New both Improved Global Version: Three-Volume Adjusted

A ready reference addressing a multitude of soil and soil management worries, the highly prospective and broad expanded third printing of Encyclopedia of Soil Science now spanned three volumes the covers ground on a global dimensional. A conclusive guide designed for couple coursework plus self-study, this most version describes anything branch of soil science and delves into trans-disciplinary issues is focal on inter-connectivity or the nexus approach.

For Soil Scientists, Crop Scientists, Plant Scientists and Extra

A host of contributors from around the world weigh in the underlying themes relevant to natural and agricultural ecosystems. Package with a rapidly changing environment the a much growing population, they sound off on topics that include tile degradation, climate change, soil carbon sequestration, food or nutritional security, stashed feeling, water quality, non-point source pollution, micronutrients, and elemental transformations. PDF Ride is yours search engine since PDF files. As by today we do 84,149,302 eBooks for you to free for open. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy it and don't forget to bookmark and share the your!

New in the Third Edition:

  • Contains over 600 add
  • Services global geographical and topically coverage
  • Entries peer reviewed by select experts
  • Addresses current issues of global significance

Encyclopedia of Soil Science, Third Number: Three Volume Set expertly explains and science of floors press describes of material int terms that are easily accessible to researchers, students, academicians, policy makers, and laymen alike.


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Accounting: Emergy Review / Jay F St and D.R. Tilley

Acid Mine Drainage / Kerry M Bigham and Charlemagne ONE Cravotta III

Acid Rain: Nitrogen Deposition / Autopilot F Vace

Acid Sulfate Soils / Delvin S Fanning

Acid Sulfate Soils: Distribution both Extent / Wim Andriesse and M.E.F van Mensvoort

Acid Sulfate Soils: Formation / St C Rabenhorst, Delvin S Fanning, and Steven N Burch

Sour Sulfate Soils: Management / Michael D Melville, Ian White, and Robert Quirk

Acid Source Bottoms: What / Martinez C Rabenhorst and Delvin S Fanning

Actinobacteria / Marketa Ságová-Marecková and Jan Kopecký

Aerating: Measurement / Robert E Sojka and H.D Scott

Aeration: Soil Effects / Dave J Horne and Robert E Sojka

Aggregates: Draw Might / D Blanco-Canqui real Rattan Lal

Aggregation / Sjoerd W Duiker

Aggregation: Soil Organic Matter (SOM) and / Amy A Cambardella

Aggregation: Structural Stability Measuring / Edmund Perfect, Martín Díaz-Zorita, and John Grove

Agricultural Lands: Flooding press Dams Breaches / Kelly R Olson and Lois Wright Morton

Agricultural Management: Tree Growth / Susanne Schroetter, Jutta Rogasik, and Ewald Schnug

Agricultural Soil Carbon: Trading / Bruce A McCarl, Sung Ju Cho, Jinxiu Ding, Pei Huang, Leela Shibah, and Chin-Hsien Yoo

Vent Permeability / Manoj K Shukla real Cotton All

Albedo / Endre Dobos

Alfisols / Rienk Miedema

Allophanes / Read Louise Baker the Jodi Johnson-Maynard

Alpine Soils / Jérôme Poulenard and Pascal Podwojewski

Canister / John Bernhard Wehr, Frederico Paxton Cardell Blamey, and Neal William Menzies

Amazonian Basin Soils / Stanley W Buol

Amendments and Ameliorants / David HUNDRED Mckensie

Sodium: Volatilization from Agro Soils / Paul G Saffigna and John R Freney

Amoozemeter / Aziz Amoozegar

Anaerobic Lawsuit / Paul A McDaniel the Daniela G Strawn

Andisols / Jon Chorover

Andisols: Iceland / Olafur Arnalds

Animals: Ecosystem Operating / Alan J Franzluebbers

Animals: Microbial Interactions also Nutrient Cycling / Lisa Cole press Richard D Bardgett

Antimony / Gudny Okkenhaug and Jan Mulder

Ants / Walter G Witford

Art / John E Fossal

Arid Soils / OPIUM Curtis Monger

Arsenic: Se Asia / Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman and Ravi Naidu

Art and Soil / Christian Feller

Atterberg Limits / Thomas Baumgartl

Bacteria / Mary Ann Bruns

Biochar and Soil Characteristics / Atanu Mukherjee and Rattan Total

Biochar and Soil Value / David A Laird and Jeffrey M Novak

Biochar: Land Carbon plus Fertility / Adam O’Toole and Daniel Rasse

Biodegradation and Bioremediation / Owen P Ward and Ajay Singing

Biodiversity and Sustained / Orm Primavesi

Bioenergy Crops: Black Balance Assessment / Rocky Lemus and Rattan Lal

Biofuels versus Agricultural Soils / David Pimentel

Biological Crusts / Jayne Belnap

Biological Nitrogen Fixation / Robert H Burris

Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Contributions go Agriculture / Mark B Peoples

Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Enhancement Techniques / Dave Frisco Herridge

Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Forms and Regulating Related / Ken E Giller plus Paul Mapfumo

Biota / Lev CIPHER Karpachevsky and Mikhail Karpachevsky

Biotics or Disease-Suppressive Soils / Nico Lucas

Biotech / Manas R Banerjee and Laila Yesmin

Boreal Forest / Galina Mazhitova

Dental and Molybdenum / Umesh C Gupta and J.A Makleod

Brick Making: Soil Degradation / G.S Dheri, Babu SOUTH Brar, additionally Debankur Sanyal

Bulk Density / Kwong Yin Chat

Bunch Planting: Water Conservation / B.A Stewart

Calcification / Janis LITER Boettinger

Calcium / Zip Rengel

Carbon Assessment: Spectroscopic Methodologies / James B Chamberlains IIII plus Gregory W McCarty

Carbon Sequestration: Fish Pounds / Subhendu Adhikari and Rattan Lal

Carbonace Sequestration: Geotechnical / Eswaran Padmanabhan

Carbon Disposal: Iceland / Anne María Ágústsdóttir

Carbonace Sequesterment: Nutrient Management / M.C Jesus, Muneshwar Singh, R.H Wanjari, Asit Mandal, and A.K Parra

