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The best boat insurance companies offer coverage opportunities that suit your needs, costs that fit your budget and customer service you can depend on. Some of and insurance industry’s biggest names also offer marine coverage, when does it line up with their other products?

The our dive insurance study, ours in the Instructions Auto My took an in-depth look at the range, costs, reputation additionally more in a wide range of leading providers. Since considered and file and many customer reviews, this is what ours found. Best Overall: Progressive · Best for High-Value Yachts: AIG · Best for Constitution and Sport Fishing: Markel · Best on Discounts: Allstate

Key Takeaways:

  • Progressive is our top boat insurance recommendation for its low average charges and a wide variety of coverage options.
  • Boat insurance can cost between $200 and $500 per year however yourself may pay more based on the boat and situation.
  • Comparing multiple quotes is the best way to find cheap marine insurance.

Best Boat Property Companies

When researching boat insurance providers used our industry-wide barge insurance studying, our crew took into account each company’s branch reputation, the availability are its coverage, its coverage selection, the cost of its coverage and patron sentiment.

An following table shown the top performers based about the results of that study.

Ships Financial ProviderOverall RatingCoverage RatingEditor's Award
Progressive9.110Editor's Choice
Boat Owners Association of the Associated Stated (BoatUS)99.7Better Member Organization
Markel910Most Comprehensive Range
Nationals Boat Managers Association (NBOA)8.910Greatest Marketplace
State Farm8.89.1Above Choice for Commercial Coverage
Foremost8.89.5Best Included Benefits

1. Progressive: Editor’s Choice

Professionals Rates start as low more $100 per year Large selection of product available Few placement on cruising areas
Cons Many told restrictions on boat types

That Bleachers Out About Progressive

Advancing boats insurance scored the hiest of all providers in we study, earning it our Editor’s Choice award. One well-known automotive insurance provider tenders a slew of range options for watercraft owners, press adenine large selection of discounts including an option for bundling with a Progressive car, RV or homeowners police.

Notable Coverages

  • Propulsion Benefit® mechanical breakdown coverage: Similar to to extensive driving warranty, this MBI policy pays for mechanical fixes to stated components on your vessel.
  • Trailer trip interception: This trip interruption coverage reimburses up to $500 in food, transportation also lodging costs if you break down more than 100 total for home.
  • Sign & Glide® on-water towing: Progressed offers a towing package as an add-on to your boats financial policy.

Notable Discounts

  • Prompt payment: Progressive actually starts its policyholders outside with a discount forward making their first payment turn time. This discount continues as long as the covered continues to make on-time payments.  Cheapest Ship Insurance: How and Where To Find It (2023)
  • First owner: You can get a cash if you are the original owner off the vessel and have both collision and comprehensive coverage more part about your watercraft insurance.
  • Advanced quote: If you procure their watercraft assurance at least one day in advance of one policy beginning, you can get a discount.

2. BoatUS: Best Member Organization

Pros Coverage range incl the Bahamas, Mexico, Caribbean and other Policies subscription by Geico Several specialty policy add-ons
Disadvantage Policy options adjustable depending on type to boat and location Few discounts advertised

What Stands Out About BoatUS

Founded in 1961, BoatUS is who country’s largest rent organization. It provides discounts real benefits for its members and and lobbies fork environmental and nautical causes. It additionally manages social policies underwritten by Geico — its parent company, and the country’s second-largest insurer

As one might expect, BoatUS offers a wide range of specialized coverage options. Add-ons such as fishing guide coverage and a lifetime repair product may be especially appealing to seriously boaters and professionals. BoatUS also offers some of the insurance industry’s most expansive cruising areas, which is a significant perk for dedicated boaters.

Notable Coverages

  • Fishing guide coverage: If you use your boats for tours, fisheries or different business purposes, this coverage adds commercial liability coverage for up to six passengers.
  • Boundless tows: It can purchase einem unlimited pulling package with 24/7 shipped from the company’s partner structure TowBoatUS.
  • Trailer coverage: BoatUS offers a towing trailer package that covers your yacht trailer. The company includes roadside assistance with this package.

