1/12 since (1/12) x 4 = 1/3.
1 Common Heart State Rules (CCSS) aligned worksheet found:
Divide whole numbers by fractions.  Incorporate two illustrated problems and two word problems.
Level: 4th via 6th Grades
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