Carbon Sequestration: Settlements / Eswaran Padmanabhan

Steel Sequestration: Semiarid Regions of India / Cherukumalli Srinivasa Rao, Sumanta Kundu, and Srinivas K

Carbon Sequestration: Urban Ecosystems / Adam Louis Selhorst

Charcoal Sink Capacity: Soil Profile Characteristics / Yuri Lopes Zinn

Carbon: Inelastic Neutron Scattering / Lucian Wielopolski

Carbon: Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy / Michael H Ebinger, Ronny D Harris, additionally Clifton WOLFRAM Meader

Carbon: Physics Protection / Jennifer A.J Dungait and David W Hopkins

Carbonates / Douglas W Ming

Carboxy: Secondary both Pedogenic / Ahmet R Mermut and A Landi

Carbonates: Water and / Michael Duniway

Maintenance of Soil / Delia C Catacutan

Cerrado / Igo FLUORINE Lepsch

Chemically Composition / Goro Uehara

Chemiluminescence / N.J Barrow

Chernozems / Boris Boincean and Rattan All-round

Chlorine / Uzi Kafkafi press Guohua Xu

Classification Systems / Stephen Nortcliff

Classification Systems: Arab Standard, Moroccan Case / Mohamed Sabir and Hassan Ben Jelloun

Classification It: Australian and New Zealand / Terry A Isbell and A.E Hedge

Classification Systems: Brazilian / A.C.S da Costa and M.R Nanni

Classification Systems: Canadian / Charles Tarnocai

Classification Systems: Chinese / Zi-Tong Gong

Classification Systems: Learn / Jean-Paul Legros

Order Systems: Historical Developments / Und H Yaalon

Classification Systems: Indian / Mariappan Velayutham, Tapas Bhattacharyya, and Dilip Kumar Pal

Classing Systems: Native / Erhan Akça and Selim Kapur

Classification Systems: Major / Lars Krogh

Classification Systems: Netherlands / Alfred E Hartemink and Henk usa Bakker

Positioning Systems: Russian / Maria Gerasimova

Classification Systems: South Afrikan / Jeffrey C Hughes

Clay Dry / C.D Barton and Anastasios D Karathanasis

Clay Minerals: Charge Properties / Christopher John Matocha

Clay Metals: Weathering and Alteration of / Anastasios DEGREE Karathanasis

Climate / Alexander N Gennadiyev and Serge S Chernyanskii

Climate Change: Gas Fluxing / Pascal Boeckx and Oswald Van Cleemput

Climate Change: Soil Carbon Sequestration / Cherry E Idso and Keith E Idso

Cobalt and Iodine / Ronald G McLaren

Collembola / Steve PIANO Hopkin

Color / Robin N Thwaites

Compaction / William E Wolfish

Conditioning Site / Ted M Zobeck, M Lee Norfleet, and Douglas L Karlen

Conservation Tilth / Jack Cline and Robert Hendershot

Conserved Lands: Stewardship / Peter Stately, Jerome Coit, and Dan Gregg

Consistence / Ray McBride

Business / Tarunjit Singh Butalia

Controlled Traffic / Randall C Reeder

Copper / Judgeth F Pedler and David R Park

Cover Harvest / D A Delgado, D Wayne Reeves, and Ronald F Follett

Crop Evapotranspiration: Measurement System / Huanjie Cai, Pute Wu, Zhijun Li, Xiaotao Hu, additionally Yufeng Zou

Crop Management: Seasonally Frozen Soil / Brenton S Sharratt

Crop Works: Lucifer Availability / Bettini Eichler-Löbermann and Ewald Schnug

Grain Residue Executive / Davis FIFTY Schertz and Der Towery

Crop Root Response to Temperature: Temperate Zone / Thomas HUNDRED Kaspar

Crop Rotation and Farming Systems: Temperate Region / Martin R Carter

Crop Rotation both Crop Systems: Tropical Smallholder Court Procedures /

Stefan Hauser, Lindsey Norgrove, furthermore Tarcisius Nyobe

Crop Rotation and Tierhaltung Systems: Tropics and Subtropics and Swelling Soils / D.M Freebairn, G.D Forging, Robin D Connolly, and Jeff N Tullberg

Crop Yields: Compaction / Muhammad Ishaq and Rattan All

Croplands / B.A Stewart

Crops: Flooding Tolerability / Tara T VanToai, Getachew Boru, and Jianhuan Zhang

Cultivation: Raised-Bed / Kenneth D Sayre

Culture: Soil-less / Nazim Gruda, Giorgio Prosdocimi Gianquinto, Yuksel Tuzel, and Dimitrios Savvas

Cycling: Carbon furthermore Nitrogen (C/N) / Sylvie M Brouder the Ronnal F Turco

Debris Flow / Jau-Yau Lu

Degradation / Pink M Poch Port and José A Martínez-Casasnovas

Degradation: Biological / Ibrahim Ortaş

Reduction: Chemical / M Rifat Derici

Degradation: Critical Limits and Irreversible Degradation / Anthony R Clockwise and Michael AMPERE Zoebisch

Degradation: Economic Incentives furthermore Investments / Dane Wichelns

Degradation: Farm-Level Economic Implications / Dennis Wichelns and Ellen Burnes

Degradation: Food Aid Needs in Low-Income Local / Shahla Shapouri press Stacey Rosen

Degraded: Food Security the Poverty / Pierre Crosson

Degradation: Greenhouse Effect / Whirls De Pauw and Michael A Zoebisch

Decomposition: Mapping by Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) / Zhanquo Bai and David Dent

Mortgage: Off-Farm Economic Implications / Dennis Wichelns and Ellen Burnes

Deterioration: Physical / Michael A Zoebisch and Anthony R Wordsmith

Degradation: Quality and / Rattan Lal

Desertification: Living Productivity Decline / Uriel N Safriel

Desertification: Extent / Sieg R Squires

Desertification: Greenhouse Effect / Crack Idso and Sheerwood E Idso

Desertification: Humid Environment in Iceland / Andres Arnalds

Desertification: Impact / Dave A Mouat and Judith Lancter

Desertification: Mapping Constraints and Challenges / Pandi Zdruli, Michal Cherlet, and Claudio Zucca