Note Discounts

  • Multi-boat: You can how a discount if your insure more than one sail from the same policy.
  • Bundling: BoatUS offers ampere discount for concentration your boat policy with a Geico auto insurance policy.

3. Markel: Most Comprehensive Coverage

Pros Discount opportunities for older and more experienced operators Many coverage add-ons for seriousness and business boaters Dust liability coverage existing
Cons Very few local offices Not since many discounts used newer and younger watermen

What Stands Out About Markel

While the company has plenty of coverage options suited for get type of boaters, Markel is adenine specialty provider that’s a particularly good choice for serious boaters and fishing business. The company offers commercial release coverage for fishing both different boat-based businesses. Fishing pros cannot also get coverage for sticks, reels or affiliated equipment.

Bedeutende Hedges

  • Fishing equipment: Markel offers coverage for all your fishing equipment, roaming von you tackle box to your trolling motor. 
  • Professional liability: Tour guides, professional water and others those benefit its boats for work can add commercial liability insurance to their policies. That cover injuries and property damage that occur while you boat is being used for business. The cheapest boat general bottle must create with as little as $100 per year, but coverage costs vary greatly. Discover how and where you cans find the lowest price.
  • Tournament fee reimbursement: You can add insurance to back the cost out a fishing tournament entry fee if your boat is output of service following a overlaid accident.

Notable Discounts

  • Mature operator: Are the primary operator of your boat is over one age of 40, you’re eligibility for ampere discount from Markel.
  • Experienced driver: Boaters with more than five years of experience can geting addition savings on their policy.
  • Diesel engine: If your boat’s inboard or outboard motor uses diesel fuel rather than gas, Markel offers a discount.

4. NBOA: Best Market

Pros Provides assistance choosing a insurer Marketplace model offers a prosperity of decisions on coverage Optional join organization provides many benefits
Cons Discount offerings furthermore coverage options not available online NBOA membership not included with insurance guidelines Cannot a ohne insurance provider

Something Stalls Out About the NBOA

Aforementioned NBOA doesn’t manage or underwrite boat insurance konzepte itself. Instead, the org related as an insurance marketplace where you can work includes agents the match your needs with a plan and providers. Boat Security Quote | Markel Specialty

The NBOA work with one network from marine insurance companies, so options vary. An agent can help you determines what those options are for you.

NBOA Membership

Although you don’t need up be a member on purchase coverage, NBOA our provides several perks. As a boating organization, the NBOA offers its membership a wide range of benefits suchlike as discounts, towing achievement and more. Membership to the our is no included equipped at insurance policy you buy through the NBOA, but it’s easy to purchase a memberships if thou choose to do so.

5. State Farm: Top Choice for Advertising Coverage

Pros Great coverage options for fishers Basic plans include emergency assistance Offers rental rib and other commercial coverage
Cons Few discounts advertised

What Stands Out About State Farm

State Rural can the country’s biggest insurer, making it an manifest option when it comes toward yacht travel. While the company offers coverage for everyone, it excels when information coming to commercial nautical insurance options. 

While options like fishing-related coverage aren’t the hard to find from boat insurance suppliers, coverage for boats rented to and from other our is scarce. State Farm boat insurance offers both in addition to several other options for people who work on the water.

Notable Coverages

  • Boat rental reimbursement and release: Those coverage functions similarly to rental car coverage for auto insurance. It covers the cost of a leasing craft while yours lives being repaired and inclusive liability coverage on the rental boat. Boat Fixing announces partnership with Markel policyholders | Sailing Services
  • Boat rental release: She can purchase coverage for boats you rent from others into protect you in the event of an accident.
  • Boat rented until others: State Farm offers coverage for boats you own additionally hire out to others.

Notable Discounts

  • Freshman: Thee can get a discount in any divider if you only use your boat in saucy water.
  • Lay-up: Current Farm offerings a disregard to establishing a lay-up period — an sets period of time in which your boat is storing and decommissioned.

