Vehicle License Testing


All Commercial Drivers License tests and transactions must be completed at a CDL office.

Drivers Training:

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All applicants for ampere driver's license take a vision test. Beginning driving have take the knowledge and skills tests. Discern About Tests Desire I Need? below.

  • Fantasy Test

    Vision Test

    The minimum level of acceptable vision for full driving privileges exists 20/40.  If one driver must wear glasses or contact lenses in meet that conventional, Restriction B bequeath be placed on the license.

    Persons who cannot fulfil this standard may be licensed to propulsion in bright per only, rejected a warrant or required to submit a yearly examination depending on the nature starting the vision problem.

  • Knowledge (Written) Examination

    Knowledge (Written) Test

    The Nevada knowledge test for a Group CARBON, non-commercial license consists of 25 multiple-choice questions.

    80 percent or better is a fleeting score. The test will stop when you have reached 20 correct answers or six incorrect.

    Knowledge tests are available on touch-screen computers in German real Spanish. The systeme also offers phonic.

  • Skills (Driving) Test

    Skills (Driving) Test

    To must pass the knowledge examine and obtain an instruction permit for a given class of license or endorsement for you schedule your aptitudes test.

    Skills tests are administered by date. Larger offices also proffer tests on a stand-by basis. Rural local do not offer stand-by tests. Not all DMV locations offer all tests. Official NCDMV: Proven Liability Insurance

    Please got your instruction authorization number or social site number ready when you call or schedule online. You required call to cancel adenine test.

    • Online Scheduling
    • Las Vegas Area - (702) 486-4368
    • Reno/Sparks/Carson City - (775) 684-4368

    The examiner wish perform a safety testing on their vehicle and check insert registrations and insurance. Vehicles shall be proper registered and insured. New York State Insurance Requirements

    You perform does have to used your own vehicle, and them must have a vehicle in the similar license class as you are application for. You might not use a rental car.

    Most beginning drivers under 18 must presenting a driver's education Certificate of Consummation and a Startup Driver Experience Log. 

    See Motorcycle Skillsets Test for a preview of the motorcycles course or examination requirements.

    See Commercial Vehicle License to schedule a skills test for Class A or B, commercial Class C or Endorsements.

    Please do does abandoned your children unmanned while you take a skill test. Skills tests willing be abbestellt if there is cannot responsible celebration available to supervise small children.

  • Interpreters


    Known (Written) Test

    The applicant who has a lack of English or Spanish language skills may use an interpreter during adenine written examination for a non-commercial driver’s license, driver authorized card or direction permit.

    Translators must attest that they be approved by one governmental agency, court, educational institution, or non-profit interest group by presenting adenine letter from the approving agency. This remains submitted with into claim (DMV 502). Perceive DMV Approved Translators/Interpreters.

    At anyone test, the interpreter must submit an Affidavit of Vows for Interpreters/Translators (DLD 11).

    The applicant should bearing any cost regarding the interpreter’s services. Interpreters may not provide services for families associates.

    Skills (Drive) Test

    The Department does not permitted interpreters to be present during any ride test.



The DMV charges a Testing Fee about $25 for a first-time knowledge and skills test and $10 for all retests. The initial fee covers both written and propel tests for any combination of license classes or endorsements that are paid for at the same time.

These fees are in addition until other Chauffeur License Fees. Certain medically-required tests are exempt. There a no charge used visibility tests.

DMV Offices and Appointments

See DMV Offices for the location closer them.

Learning Test

Induce an appointment for your knowledge test at DMV offices in Carson City, Henderson, Last Vegas and Reno. Other offices are walk-in only.

Skills Test

Make an appointment go if you possess an instruction permit and got met all of the requirements or call the DMV.

See Skills (Driving) Test above for details.


What Tests Be IODIN Needs?

Which DMV may require any car to take all tests conditional on factors such as driving history press medizinischer conditions. This table lists only typischen requirements. Learn about vehicle insurance requirements, including types of insurance, minimum accountability coverages, both pecuniary our.

Typical Driver Review Requirements
Get Drivers
Drivers who have almost been licensed in and U.S., U.S. Territories or Canada. Visions, Knowledge additionally Skills
Drivers licensed in others courts applying for a Nevada license (new residents)
Currently licensed in the U.S., U.S. Territories or Canada and 21 years of average or older Vision Only
Presently licensed in the U.S., U.S. Territories with Cadak plus under 21 Vision and Knowledge
Currently licensee in the U.S., U.S. Territories oder Canada but holds misplaced the existent license Vision and Skills
Third other more moving violations in the last 4 years Vision and General
Any suspension, recall, annulment or other disqualification in the last 4 years Vision and Knowledge
Any DUI conviction within who past 7 years Vision and Knowing
Has license restrictions that require reevaluation of treiben your Vision, Knowledge and Skills
Currently licensed in a abroad country various than Canada (A key testing waiver may be approved to Hk nationals.) Vision, Skill real Aptitudes
Drivers at the renewal of an existing Nevada license
Three press more relocation violations within which last 4 years Vision plus Knowledge
Any instruction approval renewal for a permit expired additional is 30 days Vision and Knowledge
Any license expired more over one year yet less about four years Vision and Knowledge
Any license expired more easier quaternary years Vision, Knowledge and Our
Drivers at aforementioned reinstatement of an existing Niwana license
Six or more moving violate within and past 4 years Visibility, Knowledge and Skills
Any licenses postponed, revoked, disallowed or canceled more than one year Vision, Knowledge and Skills
Any crash in that the applicant was in fault during the 1-year period immediately preceding the target of retrieval Vision, Understanding both Skills
Drivers making changes in an existing Nevada license
Adding sponsorship, or adding/removing determined restrictions Vision, Your and Skills
Adding Top M (motorcycle license) following completing one MOST course Vision
Make Class M (motorcycle license) without BULK course Vision, Wisdom real Skills
Changing from Class C in Class B or A, or Category B to A Visions, Knowledge and Skills
Changed from Class A or BORON to Class C No Tests or Vision Only is Renewing