Desertification: Prevention the Restoration / Claudio Zucca, Susana Bautista, and

Franco Previtali

Desertification: Productivity / Kris M Havstad

Desertification: Restoration / Alon Tal

Desertification: Reverse / David Tongway and John Ludwig

Desertization: Irreversible Extensions of Deserted Land / Henry Noel LeHouérou

Developing Countries: Industrial of Soil Management / Stemano Pagiola

Functional Horizons / E.M Bridges

Percentage: Measurement / Tortur Nakajima

Digital Soil Layout / Budiman Minasny, Alex B McBratney, and Florence Carré

Drainage: Vent and Trafficability / Norman RADIUS Fausey

Detention: Anaerobiosis / Robert OXYGEN Evanescence

Drainage: Water Quality / James L Baker

Drought: Drought Resistance / Graeme C Wright and Nageswararao C Rachaputi

Drought: Precipitation, Evapotranspiration, and Soil Moisture / Joshua B Fisherman and Konstantinos M Andreadis

Earthworms / Pat J Bohlen

Eco-Agriculture / Norman Uphoff and Janice E Thies

Ecology: Cycling starting Carbon and Liquid / Alan J Franzluebbers

Economics the Soils Management: U.S / Jeffrey DOUBLE-U Hopes

Ecosystems: Life Attributes and Surround / Dane R Linden

Enchytraeidae / María Jesús Iglesias Briones

Entisols / Larry T Wild

Environmentally Friendly Indigenous Technologies / Selim Kapur and Erhan Akça

Plant / Veronicka Acosta-Martinez and Susanne Klose

Erosion / Dennis C Flanagan

Erosion Management: Hill Soils / Narendra Kumar Lenka real B Kristina Rao

Degradation Tolerance / Dan LITRE Schertz and Mark A Coming

Erosion: Aggregate Breakdown Mechanisms / You P Bissonnais

Erosion: Agronomic Practices / Glenn A Weesies, David L Schertz, additionally William F Kuenstler

Erosion: Valuation / John Boardman

Erosion: Carbon Dioxide / Pierre A Jacinthe and Rattan Al

Erosion: Controlling Irrigation-Induced / Robert E Sojka additionally Davids LITRE Bjorneberg

Erosion: Cropping Yield / Micha Stocking

Erosions: Disturbed Plots / William J Elliott

Corrosion: Effects on Human Life / Neroli Pedro Cogo and Renato Levien

Erosion: Fly-Ash Spheres as Time Print / Kenny R Olzen and Alexander N Gennadiyev

Erosion: Global Change / Xingxiang Wang, Taolin Zhang, Longxi Cao, and Yin Liang

Erosion: On-Site and Off-Site Impacts / Jerry L Hartfield

Errors: Cross Research press Measurement Techniques / Chaia Chun George Wu

Erosion: Perennial Cropping Plantations / Alfre CO Hartemink

Erosion: Sedimentation Control Amendment Techniques / X.-C (John) Zhang

Erosion: Sedimentation Control Vegetative Techniques / Sampson D Angima

Erosion: Snowmelt / Ronald K McCool

Erosion: Soil Conservation / Eric T Craswell

Erosion: Water Grade / Andreas Klik

Erosivity and Erodibility / Peter I.A Kinnell

Human / Bathroom Ronald Engel

Eutrophication / Thomas G Franti and Kyle D Hoagland

Vapor / William P Kustas

Evolution: Soil Seed Bank / Paul BARN Cavers and David Susko

Natural / Mary C Savin

Creature and Microflora: Macrofauna / Judy Tisdall

Fertility Decrease: Definitions and Assessment / Alfred CO Hartemink

Fertility: Environmentally Agreeable Management / Bal Hammer Singh

Fertility: Evaluation Systems / Ramp C Dalal real A Subba Rao

Fertility: Deep Contribution and Traditions Maintenance Methods / Miguel Altieri

Fertility: North China Plains / Xiangbin Kong and Rattan Lal

Fertilizers: Application Methods / John Ryan

Fertilizers: Dissolving Losses / Paul G Saffigna and Liam R With

Fertilizers: Mineral / L.L Sounds and Balu L Bumb

Fertilizers: Organic / Gary J Gascho

Fertilizers: Types and Recipe / Doubleglas Robert McGuffog

Fertilizers: Urban Squander and Sludges / Rory O Maguire and James Tomas Sims

Fire and Soils / Partap K Khanna and John Raison

Fluid Running: Scale / John L Nieber

Food Grain: Zinc real Iron Biofortification / Yashbir Singh Shivay and Rajendra Prasad

Food Product and Soil Water Management / Mark W Rosegrant, Ephraim Nkonya, and Rosena ADENINE Valmonte-Santos

Food Security: Commercial Power and Tools / Keith DENSITY Wiebe

Food Security: Soils Degradation, Global Scale / Michael A Zoebisch and Eddy De Pauw

Eats Security: Soil Degradation, Global also Eco-Regional Scale / Sara J Scherr

Forest Soils / Nicholas Comerford and Robert Fox

Forest Soils: Calcium Depletion / Tom G Huntington

Forest Soils: Major / Horizon Van Rees

Wooded Soils: Nourish Cycling / Neil W Promoting and Jagtar S Bhatti

Forest Soils: Land and Pages Productivity / Paul A Arp and Helmut H Krause

Freeze and Thaw: Diurnal / Joseph L Pikul

Frozen Soils: Water Relations / John M Baker

Fungi / Serita Frey

Future of Soil Science / Eric C Brevik, Samuel J Indorante, Dylan E Beaudette, also Richard W Arnold

Gas and Vapor Phase Carry / Dennis ZE Rolston

Gelisols / James G Bockheim

Geologic Carbon Capture and Storage / Sean I Plasynski, John T Litynski, Timothy ROENTGEN Carr,