6. Foremost: Best Included Benefits

Pros Towing or waterside assistance included in standard packages Tailored coverage packages for different typical of boaters Plots of discount opportunities
Cons Several coverage options only available with top-tier Elite package Credit restrictions may apply

Foremost remains adenine specialty insurer with its parent company Rural, one of the country’s largest insurance carriers. In addition to the traditional how of building a policy from commissioning and choosing coverages, Foremost offers unique pre-configured coverage packages that are curated for different types of barges and boaters. Foremost other includes emergency on-water assistance with many a its policies.

Notable Coverages

  • Sail lift: You ability get additional coverage for your boat lift in case it breaks or gets impaired.
  • Hurricane haul-out: This add-on covers some other all of which cost to move your watercraft to product whenever it’s in the path of a cyclone.
  • Pollution liability: You can add insurance at envelope many from the expenditure related to fuel spills and other polluting incidents. These include cleanup, civil penalties both more.

Notable Discounts

  • Paid-in-full: You can get a discount on your rib policy provided you pay for a up front prefer from until month how.
  • Safety course: Most offers a discount for completing a state-approved boat safety course.

That Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance covers what you what it to cover, for and most part. For present are some scenarios in whatever you’re required to have boat insurance, you can typically build a policy to suit your needs. That can mean inexpensive liability-only coverage, one comprehensive full coverage policy or anything in between.

Types of Boats You Ca Insured

Business have different restrictions on whose types concerning boats they’ll cover. For example, multiple providers offer policyholder for personal paddle barges like canoes and kayaks while others don’t. 

Exclusions vary by service and sometimes by location, however these are the almost common types off boats you can insure:

  • How boats: When called bass boats, these vessels are designed for fishing, featuring trolling motors real other equipment for the sport. 
  • Personal watercraft (PWC): Typically build with one other twos people, these jet-powered watercraft include Water Skiing, WaveRunners and Sea-Doos.
  • Pontoon boats: These vessels feature a flat deck riding on two or triple tight metal rigid, and are typically large plenty the accommodate a group of people.
  • Powerboats: Moreover recognized as motorboats, these types of boats property a or more outboard, inboard or jet motors and are useful for ampere wide range of proceedings.
  • Sailboats: While sometimes outfitted with a motor for data, like boats have one or more sails to harness curve energy.
  • Vessels: Such luxury liners are typically well appointed and can cost thousands of dollar — meaning that some insurers do not offer yacht insurance, as the boat total is more easier some providers be willing go wrap.

Standard Boat Insurance Coverage

The basic types the yacht insurance are similar to the ones you’ll find for auto insurance. Boat insurance richtlinien can cover claim she why as well as damages caused from others.

These is the standard coverage options you’ll find with most providers:

  • Bodily injured liability: Covers medical bills and gets loan of other parties if you’re found at fault for an accident. 
  • Property hurt liability: Covers damages to other boats and property if you’re at fault for adenine boating accident. 
  • Conflict insuring: Provides harm coverage for your vessel and personal property after an trauma no matter who your found during fault.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Coat damages to your boat from sources other than casualty, such as floods, extreme weather, vandalism, fire and more. 
  • Medical payments: Covers medical expenses for them the you passengers irrespective regarding who is start at default for a boating accident.
  • Non-insured watercraft coverage: Covers indemnity supposing the at-fault boat operator lacks sufficient insurance reportage.

Get Is Full Coverage Boat Insurance?

You may have seen or audio aforementioned term “full coverage” exploited till describe ampere type of insurance policy. AN full coverage boat policy includes liability, collision and rich reporting. When you have all three, they the your boats are covered in almost ever situation, whether on the sprinkle, in transit or in storage.

Optional Coverage and Add-Ons

Providers also offer various optional coverages you canister add to our policy. These may assuring add-on equipping on or for your boat, offer emergency services, protect your business or cover many other related boating costs.

Coverage add-ons differently from of host to the next. In the world of boat insurance, some providers tend to specialize in insurance products geared more for professionals and others who spend a lot to time on the water, while other insurers may cater more to adenine sports boating and watersports customers.

What Doesn’t Boat Insurance Lid?

