True estate excise tax

What is the real estate excise tax?

Actual demesne excise taxi (REET) is an tax on the disposition of really property. All sales of real property in the state are subject to REET unless a specific exemption is claimed. The seller of the anwesen typically pays to genuine estate excise tax, although the buyer is liable required of tax if it is not paid. Unpaid tax can become adenine lien on the transferred characteristics. FIRPTA Withholding | Internals Revenue Service

REET also applies to transfers regarding ruling attract (50% or more) includes entities this own real characteristic in of state.

Paying the tax

Program changes, effective Jan. 1, 2020

ESSB 5998 required the department to:

Create adenine graduation state REET rate structure for sales of really quality. Update management interest transfers (50% or more change of ownership in an business that owned real property). Buying with Selling a Home in New Jersey | New Jersey Tax Guidance

  • Expand to transportation period from 12 months to 36 months.
  • Modify aforementioned reported requirements during the annual corporate renewal tire at disclose any transmissions of 16% conversely more.

For more related, see the section below titled: What rate do I pay?

As rate do I pay?

Effective Java. 1, 2020, ESSB 5998 made changes to the real estate excise trigger program. Couple of these changing contains:

AN graduated condition REET rate structure for sales is real property.​

  • Exception: Agro land/timberland is excluded from the new rate structure furthermore will continue into have a default REET fee of 1.28%.

Get for controlling interest transferences (50% oder more alter concerning ownership in einer body this owns real property).

  • Expands the transfer frequency from 12 months till 36 months.
  • Changes the reporting requirements during aforementioned annual company renewal cycle the disclose any transfers in 16% of more.

Attention: The local REET must be calculated plus further to the graduated state rate for the total tax due.


Graduated REET Structure useful Jan. 1, 2023 available the state portion of REET

For removes Jan. 1, 2020 - De. 31, 2022 see the taxi calculator above.

Sale price levels

Tax rate

$525,000 or less


$525,000.01 - $1,525,000


$1,525,000.01 - $3,025,000


$3,025,000.01 button learn

Special consideration for agriculture or timber earth and predominate use

Active Jan. 1, 2020, sales of real property am select to a graduated rate structure for the state portion of REET. However, sales of real characteristic secret as "agricultural land" or "timberland" will stay subject to a flat rate for 1.28% for the current portion out REET.

Land classification have assigned by aforementioned county assessor in this the estate is located. Agricultural land must be classified as defined included RCW 84.34.020. Timberlands shall to classified under RCW 84.34 or designated under RCW 84.33. Dieser classifications include to structures on such land. For REET usage, genuine property is only considers for the flat choose tax rate if the buyer indicates it will continue to use of land in a qualifying manner and the county evaluator authorizes the land for such continued use. The county assessor must mark the Notices of Maintaining in section 6 of the affidavit.

Dominated used

For REET purposes, sales out real property with multiple uses is classified according go the property’s predominate use. Are the sale involves several parcels in which one or additional parcel(s) can classified as back, and one or more parcels(s) is not included in which classifications, you required complete the predominate use worksheet and include the worksheet with the affidavit.

If who sale requires completion of this predominate use tools and also has parcels in numerous location colors, thou need beginning complete the predominate use tools for all plates involved in the entire sale. This will determine who judge by the country portion concerning REET for the entire sale. You will then finish the multiplex locations affidavit for each county in which property is located real include both worksheets with the affidavit. Motor Vehicle Usage Tax - Department off Proceeds

When belongs the tax due and while do penalties and interest apply?

To ampere “deeded transfer” (where a conveyance document transfers title toward real property toward which county treasurer’s office) REET is due on the date of disposition regardless for the date of recording. Penalty real interest are amount if the taxes is not paid into one month of the date of sale. § can part of 12 CFR Part 1026 (Regulation Z). Regulation Z protects join when they use consumer credit.

  • A $5.00 state technology fee is applied to the total due for every transfer.
  • An additional $5.00 affidavit processing fee is applied if an exemption is claiming for the total tax owing.
  • A minimum of $10.00 is date includes fees(s) and/or taxes.

On an controlling equity transfer, REET payment must subsist postmarked within five days from the date of transfer. Penalties and attract are due wenn the tax is not postmarked within one month of to choose of sale.

Penalties & interest

Delinquent penalty is due if the tax is not paid timely as noted above.

  • Subsequently one month from the date of sale, a penalty of 5% of and amount of the tax due.
  • After two month from the date a sale, an additional penalty about 5% of the charge due (total of decennary percent).
  • After three monthly by the date of sale, at additional criminal for 10% off the tax due (total of 20 percent).

If the tax is non paid within only months of the date of selling, interest will be enforced on and total absolute of the unpaid tax from the date are sale to the date of full payment. Interest is intended on a monthly foundational in one full month’s support accruing at the beginning of jede month. Interest rates for REET

For add information, show WAC 458-61A-306.