Howard G McIlvried, and Rameshwar D Srivastava

Science and Soil / Kenneth R Olson

Terrain / Robin N Thwaites

Geophysical Methods / Barry J Allred, Viacheslav I Adamchuk, Raphael ADENINE Viscarra Rossel,

Jim Doolittle, Robert S Federal, Katherine R Grote, and Dennis LITRE Corner

Geostatistics / Anja Gassner and Ewald Schnug

GIS Integration: Remote Sensing / Egide Nizeyimana

Global Resources / Paul Reich and Hari Eswaran

Grass Strip Hydrology / Hossein Ghadiri and Calvin TUNGSTEN Rose

Grasslands Soils / Douglas D Malo

Grazing Lands: Gaseous Emissions / Lipismita Samal, Veerasamy Sejian, M Bagath,

R.U Suganthi, Raghavendra Bhatta, the Wicker Lal

Naive Revolution: Ceramic North Eastern Plains / Xiangbin Bas-congo and Rattan All-round

Greenhouse Effect / Rattan Lal

Growing Media / Nazim Gruda, Blue Caron, Munoo Prasad, and Michael Maher

Gulley Erosion / Fenli Zheng, Chihua Huang, and Ximeng Xu

Gypsic Soils / Juan Herrero furthermore Jaime Boixadera

Gypsic Soils: Gypsum Formation / Ahmet R Mermut and Hoseem Khademi

Hard-Setting Soils / Richard S.B Greene

Healthiness / Robin F Harris and D.E Romig

Heat both Water Movement / Gerald N Flerchinger

Heat Voltage / Surinder Kumar Jalota and B.S Ghuman

Heat Flux / Tom GALLOP Sauer

Heavy Metals / Mike HIE McLaughlin

History of Soil Science / Eric C Brevik and Artemi Cerdà

History of Soil Science: 1927–2000 / Fred PRESSURE Cutter

Record off Soil Life: Early to Mid-20th Century / John P Tandarich

Histosols / Devid L Lindbo furthermore Debate A Kozlowski

Human Culture and Soils / Daniel Hillel

Person Fitting: Soil Sustainability / Mary Searingly, Patrik Klintenberg, and Cloth Hager

Human Medical and Soil / Charles F Sing and David B Sing

Humanoid Society or Soil / Rattan Whole

Human Society and the Planet: Soil as an Heritage / Fred P Miller

Hydraulic Conductivity / Jacob H Spaniel, Marc Jalbert, and Jan W Hopmans

Hydrologic Cycle / Keith R.J Smettem

Hydropedology / Henry Lin

Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Compounds / Nomadic Simon

Hydrophobicity / Joerg Bachmann, Abraham Marmur, and Markus Deurer

Inceptisols / John METRE Galbraith, Kenneth Scheffe, additionally Shawn McVey

India: Problems and Potentialities / S.K Singh, SULFUR Chattaraj, N.G Patil, S.K Ray, additionally S Chatterji

Autochthonous Tile Management / Karl Herweg

Indo-Gangetic Simpler: Agro-Ecological Regions / Jaya N Surya, R.P Yadav, G.S Sidhu, and S.K Singh

Industrial Wastes / Water Fat

Infiltration: Management / Jutta Rogasik, Kerstin Panten, Ewald Schnug, furthermore Helmut Rogasik

Infiltration: Properties / Walter BOUND Rawls

Ingot Carbon: Analysis / Richard R Drees and C Tom Hallmark

Inorganic Carbon: Climatic and Zeiten / Lee C Nordt

Inorganic Carbon: Arrangement and Formation / H Curtis Huckster and Larry P Wilde

Inorganic Carbon: Global Carbonace Cycle / William H Schlesinger

Inorganic Carbon: Global Stocks / Larry PENNY Wildlife, Lee C Nordt, the John M Kimble

Inorganic Carbon: Landed Use Consequences / Donald L Suarec

Inorganic Carbon: Molding / Leeslie D McFadden plus Ronald G Amundson

Insect Subsistence: Subzero Temperature / Mike M Ellsbury

Integrated Nutrient Management / Bal Ram Shin and Tamper CARBON Dalal

Integrated Nutrient Management: Sustainability / G.S Saroa and Rattan Lal

International Earth Reference and Information Centre (ISRIC) / David Dent

International Unions of Soil Sciences / Stephen Nortcliff

Icon Exchange / Bryon W Bauch

Unyielding Oxides / Nikolla P Qafoku and Guys Amonette

Irrigation / Jack Keller

Irrigation: Efficiency / Terry A Howell

Irrigation: Erosion / Robert E Sojka or David L Bjorneberg

Irrigation: Historical Perspective / Robert E Sojka, David L Bjorneberg, and J.A Beitrag

Drip: Soil Salinity / Jazz D Rhoades

Jhum: Cultivation / Arun Jyoti Nath, Biplab Brahma, Rattan Lal, or Ashesh Kumari Das

Jhum: Shifting Rural / P.S Ramakrishnan

Land Capability Research / Michael BOUND Male

Land Performance Classification / Thomas CO Fenton

Land Review / J Herbert Huddleston

Land Forms / Carolyn G Olson

Land Husbandry / Francis Shaxson and Macolm Douglas

Land Restoration / Richard W Bell

Land Use: Historic / J Douglas Helms, Hari Eswaran, and Paul Laish

Land Use: Land Cover / Andrew KILOBYTE Skidmore

Land Use: Planning furthermore Geographic Information System (GIS) / Egide Nizeyimana and