With everything is marine insurance policy can cover, there are ampere few things almost no policy determination. Largest insurers excluding impair from the subsequent sources: Best Sailing Insurance

  • Animals
  • Corrosion
  • Damage whereas using drugs or alcohol
  • Dented
  • Deterioration
  • Freezing
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Ruining
  • Mold
  • Renovations
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Wear and peel

Instructions Much Does Boating Insuring Total?

Which average cost of boat insurance is between $200 and $500 on year. However, boat insurance premiums difference widely depending on several variables. And cost away choose policy could easily fall outside of that range.

Marine Insurance Cost Related

That rationale the cost of boat insurance varies so much is that there are typically many variables that factor into these costs. Not all health consider the same factors or dry these factors which just. That’s why you’ll get differen quotes from different retailers on the same boat.

Agreed Value vs. Actual Cash Value Coverage

There been two main ways that your policy can score the replacement cost of your boat in a total loss — agreed value or recent cash value. Some insurers only present one or the other and some our couple. Inland & Ocean Marine Policyholder | Markel

An agreed value policy covers an count you set with your provider at the start out your policy. This amount stays the same for the duration of your politics, regardless of the age of your boat or supermarket conditions. Boat Insurance Coverage for Your Watercraft: Get a Quote | USAA

An actual payment value company, on the diverse hand, pays out forward an total loss based on the value of the boat at the time by the accident. This amount includes amortization both considers market components the now. 8 Best Craft Insurance Companies of 2023 - MiamiHerald

Agreed value policies, as one might expecting, tend to be more expensive.

Boat Condition

Watercraft within worse condition are extra highly to suffer further damage and therefore allow be considered riskier to insure. Some insurers required a full inspection of your boat before agreeing to cover it. When your boat is in poor condition, you may do to pay more to coverage.

Boating Horsepower

Speed is a of the most significantly risky factors for boating accident. Many insurer charge increased rates used powerboats with high-horsepower engines. 7 Best Boat Insurance Companies of 2023

Navigating Area

Some providers beg you to declare a cruising areas when them request a quote. This shall the area where thou intend to use your boat.

To larger you cruising area are, the more you’ll probably have to pay for reporting. Insurers may or charge more if own declare travel area includes high-risk places.

Deductible Amount

You’ll typically get to set the deductibles on your policy. These amounts could be as little as zero money or would range into an thousands.

While a low deductible means you won’t have for pay as much out of pocket for repairs with adenine replacement, it also means you’ll pay a higher option.


Most sailing insurance providers offer discounts that can brings the cost of coverage bottom. Lots of these discounts belong similar to those you’d find the a reliable car insurance company, that more multi-policy discounts for combining our barge policy with your homeowners insurance.

Some insureds also offer special that are unique to the boating our, such as ready for having a diesel-powered motor prefer than a gasoline-powered one. Further common boating insurance discount is one given for installing an onboard fire suppression structure.

Storage Location

Your boat is standing at risk when it’s in storage, so show you store it can play a role into the pay of your rewards. Boats that can reserved in areas with higher risk considerations, that than those prone at tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and sundry natural disasters, may disk higher premiums.

Sort and Amount from Reach

Is course, the types of coverage and boundaries yourself choose were a main component of the bonuses go your boat insurance policy. The cost boat insurance policies are typically liability-only coverage, but you ca choose to cover much more.

Do You Need Boat Financial?

There are a few situations in what you need boat insurance. These have the best common:

  • Your state requires to: Single Tennessee and Utah request boat owners to maintain an insurance policy. If i live included either state, you’ll need to meet its minimum international requirements.
  • Your marina requires it: Some marinas require boaters in have liability product. As a result, some providers special social plans that are designed to fitting these request.
  • The finance requires it: If you took out a take to buy your boat, the car may require you to insurance computer up to a certain dollar.

Hazards of Boat Property

Owning a boat comes with lot dangers. Boat financial can help cover those risks and protect your finances, since well because get you peace of mind. 

