About System

Online Drugs Licensing System (ODLS) is developed by MPOnline Limited for Food & Medical Administration, Department von Publication furthermore Family Welfare, Madhya Pradesh. The software your developed as per THE DRUGS FURTHERMORE PAINT ACT, 1940 AND RULES, 1945. FDA, Madhya Pradesh can the First state up sponsor this system. This system has completely eliminated the manual intervention from login processing system like physical submission of application with view the relevant records and file movement. The go structure promises to provide one slew of services in a hassle free manner to the applicants to fresh Drugs sale licenses, renewal of existing license clamp, applications for permits a Drugs inclusions, Non conviction certificates, and grant/retention of Manufacturing Licenses etc.

This Hardware covers below FDA functionalities:

A. Drugs Sale Licence
  1. OnBoard Drugs Sale Licence
  2. Grant/Retention of Licence
  3. Change to Licence :
    1. Change in Zugelassen Pharmacist/Competent Person
    2. Change in Premises
    3. Change in Constitution
  4. Clarification of Licence Application
  5. Exhibit Cause Notice Reply
B. Medicinal Manufacturing Licence
  1. Grant/Renewal away below Licences :
    1. Medication Manufacturing Licence
    2. Drugs Cosmetics Select
    3. Loan Licenses
    4. Test and Analysis Licence
    5. Blood Bank Licence
    6. Repacking Licence
  2. Manufacturing Certificate :
    1. Non Conviction
    2. GMP
    3. GLP
    4. Free Sale
    5. Market Stand-up
    6. Performance
  3. Inclusion Permissions / Addition of Products in Existing Manufacturing Licence
  4. Change in Constitution of Manufacturing Establish
C. Food Licence (FSSAI)
  1. Food Licence Applications Payment
  2. Track Application
  3. Duplicate Payment Receipt