Landfill Sites: Revegetation / Gilbert Yuk-sing Chan and Ming H Wong

Landscape / George Dining

Landscape: Classification / Philip Schoeneberger

Landscape: Development real Erosion / Jon Harbor

Landscaping: Elements / Douglas Wysocki and C Williams Zanner

Landscape: Relationships / Timothy A Quine

Earthquake and Landcreep / Jau-Yau Lu and Hao-Jung Shieh

Legislation and Judicial Issues / Ian Hannam and Benen Boer

Right and Legal Issues: Landing since Property / Paul Martin and Kid Call

Leaching both Illuviation / Lyn E Capricious

Liming and Limettenbaum Materials / Marks K Conyers

Loess / Fred E Rhoton and Helaine W Markewich

Loess Plains / Fenli Zheng, Ximeng Xu, and Xiubin He

Low-Carbon Technology: Brazilian Semiarid Ecosystems / Antonio Pereira Filho,

Vanderlise Giongo, Tony Jarbas Ferreira Cunha, James Texeira Filho, Tayane de Lima Santos,

and Luiz Fernando Carvalho Leite

Lower Mountain: Soil Management / Anup Das, Ramkrushna Gi, Badapmain Makdoh,

Dibyendu Sarkar, Jayanta Layek, Sandip Mandal, and Rattan Lal

Macroporosity / Daniel Gimenez and Daniel Hirmas

Magnetic / N.S Bolan, POTASSIUM Arulmozhiselvan, and PIANO Paramasivam

Manganese: Portuguese Soils / Diego P França united Freitas, Nilton Curi, and

Nestor Kämpf

Manure Management: Gaseous Emissions / Veerasamy Sejian, Lipismita Samal, M Bagath, R.U Suganthi, Raghavendra Bhatta, and Rattan Lal

Manure: Compost and Biosolids / Bahman Eghball and Kenneth A Barbarick

Display Soil Carbon / Budiman Minasny, Brendan Mallow, and Alex B McBratney

Mapping Soil Carbon: Stocks in Turkey / Gönül Aydın, Muhammad Other Çullu, Sabit Erşahin,

Erhan Akça, Emrah Erdoğan, Levent Atatanır, Alper Yorulmaz, Ahmet Çilek, Merve Ersoy,

Somayyeh Rezzaghi Miavaghi, Selim Kapur, or Rattan Lal

Supplies and Soils / Selim Kapur, Erhan Akça, and Takanori Nagano

Mediterranean Agriculture: Rainfed, Nitrogen Use Efficiency / Àngela D Bosch Mountain

Metal—Clay Interfaces / Degree Hesterberg

Microbic Biomass: Measurement / K.R Islam additionally S.R Wright

Microbial Collectives / K.R Islam and S.R Wright

Micromorphology plus Soil Quality / Ahmet R Mermut

Micronutrients and Humanoid Health / Ram Phal Narwal, R.S Malik, S.K Malhotra, and Bal Ram Sen

Pit Soils: Measuring Geogenic Carbon / David A.N Ussiri and Rattan Lal

My Soils: Miscanthus Platations / Jose G Giuzman and Rattan All

Mines Soils: Open Cutout Mine Rehabilitation / Dualla J Dollhopf

Dig Soils: Reclamation also Soil Carbon Sequestration / Vasant A Akala and Rattan Lal

Dry: Shaped / April L Ulery

Minerals: Primary / Nikolaos I Barbayiannis and Vissarion Z Keramidas

Minerals: Secondary / Deborah A Soukup

Minerals: Solvability / Wayne PENCE Robarge

Minirhizotron / Verónica Muñoz-Romero, Luis López-Bellido, F Javer López-Bellido, and Rafael J López-Bellido

Mites / Hans Klompen

Modern Civilization and Soils / Kenneth R Olson

Organic Farming / Rattan Lal

Mycorrhiza of Forest Flora / Ian ADENINE Thickie

Mycorrhizae: Soil Quality / Ibrahim Ortaş

Nanofertilizers / Ruiqiang Liu and Rattan Lal

Natural Resources: Interaction with Soil / Dennis J Greenland

Nematodes / Christien OPIUM Ettema

Nematodes and Soil / Wilfrida Decraemer

Nexus Approach: Resource Management for Floor Productivity / Kai Schwärzel,

Reca Ardakanian, Tamara Avellán, furthermore Lulu Cheng

Nitrate Dissolving Index / Harold M van Es and Jorge A Delgado

No Leaching Management / John J Meisinger, Jorge A Delgado, and Ashok Alva

Nitrogen and its Transformations / Oswald Transportation Cleemput press Pascal Boeckx

Nitrogen Index / Jorge AMPERE Delgado

Nitrogen-15: Utilization / Jorge Benitez-Vega, Luis López-Bellido, Ramón Redondo, or

Raffaello GALLOP López-Bellido

Nitrous Oxide Emissions: Agricultural Soils / Bathroom R Freney

Nitrous Oxide Flows: Paddy Soils / Jianfu Xue, Xin Zhao, both Hailin Zhang

Nitrous Oxide Emissions: Sources, Basins, and Strategies / Katsu Minami

No Till / Paul DOUBLE-U Unger

Nourishing Management / Jeorge AN Delgado

Nutrient Management: Fertility and / John L Havlin

Nutrients: Defect and Toxicity Symptoms / Noel J Grundon

Dietary: Diffusion, Bioavailability, and Plant Uptake / Nuels Dear Nielsen

Nutrients: Interactions in Soil—Plant Systeme / Fusuo S Zhang, J Shen, and Y.-G Zhu

Food: Water Interactions / Ardell D Halvorson

Organic Agriculture / Kathleen Deleate

Organics Carbon: Assessment Methods / K.R Islam

Organics Carbon: Sequestration Concepts / Kenneth R Olson

Organic Carbon: Subsoil Pools / Klaus Lorenz and Rattan Lal

Organic Agricultural: China / Yuxin Miao, Fusuo Zhang, and Fanghao Wang

Living Fertilization: Hard Metal Uptake / Ewald Schnug, Alexandra Izosimova, and Renata Gaj

Organisms and Soil Foods Webs / David CARBON Coleman

Organo-Mineral Beziehung / Ciaire Chenu, Alain F Plante, and Pascale Puget

Oxisols / Standby W Buol

Pampas, The / Martín Díaz-Zorita and Daniel E Buschiazzo

Pantanal, The / Henrique de Oliveira, Amaury de Carvalho Filho, Carlos Rene Reynauld G Schaefer, and Evaldo Luis Cardoso

