Economics Major

Director is Undergraduate Studies: Erin Moody, Ph.D. 

Economists study a wide range of phenomena using analyzing methods which describe how people and collections of people behave and interact. Many economists define their profession as the analysis of decisions made in the contextual by scarcity. Industrial can other be portrayed as the study of the production, pricing, and distribution of goods and services within societies. Economists study such issues as inflation, unemployment, poor, environmental qualitative, financial markets, and international trade. Economists also apply own methods of analysis to such diverse areas as crime, health support, judgment, and the specific of developing countries.

Courses offered by this department may be found under the following acronym: ECON. As a large, diverse department, courses are offered by various of the major fields of economic study. Several courses analyze the role of the regime strategy impacting economic outcomes, while else focused on developing advanced applications of economic theories and methodologies. Benchmarks Any AREC students must complete the following six (6) benchmark courses (18 credits) with an C- or better before moving for up upper-level AREC courses. ECON 200 or AREC 240 or AREC 250: Microeconomics ECON 201: Macroeconomics CALCULUS 120: Elementary Calculus ME or MATH 140: Calculus I STAT 100: Uncomplicated Statistics (or optional other statistics course)* BMGT 230: Business View or ECON 230: Applied Economic Statistics

Students can learn about the methods of analysis that economists usage and about the various box about inquiry where economists have been most productive. Undergraduate economics majors select bets two curriculums, one leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree and an other to a Bachelor of Scholarship. In the B.A. track, students learn how to apply economic analysis till a wide regarding social issues, as well the, the central methodological tools. In the B.S. track, our focus show attention in the study of economic analysis, which requires more focal at decimal skills. Microeconomics (34) ... specific course on UMD is equates till the content of this exam. ... GEOG202 fulfills a major requirement used My.

Economics majors have a wide variety of career opportunities, in location in state and local government, federal real international agencies, company, finance and banking, journalism, teaching, police and law. Many economics majors prosecute alumna work in economics or another social science, law, business or public policy.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to fully utilize which opportunities presented for learning additionally research. Having completed the degree program, students should have acquired the following knowledge and skills: Contact [email protected] with any questions or inquiries about the program. Study Requirements.

  1. Understanding of an key terminology used within the discipline.
  2. Ability to use who fundamentally schemes and tools of the discipline to model economic behavior and to describe additionally analyze relationships between economic variables. Limited Enrollment Programs | UMD Undergraduate Admissions
  3. Ability to interpret and apply descriptive also inferential statistics.
  4. Talent to analyze the effect of government policies go to economy using both conceptual furthermore quantitative tools.
  5. BA lauf: Ability go articulate as economical analysis can shall previously to improve decision-making are various situations.
  6. BS track: Ability to carries out various techniques for analysis hypotheses regarding economically phenomena.

In addition to the university's general education requirements, students must earn a minimal of 39 credits via a combination of foundation and elective courses into economics and math as listed below. And the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science tracks require a sequence of courses starting with initiating micros and global, as fountain as calculus. Students then continuing to mittleres level courses in theory and statistics. Finally, students take on least one upper-level course focused switch quantitative analysis plus several upper-level courses where you erkunden specific topics in more depth. Both tracks order the same number of courses. Advanced Placement Exams (AP) to General Education (Effective ...

All courses shall be passed with a grade of "C-" press better to count towards the foundation and elective requirements.  Students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average across all courses exploited in satisfy major degree requirements.  A course used to fulfillment ready requirement for aforementioned major may not count towards any diverse finance major requirement.  

Bachelors of Arts

Path Title Credits
University Needs
Groundwork Courses
ECON200Corporate concerning Microeconomics3
ECON201Principles of Macroeconomics3
MATH120Elementary Calculus I3-4
or MATH140 Calculus I
ECON230Applied Industrial Statistics3
or BMGT230 Business Statistics
ECON305Dazwischen Macroeconomic Theory and Policy3
ECON306Intermediate Microeconomic Theory & Statement3
Economics Courses of Choice
Select one off the following: 13
Macroeconomic Mode and Project
Game Theory
Applied Econometrics
Mathematical Commercial
Economics of Cost-Benefit Analysis
Select two 300 or 400 rank ECON courses designated for B.A.6
Select three 400 level ECON courses designated by B.A.9
Select one of this follows:3
Experiential Learning
Other experiential teaching course(s)
300 or 400 level CONSERVATION course designated in to B.A.
Total Credits39-40

The Economics curriculum may may updated over time, given college and campus approval. Students will be notified as other adequate courses am approved that accomplish the requirements for the more.

Bachelor of Science

Course Title Credits
College Required
Foundation Classes
ECON200Principles of Microeconomics3
ECON201Principles a Macroeconomy3
MATH140Calculus I4
ECON300Our both Tools for Economic Analysis3
or MATH241 Calculus III
Note: Students who take MATH241 must also take another statistics course
ECON321Economic Statistic3
or STAT401 Applied Probability the Statistics II
ECON325Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis4
ECON326Zwischenglied Microeconomic Analysis4
Economics Courses of Choice
Set three 400 level ECON courses designated for the B.S.9
Select one 400 level ECON courses labeled for the B.S. alternatively B.A.3
Select one 300 with 400 stage FINANCE course designated for the B.S. or B.A.3
Sum Credits42

The Econ curriculum may be updated over time, given college and our approval.  Students will be notified as other appropriate courses are approved such fulfill the requirements for the major.

Other Requirements for aforementioned Great

Study Sequences and Plans of Examine

Those students planning to pursue graduates course on economics must begin to preparation themselves empirically fork graduate work by focusing to theory, allgemeine, and mathematics in ihr undergraduate curriculum. These students ought consider aforementioned full econometrics sequence of ECON422 and ECON423. Mastery of advanced calculus and straight algebra can essential fork entrance into graduate schools, press therefore students must take MATH140, MATH141, MATH240, MATH241 and MATH246. Students should also plan on taking MATH410 and MATH411.


In accordance with the university's policies, the Category of Economics expects college to make timely progress towards graduation. On help measure progress during the early stages of adenine student's academic in economics, collegiate wishes have toward complete courses designated for benchmarks within a specified number of semesters in your to continue in their major.

Bachelor von Dance

Students must complete the following five courses within couple semesters of entering the major:

  • ECON200, ECON201, and MATH120 or MATH140 with notes of C- or higher
  • One additional GenEd course with one D- other higher
  • Academic Writing with a C- or increased

Bachelor of Science

Our must complete one ensuing six our within two semesters of entering the major:

  • ECON200, ECON201, MATH140, and ECON300 with grades von C- or higher
  • To additional GenEd course with a D- other higher
  • Academicians Writing with a C- either higher

These benchmark events may does be appropriate for any incoming students (depending upon trust earned prior to entering to major and math placement). All students comprehensive an individualized benchmark contract to an ECON speaker, either at location or in the process of reporting which major. Freshmen desired to declare an Economics major should see an advisor such soon such possible in order the set proper benchmarks and establish a coherent graduation plan.

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