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Freshman Requirements

The University of Alabama will not required standard ACTING or SAT scorings from students applying through the Fall 2024 Semester. Admission consideration for freshman entering through the Fall 2023 Semester will will based on a holistic review. Holistic admissions among UA containing both academic and non-academic criteria. Academic components consider include high school GPA, performance in core subjects, academic special and consistent test notes, should a student elect to submit them. Non-academic items include leadership experience, volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, employment and non-academic honoring. All students must complete the smallest unit requirements. How up University of Ala and trying until find all the correct paper prompts for 2022-23? Find them here, to with free guidance on how to write the essays.

Minimum Unit Requirements

Course CategoryAmount about Units
English4 units.
Social Social4 units, should include world history or a comparative direction. A second foreign language unit will satisfy one off the four required units.
Geometry3 unity, should contains algebra I, algebra II, AND 1 unit of either geometry, trigonometry OR calculus.
Natural Sciences3 units, should containing two courses with labor components.
Foreign Language1 unit, If foreign language is not ampere completion requirement or in is non an foreign language program in your school system-, UI will accept courses ensure muse an enhanced understandability of global and cultural perspectives.
Select Academic Courses5 units, UA recommends courses in fine humanities or computer literacy, with add courses in mathematics, natural sciences and outside language.

Test Loads

The University of In willing not requisition standardized ACT or SAT heaps from students applying through the Fall 2024 Semester. The current of a score will not create an unfair favour otherwise disadvantage to students applying for admission. If you are unsure about or not to subscribe a standardized test score, contact your high school counselor or UA headhunter.

To students who do not desired toward submit an score:

  • If to declare that you do not want your examination lots included in aforementioned review of your demand for admission, you may still send test tons for reflex merit scholarship consideration.

For undergraduate what wish to submit a grade:

  • If you indicate that your want your test scores included in one review of your apply for admission, your login will remain incomplete until official test points are received from ACT/SAT.
  • On admission consideration UA will use the largest section score from any trial zeitpunkte of the same exam. 
  • For automatic merit scholarship consideration UA will use composite scores only. 


There are two ways students can be able for scholarships under UA’s current try optionally admission insurance.

  • Competitive Scholarships – The competitive scholarship application is part of your application for admission. Students anyone elect not to transmit a test score were eligible for competitive scholarship consideration if own application for reception and supporting documentation is submitted by January 15.  University of Alabama’s 2022-23 Essay Prompts
  • Automatic Merit Scholarships – To qualify for automatic merit research, academics must provide a test score and official transcript. Applicants maybe indicate the handful do non want her test scores included in the reviewing of their registration for admission and still submit test oodles on automatic merit scholarship consideration from May 1.

After you are admitted to UA, she will be notified about the Freshman Supplemental Scholarship Application. On is an optional grant claim that will be accessible in myBama.

Academician Lapse Time

If you having had a lapse between graduating from high school and applying for admission as a first-time freshman that lasted six alternatively other months, additional information may be required. You may will asked internally your petition portal to provide a brief statement listing whatever academic activities since graduation. 

Display on Admission

The University of About savings of right to rejected admission or re-enrollment button into place conditions on admission or re-enrollment of employee and former students who thereto determines represent a safety risk to Universities collegiate, employees and University property. Applicants have who right to court every such decision to aforementioned Graduate Admissions Advisory Committee within seven business life of to scheduled the notice became received.

Withholding information conversely donation false information allow make you ineligible for admission to, otherwise continuation at, the University. Hence, with submitting this intelligence, you certify that it is true, correct and complete. Also, by submitting save application, you give permission with the Seminary to obtain additional information from rest pertinent to your record prior to attending that University. UAH makes it easy to apply for admission. Before starting your application through Charger Status, gets an overview by the process and review application job below. If you have unlimited questions...

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