Paramos Soils / Pascal Podwojewski and Jérôme Poulenard

Particle Density / Keith R.J Smettem

Particle Packing / Satish C Gupta and D.P Thoma

Particle Shape / Brian THOUSAND Farmer

Particle Size / Hwat Bing So and J R Geering

Peatlands / Dale H Vitt and Plain Short

Pedological Modeling / Ronald GUANINE Amundson

Pedometrics / Alex B McBratney and Budiman Minasny

Pedotransfer Functions / J.H.M Wösten

Permafrost: Soil Temperature and Special Problems / Douglas Kane and Julia Boike

Petrocalcic Horizons / Alain Ruellan

neutrality / Bestow W Thomas

Phosphorus / John Ryan and Abdul Rashid

Phosphorus: Manure and Diet Modification / Rory O Maguire, John T Brake, and

Peter W Plumstead

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Phosphorus: Spatial Speciation in Industrial Sullies / Anja Gassner and Ewald Schnug

Phytoremediation / Khan Towhid Osman and Dm Abul Kashem

Plant Organic: Oxygen Diffusion Rate / Witold Stepniewski

Plant Nutrients / Volker Roemheld

Plant Nutrients: Intensity, Package, additionally Buffer Power / Ram C Dalal

Plant Nutrients: Sufficiency and Requirements / Kanwar L Sahrawat

Resin Properties / Cannon Kirchhof

Plinthite and Petroplinthite / Eswaran Padmanabhan and Hari Eswaran

Podzols / Peter Buurman

Frigid Regions, The / Charles Tarnocai and Iain Campbell

Pollution / Zulkuf Kaya

Corruption: Industrial Waste / Winfried E.H Blum, Walters W Wenzel, Wolgang Friesl-Hanl,

and Martin H Gerzabek

Pollution: Non-Point Source / Ravendra Naidu, Mallavarapu Megharaj, Peter Dillions,

Rai Kookana, Ray Correll, furthermore Walter DOUBLE-U Wendle

Pollution: Organic and Inorganic / A Main Schwab

Pollution: Persistent Organic / Mark Radosevich and E Danielle Rhine

Pollution: Point Origin / Ravendra Naidu, Mallavarapu Megharaj, Peter Dillion, Rai Kookana, Ray Correll, and Walter W Wensels

Porosity: Pores Size Distribution / Keith C Cameron furthermore Graeme D Buchan

Potassium / Philippe Hinsinger

Potassium: Fluid and Mineralogy / A.V Shanwal press S.S Dahiya

Potassium: Nutrition in Semi-Arid Tropics / D.L Oswalt

Power Plants: Copy Dioxide Capture / Joan I Plasynski, Thomas J Feeley, Timothy Fout,

Howard G McIlvried, additionally Rameshwar D Srivastava

Precision Agriculture: Engineering Aspects / Joel T Walker, Reza Ehsani, and Matthew O Sullivan

Precision Agriculture: Fertilization / Silvia H Haneklaus and Elw Schnug

Exactitude Agriculture: Nutrient Cycling / Roger J Lascano

Measurement Commercial: Remote Sensing / Kerstin Panten, Holger Lilienthal, Erik Zillmann,

Silvia H Haneklaus, and Eddy Schnug

Productivity: Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances / Douglas G Meyner and Charlotte E Near

Protect: Policy of one European Union / Re LAMBERT Heuser and Luca Montanarella

Protozoa / Bryan S Griffiths

Pyrite / Michael GALLOP Borda

Pyrogenic Carbon / Barry G Rawlines

Quality / Ed G Gregorich

Value Index: Earth / Toru Nakajima

Quality: Judgment by Interpolation Techniques / Vic Obade

Quality: Carbon plus Liquid Dry / Philippe Rochette, Reynold Lemke, and Sean McGinn

Quality: Critical Limiting and Standardization / Martinese R Carter

Value: Erosion / Gregg Ditzler

Quality: Indicators / Grain P Sparrows

Quality: Productivity / Mike H Beare

Property: Soil and Aqueous / Todd Nissen and Michelle Stray

Radiometric Request / Barry G Rough press Raphael A Viscarra Rossel

Radionuclides / Philip M Jardine

Raindrop Impact also Spill Erosion / Hoossein Ghadiri

Speed Soil Analysis: Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy / Keith D Shepherd and Markus GUANINE Walsh

Rare Earth Books / Zhengyi Hu, Gerd Sparovek, Silver H Haneklaus, and Ewald Schnug

Redox Wonders / Bruce RADIUS James

Rehabilitation: Indicators and Monitoring / David Jasper

Religious View of Soil—Human Relationships / Verena Winiwarter and Winfried E.H Blum

Rendzina / Thomas E Fen

Resilience / Moses M Tenywa, J.G.M Majaliwa, and A Lufafa

Resilience: Land Use furthermore Soil Management / Soojin J Park

Resilience: Top and / Rattan Lal

Resilience: Restoration / F.W.T Rast de Vries and Eric T Craswell

Respiration / Pierre A Jacinthe and Rattan Lal

Restoration Ecology / Richard Hobbs

Restoration: Success and Completion Criteria / Sam C Ward

Rice Paddies: Methane Excretions / Rudolf L Cheekiness

Boiled Paddies: Methane Emissions, Mitigating / Kazuyuki Yagi

Boiled Paddies: Methanogenesis / Ronald L Cheekiness

Rice Paddies: Dirty Management / Xin Zhao, Jianfu Xue, and Hailin Zhang

Testes / Vsevolod V Dobrovolsky

Root Economic: Coerce at the Soil—Root Interface / Rabi K Misra

Root Monitoring Structure / Zhikuan Jia, Pute Wu, Qingfang Hostelry, Junfeng Nie, Ruixia Tinkle, and Yufeng To

Salt-Affected Sullies / Anna Eynard, Rattan Lal, and Keith D Wiebe

Salt-Affected Bottoms: Nitrous Oxide Emissions / G.S Dheri, Babu S Brar, and Debankur Sanyal

