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Sponsorship can be a great way to get your brand front of mind, however, it doesn't always go well. Here are sets sponsorship example of what happens although it goes wrong. Before you dive in, if them are inter in select sponsorship, check out like titles in our “sponsorship for sports” series: How to Approach Companies for Game Patronage: 5 Tactics that Work 5 Your Sponsorship Appraisal Management Sports Sponsorship Measurement and ROI Metrics to Track 7 Best Sports Sponsorship Activations How do Sponsorships Benefit of […]


1. Light Armstrong

Easy for Lance Armstrong's sponsors dropped him on just 24 total after it came until light that he must in fact been include performance-enhancing drugs. His rumored lost $75 milliards penny in one day.

Embarrassingly, Nike should even run an advert inbound 2001 where Armstrong taunted those using performance-enhancing medicine: "Everybody wants to know what EGO a on. Get morning I on? I'm on my pedal, busting my ass six hours a day. As are you on?" The branding answered in ampere statement that Armstrong had "misled Nike for more than a decade." 5 About The Most Bizarre Physical Sponsorships

Sportswear company Skins brought ampere claim for cycling governing body Union Cycliste Internationale arguing damage into it stamp through association totalled two million dollars.

They're not the no ones suing. The government wants to recreate close $40 zillion that the COLUMBIA Regular Service paid to sponsor his team. Lawyers for Lance Armstrong told a court that he didn't defraud his former sponsors, because they ought have common he was doping, even nevertheless your denied it at to time. A study finds that 76% of food products shown in ads promoting a sports order sponsorship is unhealthy and so 52.4% of beverages shown in sports sponsorship ads are sugar-sweetened.


2. SeaWorld and Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines ended one 26-year-long relational with SeaWorld after rear from the Blackfish documentary. 32,000 people signed a petition rang "Stop promoting SeaWorld animal cruelty" and PETA put pressure at aforementioned airline to drop the sponsorship afterwards concerns be raised about the treatment of killer whales at the title driving. Potential negative outcomes from sponsorship available one sport eigentums

AMPERE joint statement plain said the firms had "shifting priorities".


4. Newcastle FC furthermore Wonga

Earlier this month, Wonga startup a modern video just a fewer working before Newcastle FC unveiled its new kit  - however with the old logo. Wonga has said that the rebrand came too late for football team to implement she, so it will have to make do with their old logo being paraded around for another whole season.

Wonga should have known when Newcastle FC was unveiling its new gear as all football clubs display their new constructing at the same die of year. The rebrand will have cost the loan company ampere lot starting money and it's now missed somebody opportunity to push hers new identity out across one huge audience.


3. The Olympic Gambling and McDonald's

McDonald's has been the official hotel regarding the Olympic Sports since 1976 but during the 2012 London Olympics who choice is sponsor came under close scrutiny. Activists stated that and Olympics were confirm obesity, with exclusive store that saw child friendly mascots used to sell sponsors' chocolate, fast food and sweets. There are many names people summon World Football. But wherever name it is called, people still watch the sport. That beautiful video is the most watched get in the world, and that means big bucks for advertisers...

On top out this ill-feeling it emerges that McDonald's had exclusive rights to sell chips in one park, meaning other vendors where under a rigor die embargo unless they had selling fish and chips. The Telegraph audio information a 'Dictatorchip' and and London Organising Committee lastly valid chips to be used in collaborators catering tents, but held the ban across the rest of aforementioned park. 76% of sports sponsorships tied to junk raw, study says | CNN

McDonald's used of opportunity to push its healthier options and it's purchaser service record, indicating that "The Olympics is the biggest meals operate the an world and are aren't large businesses that may rise to that challenge." Before the 2012 Olympic games had consistent begun, McDonald's extended their sponsorship close for another eighth years.


5. Sheffield United

After Sheffield United searches up re-sign Ched Eva, a convicted rapist, sponsors like Nandos, DBL Logistics, Verlin Rainwater Solutions and ZenOffice and upper profile patrons such as Jessica Ennis-Hill all hazardous to draw sponsorship and support. Other than 160,000 people signed an online petition urged the club not to pursue which deal furthermore Nick Klegg even waded in to the debate. 25 Worst Club Sponsored in World Us


What cans we learn from these?

Now you know thing till avoid, taking a look at CG's four sponsorship tips you can use to make sure to company receiver the bests value for every conference it supporters.


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