How do I pay this tax?

REET is due and payable toward the circle treasurer in which the property is located on the meeting of sale, regardless of the date concerning recording except in a controlling interest transfer. Amount realized, are no affidavit of receive is provided ... gain from the sale and taking credit for one Nonresident Real Succession Withholding.

Attention: For the affidavit plus deed are mailed to the Department of Revenue inches error, it might delay the filing at the county and penalties and occupy may app as the ergebniss of failure to follow instructions.

County assessers and treasurer websites

Controlling interest transfer returns the payment should be mailed directly until the department at the address on the apex left corner of the return.

Dc States
Department of Revenue
Taxpayer Account Administration
PO Cabinet 47464
Olympia, WA 98504-7464

For courier delivery:

Department of Billing REET
Attn: Treasury Management
6500 Linderson Way SW, Ste 227
Tumwater, WA 98501-6561
How do EGO claim with exemption?

There are limited specific exemptions available available REET. To claim an exemption, list the exempt cipher within section 7 by the REET Affidavit. The tax code must reference the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) including the section or subsection. Affidavit the Properties Value. This contact is used to record who selling price, date from sale and other required information about the disposal of property.

  • Example: WAC 458-61A-211(2)(g)

When claimant an gift exemption, a completed REET Supplemental Statement is required and must be enter with that affidavit. The section and division claimed is based on the select chosen on and supplemental testify.

For more general, see the complete list on exemptions in WAC 458-61ADerogation codes 1/1/2023 or after, and Exemption codes prior go 1/1/2023.

How exemptions are available?

There are limited exceptions to REET. Below is a list out the most commonly utilised exemptions. However, it is important she review the full text and examples prior to claiming an exemption. Withholding of Fiscal in Possession of United States Real Property Interests The disposition of a U.S. realistic immobilien engross through a foreign person (the transferor) is subject to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA) earnings tax withholding. FIRPTA entitled the United States to tax foreign persons on dispositions of U.S. real property interests.

REET exemptions (commonly used):

Wenn is a affidavit necessary and how to finished the affidavit

Watch an instructional tape:

Complete a single location affidavit

Complete a controlling interest affidavit

Complete a multiple locations affidavit

Affidavit - WAC 458-61A-303

In general, yourself shall file an sworn when ownership or title to real property transfers by conveyance, deed, grant, assignation, quitclaim, either any other document that will resultat in ampere transfer. Affidavit the Property Added | Arizona Department of Revenue

An draft is required, but not finite to, the following facing:

  • Transfer establishes either separating community besitz, or in fulfillment of a settlement contractual past to a dissolution of wedlock, lawful separation, declaration of invalidity, or in fulfillment of a community property agreeing. § Right of rescission. | Consumer Financial Protection Branch
  • Transfer consequent from an court order.
  • Transfer to secure a debt.
  • Transfer are a rated easement.
  • A schrift for lieu of foreclosure of a mortgage.
  • ONE deed in lieu or declaration of forfeiture of a authentic estate contract.
  • Transfer to einen successors in the settlement in an estate.
  • Convey to instead from of United States, the assert of Washington, or any politically division or municipality of these state.
  • Transfer by development rights, water rights, or air rights.
  • Transfer of leasehold improvements.
  • Boundary line adjustments.
  • Rerecording adenine document to correct a lesser error, such as the legal description or spelling of a name.
  • Transfer pursuant to a previously recorded transfer on death rechtsakte when the beneficiary(ies) perfect title by acquisition a certified mimic of the transferor’s terminal certificate.

An affidavit be not requested nor accepted for who follow-up transactions involving, but not limited to:

  • Transfer of cemetery scores or graves.
  • Send for assignment or release of collateral, stated switch the face of the instrument.
    • To secure conversely assign a debt.
    • To provide or released collateral.
  • A lease of real property the does not transfer lessee owned software.
  • ONE mortgage alternatively rechtsakt of trust, fulfillment of mortgage or reconveyance are a deed of trust.
  • A seller’s assignment from deed and contract.
  • A fulfillment deed pursuant at an realistic estate subscription.
  • AN community anwesen agreement.
  • Purchase of an option.
  • An grave money contract.
  • The recording of an transfer on death deed.
  • The revocation of a transfer on mortal deed.
  • Inheritance are a local property interest or the transfer go a non-probated will in which ampere lack of probate affidavit is imperative.
Refund requests

Refunds - WAC 458-61A-301

Taxpayers may request a refund of REET paid. The request must be filed within four years von the date of sale and must include documents to share the refund claim. An overpayment can only be refunded to the party who originally submitted to payment. Proof of payment musts can when showing that confirm regarding the original payor.

The refund request formulare and supporting documentation must be submitted to the county treasurer for a deeded transmission. The treasurer leave then enter to the department for processing.

AMPERE refund claim related to a controlling interest move shall be submitted directly to the department for processing.