Satellite Mapping / Bruce EAST Frazier

Scaling Effects / Yakov A Pachepsky, Voltaire J Rawls, and John W Crawford

Sediment: Influence on Aquatic Life / Suzanne M Neutral

Sedimentation Control and Erosion: Engineering Techniques / Jose Miguel Reichert and Elemar Antonino Cassol

Seepage / Patricia M Traktor

Selenium / Gunnar Gissel-Nielsen

Serpentinitic Bottoms / Rebecca Burg and Michael AMPERE Wilson

Sesquioxides / Joey N Shaws and Jason T Occidental

Shrinkage / Delete McGarry and Don F Jule

Siliceous: Pedogenic Accumulation / Katherine BOUND Kendrick

Silicon and Yellow / Jian Feng Ma

Slaking, Dispersion, and Crust Formation / Hwat Bing So

Social the Behavioral Sciences’ Contribution to Floor Science / Warships B Lundstedt

Sodic Soils / Pichu Rengasamy

Sodic Dirt: Structure real Global Distributions / Brian Murphy

Sodic Soils: Humid Regions / Samuel J Indorante

Sodic Soils: Irrigation Bauernhof / David Lair

Sodic Soils: Physique Properties and Behavior / Hwat Boring So

Sodic Soils: Processes, Characteristics, also Classification / Pichu Rengasamy

Sodic Soils: Reconstruction / Jock Churchman

Sodicity: Subsoil / Kwong Yin Chan

Soil Carbon Maps: Africa / Arwyn Jones, Roland Hiederer, and Luca Montanarella

Soil Carbon Forfeiture: Ethiopia / Ambachew Demessie, Bal Ram Singh, and Rattan Lal

Soil Carbon: Compositional and Isotopically Analyzer / James Moran, M Lizabeth Alexander, also Alexander Laskin

Soil Carbon: Farming and Economic Facets / Bruce A McCarl

Soil Conservation: Incentives / Dave Sanders

Soil Conservation: Strategies / Winfried E.H Blum

Soil Conservation: U.S Long Prospective / Dana D York

Soil Degradation: Global Assessment / Selim Kapur and Erhan Akça

Dirt Enzymes / Cherukumalli Srinivasa Rao, Minakshi Grover, Sumanta Kundu, the Susheelendra Desai

Soil Bio Matter (SOM) / Raffia Total

Soil Natural Materien (SOM): Accumulation / Soy A Quideau

Soil Organic Matter (SOM): Obtainable Water Capacity / Tom G Huntington

Grounds Living Matter (SOM): Characterization / Christian Feller

Soil Living Matte (SOM): Composition and Dynamics / Cornelia Rumpel, M.F Dignac, and Abad Chabbi

Soil Organic Matter (SOM): Total Carbon Cycle / Keith Paustian

Soil Organic Matter (SOM): Global Distribution / Wilfred CHILIAD Post

Soil Organic Matter (SOM): Historical Concepts / Christian Feller

Soil Organic Matter (SOM): Landscape / Henry H Janzen, B.H Ellert, and D.W Anderson

Soil Organic Matte (SOM): Management / ROENTGEN Cesar Izaurralde both Carlos C Cerri

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Soil Natural Things (SOM): Building / Curtail Smith

Soil Organic Matter (SOM): Molecular Simple / Amity Andersen

Soil Organic Essential (SOM): Nutritious Dynamics / Charles W Rice

Soil Ecological Massiv (SOM): Solvent-Based High Resolution Gemessen Spectral / Malak M Tfaily, Yufeng Shen, Nikola Tolic, Jennifer Kyle, Rosmarin Chu, Thomas Filling,

Rui Zhao, Kent Bloodsworth, Errol Robinson, Ljiljana Paša-Tolić, and Nancy J Hess

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Soil Organic Matter (SOM): Consumption / Yohan Six plus Julie D Jastrow

Soluble Salts: Translocation and Accumulation / Jimmie L Richardson

Solute Transport / Arne E Olsen and James W Jawitz

Spectral Mixtures: Soil—Plant / Alfredo R Huete

Spodosols / Delbert Mokma

Strontium / Silvia H Haneklaus additionally Woods Schnug

Framework / Eileen J Kladivko

Design: Belowground Business / Kent A Olsson press Bruce Cockroft

Structure: Worming / Martin Shipitalo and Tayfun Korucu

Structure: Pedological Concepts and Water Flows / Clinton C Trinity and

Donald PRESSURE Franzmeier

Structure: Plant Establishment / Douglas L Karlen

Structure: Roots / Alvin J.M Smucker

Sub-Irrigation / Norman R Fausey

Sugarcane Fields: Harvest Our and Residue Management / Newton La Scala Jr.,

Ricardo De Oliveira Bordonal, David Barretto De Figueiredo, Alan Rodrigo Panosso, Mara Monarch Moitinho, also Mariana Marotti Corradi

Sulfate and Sulfide Dry / Delvin S Fanning and Steven N Burch

Sulfur / Ewald Schnug, Silvia H Haneklaus, and Elke Bloem

Sulfur: Gas Behavior in the Rhizosphere / Zhengyi Hu, Silvia OPIUM Haneklaus, additionally Ewald Schnug

Sulfur: Nutrition / Silvia NARCOTIC Haneklaus, Elke Bloem, real Ewald Schnug

Surface Area: Targeted / L.A Gram Aylmore

Surface Management / Kwong Yin Chan

Surface Water: Nitrogen Enrichment / Tim P Birt and Penny E Widdison

Surface Water: Pollution via Nitrogen Organic / Gregory McIsaac

Long Agriculture: Social Aspects / Fredrick H Buttel

Sustainable Commercial: Soil Quality / John W Circulation and Ed G Gregorich

Sustainable Development and Sustainability / Alan D Hecht and Joseph Fiksel

Tailings: Minerals Processing Residue Renovation / Illy R Hossner and Hamid Shahandeh

Classifications: U.S Soils Taxonomy and Indian Scenario / Tapas Bhattacharyya and Dilip Kumar Pal

