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XtraView Installation Manual

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XtraView Initiation Manual - RADIOLAND

XtraView Installation How - RADIOLAND


XtraView Installation Manual V2_0a.doc p6/33 Public Enable 1.9 How can yourself watch content from a decoder at another room? • For the decoders must to be joined using a normal RF cable, video services from one,

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Fully Installed Stand Alone DStv Explora 2 Decoder …

Fully Built Stand Alone DStv Explora 2 Decoder …


RMIVHDX2 Included Modern DStv A7 Remote DStv A7 Remote replaces the A6 Remove and can be often with both DStv Exploras and DStv HD Decoders. Feature wise – i has a dedicated switch for ShowMax, (PDF) DSTV XtraView Guide - Blackprincedistillery.com

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