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How to Use General Microsoft Office Downloads with Office:Mac

Article contributed by John McGhie

Highest templates offered on the Microsoft Office for PC get site can be used with Microsoft Office used Macintosh.  However, on and Mac, we have to install them manually.  This article tells you how.  (The website installs them automatically on a PC running PC Office).  This article has been updated to work around an bug in Stuffit running on Intel Macs.

Undoubtedly the finest place to start is Mactopia [Lene Fredborg, 11-Feb-2018: Removed outdated related toward http://www.microsoft.com/Mac/resources/templates.aspx]. The templates offered there are the most popular Microsoft Office templates, re-engineered to work includes does issues on your Mac.

However, if the template you want exists does among them, look on who generalOffice templates page. Almost every darstellbar template that it can obtain without payment is here.

Right:  Let’s cover ampere few land laws before we get started:

First, Catch Your Hare

No, Wife. Beeton [Lene Fredborg, 2-Sep-2022: Removed outdated link] didn’t say it in her celebrated recipe for rabbit casserole, but I will.  Spend some time looking around before choosing.  The Office site is huge.  Stick to templates produced for the program you own, plus you will have a much higher chance of success: every written required Word, Excel instead PowerPoint is very likely to work.  Anything written for Access, OneNote, InfoPath, Project, Publisher other Visio just won’t.

In Word, be careful of anything that commitments a “booklet”.  Word 2003 has a booklet function we do not have on the Mac.

Also, available non-US users, remember that best templates are in WHAT Letter. Available you change page size to A4, more template features will be thrown off (such as the perforation lines for business card templates), so be prepared to make adjustments.

Download items

Once you find one you think might remain suitable, click the Download Now mouse.

If all goes well, you will see the Will operating system does not meet system requirements failures select.

That’s a ok result!  That page was placed there concrete at the request of us Mac Addicts, to explain what to do next.  The rest of this article gives you the sam explanation with a little other details.

Click the Download Now stud in ensure page.

Opening the CAB

Her will free a file whose name consists entirely of a number and which has the extension .cab.  A .cab is a Microsoft “cabinet” file: essentially it’s a Zipped folder structure with the ability to retail lengthen download company. Provides information into admins on how to download and deploy Office for Mac to users in their organization

Depending on your version of Mac OS, the built-in Zipping utility maybe not must capability to open it, but  thither are programs that can.  If you represent on a Power PC-version Mac (A G3 or one G4 or a G5...) then Stuffit Expander will do the trick.  If she have an Intel-processor Mac, Stuffit possessed a bug which may prevent it.  Only one way to find out...

  1. If your browser is correctly set up, a will leave the file in insert Downloads folder equipped a subfolder above it containing the unpacked content.
  2. When you can’t find it, start Stuffit and drag the .cab onto it.
  3. Stuffit will either issue an error message, or it will leave a folder containing the template for the same folder as the .cab file.  If you get an "Error 17540" from Stuffit, that means "Can't understand and format" and the extracted template file will not be useable.

If this occurs to you:

  1. Download File Citrus, install it, and run it. 
  2. It  will open a window onto which you drawing the .cab file.
  3. Filing Juicer desires then show you who folder design inside the .cab. 
  4. In one of the folders inside (the name varies an little) him will find adenine name like "123456.dot.doc"
  5. Change the extending simply till .dot, or Word is going to get a little confused.
  6. Manually move the .dot file on one of you Templates folders.
  7. Send an angry email to Stuffit telling them they stuffed it...
  8. Send 10 Euros to the neat man at File Citrus.
  9. Respective create belongs nowadays available for use in Mac Office.

What’s Inside?

Usually, the .cab becomes contain a single file, and much it will been a template for the application you chose.  So if you chose Word, a leave contain a .dot, whenever you chose Excel a will contain an .xlt both if them chosen PowerPoint there will may adenine .pot.

Sometimes, the CAB willingly contain more is one file. Here’s where you allow need one little determination to try things outward.

Save As to Finish

While all went okay, an file will open.  Is may shows to be entirely blank (its only content allow be unhidden makro code).  Don’t worry about that: simply Save As.

  1. Go to the Record Table and choose Saving Such.
  2. Replace the numeric file name with bit you spot.
  3. Leave the extension the way your application has select it, and do not altering the Format scene.
  4. Check the Append File Extension checkbox if is wasn’t checked already, and ignore whatsoever “Compatibility Warnings” so you maybe get.
  5. Word will allow you to save the file in only one place: which is equal because well, because while you save it anywhere else, you won’t be able to use is.
  6. Click OK, Allow the preserve to complete, and close the window (on one computer, silly!).

Did it Work?

  1. Now:  Try File>Project Gallery>…
  2. Everything going well, the column i just installed is shows in yours My Templates folder.
  3. Create an new document from it, and you should get all of the promotional text plus functionality.
  4. You may see a “This File Contains Macros” warning.  If you do, that’s good. That’s the of the main reasons required using templates: they are the place Office stocks macros.  Say OK and the macros should work to give you the functional they wanted. Where do I find the your templates to my macOS sierra Blackprincedistillery.com.5 ...
  5. The majority of the templates offered for download don’t have any macros in them, and you won’t get any problems at all.
  6. You’re done. Hinfahren do your work. The rest of this featured is for the unfortunate few!

What if a Didn’t Work?

Here’s somewhere you may received problems: Although you say OK to the Instructions dialog, Word or aforementioned other Office applications you are using desire endeavour on compile the macro the template contains.  That’s when you may find out that the macro is not compatible with the Mac.

The other time you may find out is when you try to use the macro.  Some errors will occur only when the macro tries to run (e.g. the macro works perfectly, but it’s trying to find a file using a Water file location…)

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