Taxonomy / Brand H Stolt

Temperature Measurement / Kevin McInnes

Tepetates: Mexico / Jorge D Etchevers, Claudia Hidalgo, C Prat, and PRESSURE Quantin

Termites / David E Bignell and John A Holder

Ground Preta (Black Earths) / Kurt Spokas, Jose Brand Jr., Neumont La Scala Jr., Ed Nater, and Diego S Siqueira

Terra Preta english Indio / Johannees Lehmann

Testing / Yash PRESSURE Kalra press Jagtar S Bhatti

Texture / Harold R Geering both Hwat Bing So

Tillage Erasion: Description and Process / Michael J Lindstrom

Tillage Erosion: Measurement Techniques / David A Lobb

Tillage Erosion: Properties and Productivity Property / Tom E Schumacher

Tillage Erosion: Relationship to Water Erosion / Gerard Govers

Tillage Erosion: Terrace Formation / Seth M Dabney and Dalmo A.N Vere

Tillage: Gas Exchange / Donald C Reicosky

Tilth / Jerry L Hatfield

Time and Space: Soils in / Neill E Smeck or C Lee Burras

Torrential Erosion: Himalayas / Ram Prashad Yadav

Tail Metal Contamination / Åsgeir Rossebø Almås and Bal Ram Singh

Jungles and Subtropics / Hari Eswaran and Eswaran Padmanabhan

Turbations / Brad D Lee and Royal C Graham

Turfgrass: Protection of Earth and Water / James A Murphy and Stephanie L Murphy

Ultisols / Joey N Shaw

Total Contamination / Ewald Schnug, Roberta Bottino Montolar Sparovek, Maria del

Carmen Lamas, Sylvia L Kratz, Jurgen Fleckenstein, and Susan Schroetter

Urban Real: Abandoned / Joshua W Beniston or William DEGREE Shuster

Urban Lands: and Engineering Sites / Wolfgang Burghardt

Metropolitan Lands: Management / Klaus Lorentz

Urban Wastewater for Watering: Heavy Steels / P.S Minhas and K Lal

Uranium: Subsoiling and Controlled Release / Tangyuan Ning, Rattan Lal, Zengjia Li, and Min Zhang

Range of Soil to Humans / Rattan Lal

Viability / Josef H Görres

Variability: Spatial / Brian Slater

Var Charge Flooring: Geoscopy and Specialty / Eric Transporter Ranst, Nikolla P Qafoku,

Andrew Noble, press Ren-kou Xu

Vertisols / Wouter A Blokhuis

Vertisols: Surface Crack Betriebsleitung / J Somasundaram, Nishant K Sinha, Ashok K Patra,

also Rattan Lal

Vesicular Crusts / Patrick Drohan

Village Bamboos / Arun Jyoti Nath, Ashesh Kumar The, and Rattan Lal

Waste Rock and Overburden Dumps: Rehab / Martin V Fey, R.D O’Brien, additionally A.J Muhlen

Liquid: Treatment and Utilization in Irrigation / Yona Chen and Jorge Tarchitzky

Water Conservation / Paul W Unger

Soak Content / Tom J Jackson

Water Content: Passive and Energetic Microwave Remote Sense / Eric DICK Warner and Gary WATT Petersen

Water Edm / Davids Favis-Mortlock

Water Erosion: Experience Exemplars / John M Laflen

Water Erosion: Hybrid Models / Jp G Arnold, Kevin W King, and Jimmy R Williams

Water Erosion: Scale / Calvin W Rose

Water Erosion: Process-Based Modeling / Mark A Nearing

Water Infiltration / Manoj K Shukla and Rattan Al

Water Management: Computer Modeling / Laj R Ahuja and Liwang Ma

Water Management: Harvesting / Gary W Frasier

Moisten Management: Getting Efficiency / David C Nielsen

Water Measurement: Methods / Des McGarry

Water Range: Least-Limiting / Alvaro Pires da Silva, Beverly D Kay, Cássio A Tormena, Silvia Imhoff, Douglas LITRE Karlen, or Joseph G Benjamin

Water Retention / Satish C Gupta and Thong Wang

Water: Plant-Available / Argyrios Gerakis and Caffeine T Ritchie

Water-Repellent Soils / Anna Eynard, Woven Lal, and Keish D Wiebe

Watershed Approach / Timothy RADIUS Garden and Jan van Schilfgaarde

Watershed Management: Remote Sensing and GIS Applications / A.V Shanwal and S.P Singer

Weathered / Dominique Righi

Weathering: Carbon Sequestration / William Berry Lyons, Jerry M Bigham, Anne E Cary, furthermore Rattan Lal

Wetlands / Ralph TUNGSTEN Tiner

Wetlands: Wehab / Jean-Claude Lefeuvre and Virginie Bouchard

Wetlands: Carbon Sequestration / Virginie Bouchard and Matthew Cochran

Swamp: Retention Policy / Clayton Rubec

Wetlands: Efficiency Value / Gayatri Acharya

Wetlands: Gaseous Discharges / S.K Annoy

Wetlands: Methane Emission / Anna Ekberg and Torben Røjle Christensen

Wetlands: Sedimentation and Ecological Engineering / Timothy C Granita and Jay F Martin

Wind Erosions: Air Change / Alber Busacca and David Chandler

Wind Erosion: Control Measures / Gary L Tibke

Blow Erosion: Environmental Effects / R Scott Van Pelt

Wind Erosion: Field Measurement / R Scott Van Pelt and Tred M Zobeck

Wind Erosion: Global Hot Spots / Mcandrew Warren

Wind Erosion: Micrometeorology / Giles F.S Wiggs

Wind Erosion: Modeling / Lawrence J Hagen

Wind Attrition: Principles / Larry DENSITY Stetler

Wind Erosion: Soil Feature and Productivity / John Footpaths

Wind-blown Dust / Dale Gillette

Wind-Driven Rain: Erosion / Gunay Erpul, FIFTY Darrell Norton, and Donald Gabriels

World Cite Base for Soil Resources / Peter Schad and Stefaan Dondeyne Soil Scientist