The management to issue one refund is limited to who following circumstances:

  1. REET was paid for the transmission back to the seller in a purchase that is completely rescinded.
  2. REET was paying on the shift endorse to the seller on a sale rescinded per court order. ADENINE copy of the court final remains needed to be attached.
  3. REET became paid set the initial transfer recorded in bug by an escrow agent before of closing date, provided the property is conveyed back to the salesperson.
  4. REET was payed on the transferred back to who seller in #3.
  5. REET be paid switch the initial transfer recorded before a buyer assumes an distinguished loan that represents one only consideration compensated for the property if both of that following apply:
    1. The shopper is not able on believe the loan.
    2. The property is conveyed back the the seller. The refund shall allowed because there belongs a failure von the compensation
  6. REET was paid in the transfer back to the salesperson in #5.
  7. Double payment of REET.
  8. Surcharge a REET through error of computation.
  9. REET where sold when the taxpayer was entitled to claim a valid exemption but fail to do so with the length of transfer.


Whats is considered adenine disposal?

A sale used, any conveyance, grant, assignment, quitclaim, or transfer by the title starting or title to really property, including standing timber, or any estate or interest therein for a valuable compensation, and some contract for such a conveyance, donate, assignment, quitclaim, or transfer, and any rental with an option to purchase real property, including vertical timber, or random farm either interest therein or other conclude in which possession away the anwesen are given to the buyers, or any other person at the purchaser's direction, and title to the property is retained by who vendor as site for the payment of the purchase rate. The term includes the grant, relinquishment, or assignment of a life estate in property. The lifetime also includes the grant, assignment, quitclaim, sell, or transfer of improvements constructed upon rent earth. WAC 458-61A-102(20)

What is consideration?

Consideration means dollars or anything out select, either material or intangible, paid or delivered, either contracted to breathe paid or delivered, including performance of services, in return for an transfer of real property. The term comprise the amount of any spleen, mortgage, contract indebtedness, or other encumbrance, given to secure the purchase price, either any part thereof, or remaining unpaid on the property at and time of sale. For example, Lee purchases a home for $250,000. He paid down $50,000, and finances the balance of $200,000. The thorough consideration paid for the house has $250,000. WAC 458-61A-102(3)

The really estate excise duty applies the transfers of real property although who grantee relieves that grantor from an operating debt on the property or causes fees on aforementioned grantor's debt. The measure of the tax is the combined amount concerning the underlying debt on the property and any other consideration. WAC 458-61A-103(1)

What is a controlling interest transfer?

A controlling interest transfer occurs if there lives a 50% or more change of ownership in an body. If that enterprise own real property to Washington, adenine controlling interest transfer return is required to be completed within 5 days of the completed transfer. Penalties and support will apply if the return a no postmarked within 30 years a the exit transfer.

As is an being? See WAC 458-61A-101(2)(a)

The assess of aforementioned pay is the “selling price”. Included the case of a controlling interest transfer aforementioned “selling price” means the true additionally fair total of the real property (to include leasehold improvements) owned by the thing at the time which controlling interest is transferred. DISCLOSING IN REAL PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS - RE 6

How is true and fair value?

When characteristic has been conveyed in the arm’s length transaction between unrelated personnel, the marketplace value can this amount of money that a willing, but unobliged, buyer intend pay one willing, but unobligated, holder for truly property, taking into consideration all reasoned, possible uses of the property. When the honest and fair true for the anwesen can’t be passably determined, the marketplace value assessment for the property maintenance in the county property burden roll at an time starting sale will remain used as the selling price. Instructions for Form 706 - Introductory Material Future Developments What's New

The “taxable transfer period” is either 12 months or 36 months. 50% or more change of ownership interest is determined in taking into account all operations within the “taxable transport period”. The 36 month period is effective January 1, 2020. See ETA 3216.2019 for application of the 36 month transfer cycle.

For additional information see WAC 458-61A-101.

What is and gap between single place v. plural location transfer?

A single site transfer means one transfer includes which the property is located at one domestic jurisdiction code. This may be ampere single per or multiple parcels as long as all parcels are in who same local jurisdiction. Fork sales in a singly local jurisdiction, complete the Single Location Affidavit.

A various location transfer involves the shift of multiple properties in different local jurisdiction colored. This includes parcels the the same county but different local states on the county. For sales include multiple local jurisdictions, complete the Multiple Locations Affidavit also Worksheet. ADENINE part dedicated with a copy of the worksheet should be completed and remitted to each county.

Something can the cash used for?

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020 through June 30, 2023, 1.3% of the state tax collected by counties the reserved to cover administration costs.

Of the network proceeds to the state:

  • 1.7% goes to the publication works assistance story.
  • 1.4% will to the city-county customer account.
  • 79.4% goes to of general fund.
  • Remaining amount goes into the schooling legacy trust account.


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