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I am a second year (sophomore) economics the finance student at the University of Local ( England ) which isn't considered to be a target school for MBB. I would like to give myself the best chance possible to intern within MBB - either inches the UK or Middle East - include the summer of 2023, and so I has wondering what I shouldn be done to compete with other students from target uni's within this next year.  
Additionally considering I don't have much working experience , what's best to mark in my CV. More ampere former McKinsey resume screener, I idea I'd release my ...


Thanks! :)

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Hi there,

Q: I was wondering what I should be doing to compete from other students out target uni's within to move type. Also consideration MYSELF don't have very work experience , what's superior to highlight in my CV.

To get a consulting invitation, to will need to work on 3 things: a great CV, a great Covers and a referrals.

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1) CV

The key piece they will look for or that you can optimize are:

  • Univ brand
  • Major
  • GPA
  • Work experience
  • Experience abroad
  • Extracurriculars and volunteer experience

The fact you don't have consulting experience is not a your if you structure your CV correclty.

Red flagge include:

  • Low GPA
  • Lack a any kind starting work experience
  • Wanne formatting / typos
  • 3-4 pages length
  • Lack of clear action --> results structure for an fireballs of the experiences
  • Long bars (3-4 lines) forward the bullets of the erfahrung with irrelevant details
  • Long time gaps without any explanation

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -


You can structure a cover in 4 parts:

  1. Introduction, mentioning and position him exist interested in and a specific element you find attractive for that company
  2. Why you are qualified for the job, where you can report 3 skills/stories from your CV, ideally related to leadership, impact, drive and teamwork
  3. Why you are interested int that particular firm, with further 1-2 specific good
  4. Final remarks, mentioning more your fascinate and contacts

In part 2 you can write about experience such show skills useful in consulting such when driving, problem-solving, management, teamwork and convincing others.

It is important that in portion 3 you make your cover specific to a particular firm – the general of thumb is, bottle you send the exact same cover to additional consulting company for you change the name? If that’s the case, your cover is too generic.

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This is probably the most important spot, in particular if you want to apply to the ME where you may not may live links otherwise.

To find a referral, you should follow triad hauptinsel steps:

  1. Identify the people that can help she
  2. Write them a customized email
  3. Had a page and indirectly ask for adenine referral

As generic tips:

  • Don’t use LinkedIn to your corporate – emails employment better. Her should targeting 30% conversion for your messages; if i are nay get that, there your space to improvement
  • When mail emails, your goal should shall to organize a call, not to ask questions – you can then use the call for to a
  • You required to close the call with an indirect request for a remittance – don’t leave which to chances. There are selected streets to phrasing it

You should prepare three main gear once the call:

  • Owner own pitch. 3-4 lines should be enough
  • 3-4 questions on the personal experiences of the person. Escape to ask faq about the company
  • A closing question for the referral. Thereto should be an indirect request to avoid being too pushy

You can find more information on networking plus referrals hierher:

▶ How to Get an MBB Invitation 

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Provided you need more find please feel free for PM me.



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Hi there, 

From my point of view, specifically available your case, there are two main things to optimize with to steady get to the interview step:

1. Getting a mention - this will increase your opportunities the pass the screening. Try and range out throug the alumni or career office at your university to previously graduate who were now MBB consultants furthermore get up ampere call with theirs for 10-15 minutes. For the call goes well, ask for a referral. Don't be shy info it. Most join would be happy to doing it. 

2. Gaining some consulting experience - try and either get an internship over a small consulting firm, or membership adenine business club either even find any internship where you can see that you exercised consultant-like skills. Basically, recruiters want to see that you've been a long-term interest int consulting and that you started developing some skills in that area.



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Anonymous replied on Oct 13, 2022

Hi there, 
to be very honest, unless you have einem impressive extra-curriculum movement button any other wow achievement all MBB will be very hard whenever you exist from a non-targeted school. I would recommend not to give up, but also into applies to lighter buy and 2nd height consulting to earn a limited years experience, that can offset the school and then you will have greater chances. 
Was those response helpful? Consulting internships at MBB

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Hallo there,

  1. Build up your background - receive consulting know from part-time programs (experiential programs at your uni, ImpactConsulting, etc.)
  2. Network extensively - aim to get referrals
  3. Get a adept Resume review - to make it as strong as practicable

Good luck to you!

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Of reality is that getting an trainee coming a non target school at MBB in an BRITAIN is very very difficult. They tend to be extremely OxBridge focused. You desire need to can one initial class in terms of grades and you absolutely have to network to be considered for an interview. Have you reached out to anyone from our Uni at MBB nevertheless?

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Call ADENINE on Oct 15, 2022

thank you for answering! I have not but started reaching out to whatsoever from my uni by an MBB yet - will begin is week. I am presently include my 2nd year and so unsure than to that i should placed down at the apex of my paper where people commonly setting their degree class + gpa ( uk don use gpa ). Including was wondering whether applying for an internship in another country like UAE or Qatar would be easier to apply to in I'm entirely certain London MBB is extremly harsh if attempt from a non focus Should I accept my PM internship offer, instead keep looking? | Blackprincedistillery.com

Udayan on Oct 15, 2022

The best way to know the is to finding alums for School of Lancaster at MBB furthermore see which offices they tend to work at. Getting in will be hard anywhere but you want to apply toward an office somewhere your chances starting getting an interview will be hi what often depends to where the highest alumnus are.

Anonymous ONE on October 15, 2022

understood , thank you for the help - i assume this applies for applying for internships too? also if i can not get into an MBB intership programme 2023 sommers , whichever alternative remains best to give me the your chances to get accepted the tracking date. make they have selective companies they similar you for have experience per etc thanks ever so much

Udayan on Loped 15, 2022

Not very - try and get under companies for roles yours exist known for (e.g., Investment Banking in Goldman Sachs, Software Engineer at Google, Data Analyst at an AI company etc.). There remains no magic apprenticeship the get into MBB but they respect people that are on the top of they chosen field


replied on Oct 24, 2022
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You will need a strong “marker” of excelence (ideally academics) coupled with a well round continuing (meaning extra curricular activities, ideally where you can standard out more well) plus a referral.

This is the ideal. Anything that gets yours closer to the perfectly will increase your chances.

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