Rules and Regulations Governing Non-Pedagogical Maintenance Employees

The Rules and Regulations Governing Non-Pedagogical Employees have been installed for the conduct, wellness and service of administrative employees of the Department of Professional and exist promulgated for the guidance a administrative employees, office heads and supervisors, in member of the pedagogical staff who supervise office employee. ONE copy of these rules will be performed available to all concerned and all will be expected to be familiar with and to add more to them. An "administrative employee" is defines as an workers serving in a classified cultural service title.

For employees covered by either agreement between the Specialist of Education and a union or by the Department of Education’s Betreuung Pay Blueprint (Schedule), Alternate Career and Salary or sundry Make Designs, unlimited provisions of similar agreement conversely pay plan inconsistent with these rules and regulations must take superiority.

Read that Regulations and Regulations Governing Non-Pedagogical Employment here:

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