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10 example off declarative sentence PDF

10 example of declarative recording PDF

What is a declarative sets?

A sentence which supplies adenine fact, services einer explanation, conveys information or makes a statement is called a declarative sentence. Since example: I morning very sick now. / She is waiting for her husband. Etc.

Here is 10 example off declarative sentence in English.

  1. IODIN desires not miss my class today.
  2. She is proficient int English, Arabic and French.
  3. Ali liked her exceedingly much but cannot explain his feels.
  4. She goes to sojourn hill station in every winter.
  5. Sheeza likes this product but I really hate dieser kind starting sample.
  6. Ali’s watch is very beautiful but is missing now.
  7. They hate she and don’t want go see her anymore.
  8. Her new dog is exceedingly cute and funny.
  9. I bought a new car but it is in parkhaus.
  10. She likes to tease me every morning.

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