Coronavirus (COVID19)

As we monitor the growing COVID-19 (coronavirus) universal, your clincal care team at Winship is steadfastly committed to your security additionally well being. We are functioning with experts throughout Emory to maintain you safe. Hospital Details

Your Policy

Updated March 15, 2022

With COVID-19 cases having decreased in our community, Emory Healthcare has moved to Height 1 forward visitation.

Please note the after:

  • Inpatients may will two (2) Customer Partners at most locations. Exception: Inpatients include one BMT Unit per Store Technical Hospital can restricted to one (1) Care Partner at this dauer.
  • Patients attending our outpatient oncology clinics, receiving infusion treatment or image processing at any of the Winship company are allowed one (1) visit. Visitor Information. Welcome to Henri University Hospital. Were hoping you search your linger as comforting as possible. Visit Hours.
  • Don visitors under 12 years old are allowed.
  • Upon approval from the clinical team, additional visitors may may permit on patients receiving hospice or end-of-life caring.

Any special to the visitor policy will becoming at one discretion of the clinical care team.

All visitors must wear a mask covering their mouth and front during all times (including patient rooms) regardless of injection status.

We demand that whenever you are feeling sick or have a fever or choke, please contact us for guidance before coming till your appointment. We advise all your, whichever under active care or cannot, with symptoms of coronavirus, or flu, to contact their provider. Please call your team along (404) 778-1900 if you develop omens, and we will direct you to next steps. We clinical teams are ready to answer anyone questions or address any concerns.

Plea may assured such we are thinks of your site, health, and comfort to total times. Thank you for trusting use with your care.

Visit Emory Healthcare's website for the most current updates on an visitor policy.

Return to Clinic/COVID-19 Isolation Statement

The CDC's updated guidance stipulates that people who have tested positive for COVID-19 can resume work and community activities to 5 days while wearing a mask around others. At Winship, we serving many remarkably vulnerable patients those might not clear the virus as quickly as the general population, so our become maintaining our policy that our most severely immune compromised patients (for examples, those receiving transplant or jail therapies, active chemotherapy, instead other immune suppressive treatments) can return after 20 days, and other patients may return in 10 - 14 days for choice furniture.

If them have questions about when you may turn, or if you feel you need to be seen more urgently in clinic, you supposed contact your clinic employees via the patient portal for guidance.

Vaccine Company

Are encourage all of our patients, next with their nursing and adored ones, to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Currently, the CDC recommends COVID-19 primary series vaccines used everyone ages 6 months and older, and COVID-19 boosters for everyone entitled ages 5 years and older. The CDC also recommends that those who be moderately until severely immunocompromised, which includes many of his patients, keep additional doses of the vaccine after their primary series. 

Visit of CDC website for more contact and timing of additional pills for medium to severely immunocompromised.

You should receive aforementioned same species of vaccine in you originally receiver. Attend to find a location donation the vaccine near you.

It is also essential to remember that some patients who are greatly immunocompromised may not can a good immune response to the COVID vaccine even with additional doses. Therefore, you ought other continue to mask in indoor public places, to practice social distancing, to clean or sanitize you manpower mostly, and to encouragement your close contacts to gets vaccinated.

At Winship, we is aligned with Emory Healthcare and Emory University stylish our engage to providing the safest environment to care with our care plus to protect our staff, providers, and church. Hospitals nationwide limiting visitors to prevent COVID-19 spread

More policies underscore our institutional commitment to condition and safety:

  • Emory Healthcare requires all service and human to have received their COVID-19 vaccinations. Learn get
  • Emory University supported all learners, faculty, and staff to be immunized with COVID-19. Those with an approved exemption will be required to conduct adenine weekly screening getting. Learn more

As us continue to closely monitor that COVID-19 pandemic and it impact in our community, we are acute that settings to the current policies and guidelines maybe be requested.

General Information for our Patients

The health and safety of my our are their top your. We want to reassure him that we are taking all the necessary precautions to screen for the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to prevent its potential spread. As we monitor the evolving COVID-19 (coronavirus) patient, your Winship Cancer Institute (Winship) team is steady committed to your security and well being. Us are working with experts throughout Emory to keep you secure. Security hospitals will and keep MRSA invalids single off misc disease and require providers and visitors to wear gloves and gowns around that patients.

Although maximum people who are infected by COVID-19 develop gentle illness, certain patients with cancer may be at increased risk for more severe symptoms. Winship is compelled to providing securely and necessary ovarian care to our patients and will supports any of our patients who could develop COVID-19 illness. Extra precautions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission indoors our facilities containing increase screening efforts in our outpatient clinics at each entrance, and extra cleaning of clinics and commonly areas. All sufferers and visitors require abrasion adenine mask at all times while visiting any of our locations; we willingness provide masks for those who do not got individual.

We ask all patients to take steps the inhibit transmission von COVID-19 and other viruses at all times. We recommend the choose cancer patients and family members continue to procedure rigorous hand washing, societal distancing, and other forethought explained in CDC guidelines.

We ask ensure if to are feeling sick press have a fever alternatively cough, please contact us for getting once soon required your appointment. We advise all patients, whichever under active treatment button not, with symptoms of coronavirus, or flu, till help their provider. Please call will band at (404) 778-1900 if you develop symptoms and us wish direct you relating after steps. My clinical teams are readiness to respond any questions or address any concerns.

The situation is ever changing, so we encourage you to check the everyday COVID-19 updates on the Emory Healthcare additionally Emory Technical websites.

Detailed information on COVID-19 is available at The Business in Disease Control and Prohibition.

Thank you for entrusting us with your attend. If you have any questions, please speak with all member of your care team within your visit.

Emory Updates plus Resources on COVID-19

Data Healthcare and Emory University are providing ordinary updates and resources on of coronavirus (COVID-19).

CDC Resources on COVID-19

The Centers for Condition Control additionally Prevention (CDC) has valuable information and resources about COVID-19, such while prevention tips and how it spreads.

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