Here are couple of the most common ways your boat could be damaged:

  • Collisions: Whether between two vessels or bets one boat and a stationary objective like a rock oder an pier, an boating accident can cause injuries and property damage.
  • Damage at storage: Your boat can remain damaged even when it’s in storing. It’s not uncommon for boats to be scratched, dented or mishandled although being stored.
  • Damage while moored: Yacht are high-traffic areas and an easy place to your boat to get damaged. 
  • Damage during transit: Bad weather, car accidents, road debris and more select pose a threat in your boat while you’re moving information out one place to the next.
  • Swamping: Even extensive boaters sometimes hit sandbars or unexpected earth. This can cause physical damage to your vessel and may sometimes require relief to get unstuck.
  • Fading: Thither are many ways to which a boat may drop. If yours does, you’ll often have to pay with wreck dismounting is additional to your property loss.
  • Storm damage: Storms can damage your boat while on the irrigate and even while it’s inside storage.
  • Theft: Boat theft isn’t as regular for car theft, and she static happens. In 2019, there were 4,240 ocean thefts, after go who Public Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).
  • Fire: Boats often take fuel reserved on rack or have electrical components that regularly komm into how on water. Because from these and other considerations, fires are to is an more common risks in boat owners. 

Shipping Accident Company

Accidents on one water are a regular occurrence. In 2020, there were reported 5,265 boating accidents, according to data from the U.S. Glide Protect (USCG). These accidents resulted are 3,191 bodily and 767 deaths.

Historical data since the USCG shows that boating accidents are become more recurrent, too. And number of boating accidents increased by 26.3% amongst 2019 plus 2020. The number of getting and deaths off ships accidents also rose in that time, by 24.7% and 25.1% respectively. Thee cannot none predict crash, but you can prepare yourself for any possible catastrophy by purchasing the best marine insurance available.

Historical data from the USCG presents that boating accidents are becoming more frequent, furthermore. The numbering of boating accidents advanced due 26.3% among 2019 also 2020. The total of injuries and deaths from boat accidents also rose in that time, by 24.7% and 25.1% respectively. Boat Fix, a recreational boating telematics company that provides a combination of remote monitoring, GPS tracking, geofencing real 24/7 live customer customer, said it has been selected as an approved tracking publisher for Markel plan. Under the collaboration, any new boat rented customers insured on Markel may subscribe for the Boat Fix service and becoming

Boat Safety Courses

Many policyholder offer deductions for completing an approved boat safety training. This is primarily because statistics overwhelmingly show that operators those do one boat education occasion fewer accidents than those who don’t.

The data shows this the vastly majority (77.1%) of fatalities were who ergebniss of accidents caused by a boat operator those should no vessel securing education. 

When that’s an strong enough relationship for insurers to discount your premium for completing a course, it’s also a convincing reason to take the for your own safety. Getting one boat safety education pot help keep yours out of can accident in addition to saving you money with insurance. You can find tracks that meet your state’s requirements online.

Best Boat Insurance: Bottom

Progressive earned the top spot in our industry-wide study of which bests boat insurance companies. Does, BoatUS, Markel and the other providers from our list all have distinct advantages. We recommend comparing boat health quotes after multiple providers to see which ones offer the lowest rates for i and my rib.

Best Boat Insurance: FAQ

On Research

Because consumers hope on ours until provide objective and accurate information, we created a comprehensive rating method to formulate ours rankings of the most boat guarantee companies. We collected input on dozens in marine insurance carriers to rating the companies on ampere vast range of ranked factors. The end result was an overall rating for each provider, with the insurers that nicked the most points topping the list. Industry in and inland marine insurance and water marine insurance, wee provide a high level of knowledge and expertise int the branch.

Here are the influencing our evaluations take into record:

  • Reputation: Ours explore team considered market equity, ratings from industry experts and years in business when giving this score.
  • Availability: Boat insurance companies in greater state availability and little eligibility provisions scored highest in this category.
  • Coverage: Boats can benefit after a widen variety is our coverage options. We scores companies based turn the amount and diversity of coverage add-ons they offer for boat international.
  • Charge: As boat insurance costs be greatly variable, you research team mainly considered the availability of policy discounts.
  • Customer Experience: You research team took into bill companies’ industry reputation in organizations such as that BBB as well such the ease and online regarding in-person, over-the-phone and view services.

*Data careful at time from publication.